Round 9 Review

Written by Dane on May 17 2021

St Kilda (5.17.47) defeated by Geelong (10.8.68)

1. Cameron Guthrie (136). The stellar year of Guthrie continued with another monster score, this one coming courtesy of 36 touches (11 contested), 4 clearances, 7 tackles, 6 marks and 1 goal.

2. Mitch Duncan (121). Guthries sidekick was super as well, running around pretty much by himself again to collect 30 touches (83% DE) to go along with 15 marks.



3. Jack Steele/Brad Crouch (116). The Saints pair couldn’t be split here, with the skipper scoring his seventh ton thanks to 23 touches (13 contested), 1 goal, 7 clearances and 11 tackles, while the recruit had the ball 28 times (13 contested), with 9 tackles and 5 clearances.



4. Zach Tuohy (110). Seemingly had some sort of mental connection with the ball on Friday, as it seemed everything bounced his way as he strolled into 31 touches (90%) with over 500 metres gained.


5. Seb Ross (103). Scored his third ton of the year from 26 touches of the pill (84% DE) while also throwing in a combined 8 tackles/clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Billings (101)

Disappointment: Hunter Clark’s up and down season continued. He’s had four over 100, but also four under 75, the latest being 70.

Rookies: Two fairly popular rookies didn’t get it going on Friday night. Byrnes ran at 84% DE from his 13 touches but with only 2 contested possessions, he was stuck on 41, while the return of Highmore (47) had 13 touches as well. A nervous wait to see if they are picked again next round.

Injuries: The premium forward options just keep dropping like flies. Big man Rowan Marshall was subbed off fairly casually after half-time but word is he may miss some time again with the lingering foot issue that has been with him all year. Higgins, Parfitt, Crouch and Sinclair all spent time on the bench but played out the game.

Sydney (10.12.72) defeated Collingwood (5.12.42)

1. Tom Hickey (118). Big Tom scored his sixth ton of the year to take his average to a very nice 106, which is even better considering he started at just 261K. Had a game high 16 contested touches from his 19 disposals, while also recording 8 clearances and 18 hitouts.

2. Hayden McLean (117). Another tall Swan feature here, with this young forward producing a career best score from his 18 touch, 9 mark, 6 tackle, 1 goal game.



3. Brayden Maynard (115). Back-to-back tons for the first time this year for Collingwoods long kicking backman. Gained 606 metres for his club from his 29 touches on Saturday afternoon.



4. Chris Mayne (112). Mayne ran along the wings all afternoon to gather 24 touches and 7 marks, but importantly ran at 87% DE with no clangers.


5. Jack Crisp (111). Crisp also ran all day to collect the same amount of touches as Mayne, with a similar DE of 83%. Also laid 5 tackles to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Isaac Heeney (110), Brodie Grundy (109), Callum Mills/Justin McInerney/James Rowbottom (100)

Disappointment: Jordan De Goey (61) played a ripper last week and started hot with 2 goals in the first, but couldn’t get much going after that.

Rookies: One of this weeks hot buys was Poulter (66), who justified his selection with an impressive 18 touches and 447 metres gained, but the same cant be said for Henry, who only mustered 5 touches and 7 points while still trying to find his feet in the AFL. First gamer Wilson (19) collected 10 touches of the footy and laid 4 tackles, but he did have 5 clangers and ran at 37%. McCreery (44) does not have much more money to make unless he pulls a couple of bigger scores out soon, while the last remaining Swans rookie in Warner scored 58, his second worst of the year.

Injuries: Nothing major it seems from this game

Hawthorn (12.8.80) defeated by North Melbourne (13.9.87)

1. Jy Simpkin (164). He was being touted as a possible breakout star in 2021, and with games that include 38 touches (23 contested), 9 tackles, 550 metres gained and 13 clearances, you can see why. The unfortunate thing is it was only his second ton of the year.

2. Todd Goldstein (150). Another guy who hasn’t lived up to his previous shown potential this year is Goldy, but he pulled it all back on Saturday afternoon. Collected 19 touches and 6 marks to go along with 28 hitouts and 1 goal to be instrumental in a famous North win.



3. Blake Hardwick/Ben Cunnington (134). A clash between two hard heads here. Hardwick patrolled the back flank to finish with 28 touches at 82% DE with 5 tackles, while Cunnington had 37 disposals (27 contested) with 13 clearances.


4. James Cousins (113). The young midfielder has shown plenty of glimpses of his potential over the last few years, and it all shone through here for a career best score. Picked up 23 touches, laid 6 tackles and slotted 2 goals to be one of the Hawks best.

5. Aaron Hall (112). Rounding out the top 5 is Hall who has produced premium like numbers recently, this being his fourth ton in five games. Gained 605 metres off half-back from 28 disposals.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Scrimshaw (109)

Disappointment: Plenty to choose from here: Mitchell (76), Jiath (61), Ziebell (89), Powell (45) all underperformed from what we’ve come to expect.

Rookies: With a score of 45 the cash generation from Powell may stop now, but he seems locked in their best 22 so maybe he’s worth keeping as cover. Big man Campbell would’ve been an inspired pick after his 21 and 41 to start, but with three weeks now of 73, 101 and 88 hell make some quick cash. Speaking of cash, all three of Lazzaro (28), Young (33) and Menadue (35) were disappointing and don’t seem as entrenched in the best 22 as the others.

Injuries: No subs used so hopefully no injuries from this game either!

Gold Coast (7.9.51) defeated by Brisbane (19.10.124).

1. Dayne Zorko (140). The skipper turned it up this week, relishing his time in the middle to collect 34 touches (12 contested) with 9 marks, 7 clearances, 1 goal and a game high 708 metres gained.

2. Jarryd Lyons (138). Won B.O.G honours for his 37 disposal (15 contested), 9 tackle, 9 clearance game against the side that delisted him only three years ago.


3. Hugh McCluggage (128). Is playing himself into a must-pick player for 2022 with another crazy good game that included 24 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.


4. David Swallow (127). Played a captains game for his club, never giving up in the midfield to finish with 29 touches (13 contested) with 5 clearances. Is quietly enjoying his best season on average (93) since 2014.

5. Dan McStay (125). Was the most dangerous forward on the night, kicking 4 goals from 14 touches and 8 marks to round out the top five with the best score of his career.


Other 100+ scores: Grant Birchall (112), Mitch Robinson/Hugh Greenwood (104), Oleg Markov (101).

Disappointment: No real standouts in this game, but Lukosius has almost been the poster boy of disappointment scores this year so his 54 can cop it again

Rookies: Despite only having 6 touches of the ball, Jy Farrar scored a pretty impressive 51, while former first round pick Flanders continues to show his potential with a 16 touch, 64 point game. Jaxon Prior (66) had 10 touches and kicked 1 goal as he continues to make cash, much the same as Devon Roberston (68). The first game of Malcolm Rosas career saw him gather 6 touches for 21 points, while in his first game for the club, 244K midifieler Rory Atkins had 11 touches and 1 goal for 66 points.

Injuries: Important defensive pillars Lester and Gardiner both had hamstring concerns, but it was a dislocated shoulder that ended Gardiners night eventually. Jack Bowes was subbed off in the last but only mustered 45 points until that stage anyway.

Richmond (13.9.87) defeated GWS (12.11.83).

1. Jacob Hopper (137). His average creeped over 100 due to this career best score. Was outstanding in the middle and if it wasn’t for 9 clangers, his 35 touch (20 contested), 7 tackle, 11 clearance game would’ve easily gone over 150.

2. Josh Kelly (132). Got his own average back into triple figures after a rough start to the year. Collected 27 touches, laid 8 tackles and kicked 1 goal to prove to the comp that he is back to his best.



3. Liam Baker (130). Easily the best game of his career, as he finished with career highs in Supercoach score, disposals (33), clearances (8) and inside 50s (9), while also gaining 529 metres and laying 6 tackles.



4. Dustin Martin (121). Was the most dangerous player up forward, taking 6 shots on goal and slotting 4 of them from his 28 touches.


5. Callan Ward (120). Another GWS mid features here to round out the five. Ward collected 25 touches (13 contested), laid 8 tackles, had 6 clearances and slotted the first goal of the game.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Graham (109), Toby Nankervis (105), Isaac Cumming (104), Matt Flynn (103), Jayden Short (101), Daniel Lloyd (100).

Disappointment: A couple of GWS young guns in Green (71) and Ash (55) couldn’t replicate some of their recent scores, while Greene (71) also wasn’t at his damaging best.

Rookies: The third game of Collier-Dawkins was ultra impressive as he had 18 touches (9 contested) with 7 tackles and 2 goals for his 88 points. Connor Idun stayed around his average with a score of 61, while Bruhn (45, subbed on) and Mansell (23) only had 6 and 7 touches respectively. First gamers Ralphsmith (33) and Briggs (42) played well, stacking their claim for another shot at the big time next week. In his first game not being a sub this year, Naish played well to collect 15 touches and score 46 points, but actually lost 24K to go down to 156K leading into round 10. Flynn scored 103 but may well be dropped again next week.

Injuries: Perryman was the GWS player who got subbed out for Bruhn, hurting his hamstring in the third quarter.

Port Adelaide (12.5.77) defeated by Western Bulldogs (15.6.96)

1. Ollie Wines (139). He toned up for the fourth time this year thanks to 32 touches (12 contested) that ran at 75% DE. Also laid 8 tackles and kicked 1 goal to top of the night.

2. Marcus Bontempelli (128). Had a game high 589 metres gained from his classy 26 touch game, while also recording 4 clearances and kicking 2 goals on the night.



3. Travis Boak (123). Scored his sixth ton of the year and second best score from 30 touches (12 contested), 7 tackles and 8 clearances.



4. Caleb Daniel (120). Is making his money back quickly and with performances like this 26 touch game at 92% DE, he’ll be over his starting price soon enough.


5. Jack Macrae (115). He along with Lyons are the only players yet to drop below triple figures, and with performances that include 32 touches, 6 tackles and nearly 500 metres gained, he probably won’t drop under for a very long time.

Other 100+ scores: Zaine Cordy (111), Williem Drew (109), Charlie Dixon (107)

Disappointment: Adam Treloar had a super month between rounds 3 and 6, but since then he has failed to reach triple figures, this 26 touch, 83 point game being the worst of the three.

Rookies: With the still no sign of English or Martin, Sweet once again played and performed well, scoring 56 from his 9 touches, 3 tackles and 18 hitouts. Scott (57) and McNeil (46) once again played their roles and could be in the same boat as Powell. Bergman played an outside role to grab 11 touches and 53 points, while the hottest ticket in town two weeks ago can’t be sold quick enough now after Frederick once again came on as the medical sub so score 14 from 2 touches and 1 tackle, he’ll have no cash generation with a breakeven of 71 next week unless he gets into the starting 22.

Injuries: Both teams lost important defenders in this one, with Clurey suffering a head knock while Wood had a hamstring.

Essendon (10.8.68) defeated Fremantle (8.13.61)

1. Sean Darcy (146). The big ruckman is averaging 108 after this career best score on Sunday. He collected 22 touches (14 contested) around the ground, also laying 8 tackles, having 8 clearances and recording 38 hitouts.

2. Darcy Parish (134). Another huge game from Parish as he further establishes himself as a very strong midfielder. He had 39 touches (18 contested) with 10 clearances, 4 tackles and 1 goal.



3. Nick Hind (127). A 93 point average is great for a guy who started the year at 331K. His second ton of the year came from 31 disposals (24 kicks) and a game high 523 metres gained.



4. Andrew Brayshaw (126). Did a little bit of everything in the midfield, collecting 33 touches, laying 8 tackles, taking 8 marks and clearing the ball 7 times, all while running at an impressive 81%.


5. Mason Redman (121). His long, direct kicking was again a feature as he ran at 95% DE from his 24 touches, while also kicking 1 goal to round off his career best score.

Other 100+ scores: Jordan Ridley (105), Andrew McGrath (104), Brennan Cox (102), Griffin Logue (100)

Disappointment: He copped a tag for much of the second half but a score of 64 from the usually reliable Zach Merrett hurt. 84 was also the worst score of Fyfe’s year.

Rookies: Top ten picks Cox and Perkins could only muster 30 points each here, although Cox was the medical sub. Another youngster in Harry Jones kicked 2 goals very early on but wasn’t sighted much after that, only scoring 49 points. Fremantle forward Liam Henry only had 8 touches for his score of 33.

Injuries: A hamstring injury to Devon Smith was the only bit of bad news to come from the Bombers day.

Melbourne (13.16.94) defeated Carlton (10.8.68)

1. Clayton Oliver (140). In conditions that suited his game perfectly, Oliver notched his best score of the year from 28 touches (18 contested), 10 tackles, 7 clearances and 1 goal. Had 11 clangers which certainly held it back though.

2. Tom McDonald (136). Was once again a huge reason for the win up forward, slotting 3 goals from his 18 touches to record his third ton and push his average up to 95.



3. Sam Docherty (120). Slipped under the radar a touch this pre-season but has responded with a consistent year, not yet dropping below 85 and averaging 106. Had 27 touches (13 contested) with 6 tackles.



4. Max Gawn (117). Had a huge second half to save his score (38 at half-time from memory), ultimately finishing with 15 touches, 4 tackles and 44 hitouts in tough conditions for big men.


5. Christian Salem (116). Kept the good scores rolling with a 29 touch performance off half-back, making it his fifth ton in a row and sixth overall.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Walsh (111), Ed Langdon (110), Christian Petracca (101), Marc Pittonet/Ed Curnow (100)

Disappointment: Rebounding defender Adam Saad hasn’t been at his elite best this year, this week only scoring 80 despite having 21 touches and 600 metres gained. 

Rookies: Young forward Owies continues to put in impressive performances, this week scoring 58 from 6 touches, 7 tackles and 1 goal, although fellow young guys in Parks (27) and second gamer Kade Chandler (7), in first game since 2019, didn’t deliver great scores. Liam Stocker scored 53 from 15 touches to go above 200K, while James Jordon (96) was unlucky not to hit the ton after having 20 touches and 13 tackles. 

Injuries: Important linkman Cunningham may well be out for a long time after he suffered a knee injury 30 seconds into the game.

West Coast (16.10.106) defeated Adelaide (11.10.76)

1. Tim Kelly (127). Played smoothly through the middle of the ground once again, collecting 31 touches (18 contested), with 11 clearances and no clangers for the day.

2. Nic Naitanui (125). Averaging 105 for the year with 6 tons and nothing under 86, Nic has been pretty good thus far. Had 13 touches (10 contested), with 4 clearances, 31 hitouts and 4 marks.



3. Alex Witherden (122). Started with a bang, had three bad weeks, and has now bounced back. Had 30 touches (26 kicks) off the half-back flank, while also taking 12 marks and gaining 684 metres for his club.


4. Rory Laird (120). The defender turned midfielder continues to rack up plenty of ball, this week compiling 36 touches (17 contested), with 10 clearances and 5 tackles.

5. Jamie Cripps (114). Had his best game of the year running all over the ground, eventually finishing with 638 metres gained from 25 touches, while also taking 10 marks and slotting 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Doedee (113), Jack Redden (108), Jack Darling (102)

Disappointment: Reilly O’Brien had a horror start to the year, than a stellar month, and now his at his lowest price thus far (464K) after scoring 80 this week.

Rookies: The Eagles played an extremely tall forward line that feature Bailey Williams (45), but he struggled to impact the game, finishing with 5 touches and 9 hitouts. For the Crows, their cheaper priced options in Hamill (50), Thilthorpe (62), Berry (63) and Rowe (80) all scored well enough.

Injuries: The final game of the round didn’t seem to have any injuries!



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  1. Thanks again Dane. A great read on a Monday morning and plenty of food for thought. Fantastic effort.


  2. Thanks Dane

    Fantastic read every week.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Jiath spent 20min off the ground with a suspected concussion. I believe he returned to the field ? I was at the Swans game, so missed the North game.

    Poulter certainly passed the eye test. He actually looks a fair bit bigger than on the TV. He looked right at home and positioned himself well to get involved in the play. I’m hoping he keeps playing at least until his late Bye.

    Thanks again for the great Review.


  3. I think of the 500m gained, 1 kick of Tuohy’s was about 100m+ by the time it actually was grabbed.



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