The Fallen Premiums – R1

Written by MJ on March 30 2016

Today we have a look at a few premiums who stunk it up in R1 and will be the initial candidates for the first big price drops in R3. I’ve kept my shortlist to those who scored less than 80 in the opening week. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily guys who should be traded out, rather blokes that keen eyed SC veterans are eyeing as upcoming bargains to purchase in a couple of weeks. Even the best players have off games, and smart SuperCoaches will capitalise on this all season by purchasing them after they’ve scored poorly and had heavy price declines. I’ll be covering the Fallen Premiums on a weekly basis again in 2016 and can’t wait til the real stuff starts.

Big money sub 80 scorers in R1

Nat Fyfe MID $670K (61) – Even if he tons up handsomely in the next two, our favourite Teen Wolf is looking at a sharp decline come R3. Fyfe is one of those players who can hit triple figures even with a broken leg and we all know I’m not even joking when I say that. A corkie in the first quarter may have impacted the rest of his game. You shouldn’t be looking at trading him out, but those without him will be stoked that he’ll become much cheaper quicker than anticipated.

Josh P. Kennedy MID $594K (75) – Spent plenty of time forward, which may have held his possession tally back to ‘just’ 23 touches. This is worth monitoring over the next few weeks.

Luke Hodge MID $584K (66) – Out for 6 weeks with a broken arm. See you mid-year for a possible cheap upgrade Hodgey! His price will drop severely after his second game back from injury. Although, being a midfielder only this season severely dampens his appeal.

Sam Jacobs RUC $582K (64) – Came up against the best ruckman in the competition, so maybe he can be forgiven for such a woeful score first up.

Shane Mumford RUC $570K (65) – A very uncharacteristic score from big Mummy. 6 free kicks against didn’t exactly help his case. Throw this one in the ‘anomaly basket’. He’ll bounce back and be very cheap after R3.

Travis Boak MID $535K (58) – One thing you’ll always get from Travis is inconsistency. He had eight scores under 85 last year. Looking back at his past few years, his R1 scores have been woeful (58, 78, 58). You’d find plenty of value for Boak at under $500k in a few weeks.

Bachar Houli $517K (74) – Bachar is another known for inconsistency. He scored under 80 seven times last year, so this score is nothing out of the ordinary. His average will rise, because of his ability to come out with scores like 150 in R3 and 165 in R5 last season.

Michael Barlow FWD/MID $505K (61) – If you thought he was cheap at his current price, well he’ll be an even bigger bargain soon. I still think he’ll be in the top 6 forwards this season.

Cyril Rioli FWD $500K (57) – Small forwards will have off games, especially in losing sides. Hawthorn won’t lose too often, so you should see Cyril back to his triple figure ways soon enough, and at a cheaper price too. Unfortunately he has been perennially relegated to most coaches ‘too risky’ lists, alongside Shaun Higgins.

Mitch Robinson FWD/MID $499K (67) – Out for 1-2 weeks with a calf problem. His price won’t drop until at least R4-5 or thereabouts.

Nick Riewoldt FWD $490K (33) – News that he’d be playing higher up the ground this year may have convinced a few coaches to nab him in R1. He’s set for a massive drop after R3, and will be super cheap in a few weeks if you were that way inclined. A little on the aging side for mine, but will produce some very good scores on the odd occasion this year.


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19 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R1”

  1. Fyfe had the C on him plus I have Houli and Barlow. Sums up why i’m ranked in the 60,000 area rather than 10,000.


  2. Is it confirmed that Robinson is out for 1-2 weeks?
    If so would you
    A) Trade him straight down to hall
    B) Put McDonald-Tipungwuti forward and trade to somebody like Johannisen
    C) Hold and take the donut for a few weeks


  3. Waiting until Friday to confirm Robbo is out for 2 – even then I might just bench him. Though he IS almost a straight swap for Zorko I think.

    I’d really like to hold off on dropping him, especially to chase last weeks points.


  4. Had Boak last year and the rollercoaster isn’t worth it. I’ll be watching JPK closely though, usually he is already in my side.



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