The Fallen Premiums – Rd 10, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 3 2020

Just a “lite” version of the Fallen Premiums this week, as due to the byes (and time, time, time) there are only a handful of outstanding options for upgrades this week – but what options they are! Expect the names mentioned below to feature highly in the “Most Traded In” list this week. Here are the Fallen Premiums!

Tom performs his trademark “Statue of Liberty” impression.

Tom STEWART (GEE), $443 000 (-$90K), avg 93, BE 31 – The Cats defensive lynchpin has returned from a broken collarbone that kept him out for a month and barely missed a beat. 89 against Freo was followed up by a stellar 145 against the Eagles, which included 22 possessions at 86% efficiency and 10 marks. The dual All-Australian is a beautiful user of the footy and his positional play in defence is second to none. Considering his price and break-even there’s not much more to be said here, unless….

Zac WILLIAMS (GWS), $460 700 (-$91K), avg 82, BE 86 – The “Dash Brothers” nickname is faintly ridiculous, but it was great to see Zac back doing his thing out of the Giants’ defensive arc yesterday. Counted 20 kicks among his 26 touches which is typical for him, lending itself to good Supercoach scoring. Has been prone to a few injury niggles in recent seasons but that’s just about the only downside here. Could be a useful POD given most of the focus is understandably on Stewart this week.

Backing it up….
Daniel Rich, $429K, BE 151
Callum Mills, $541K, BE 130


Mitch DUNCAN (GEE), $521 500 (-$39K), avg 111, BE 29 – A few of you may have been harbouring plans of getting Mitch for a bit cheaper than this, but scores of 148 and 134 since his return from a hamstring complaint have dashed those hopes. A permanently under-rated cog in the Cats midfield, Duncan has stepped it up a notch this year by averaging a mammoth 125 ppg when you discount his injury-affected game. His injury record in recent years is actually quite good, so that shouldn’t really be a concern either – actually the only concern is figuring out how to get both Duncan AND Stewart into your team this week!

Just quickly – There’s a few very good options in the midfield who are not playing this round, so keep them in mind for future trades. This includes Patrick Cripps ($488K, BE 68), Luke Shuey ($488K, BE 45) and Tom Mitchell ($568K, BE 72). More on this trio next weekend!

Limbo land….
Adam Treloar, $609K, BE 180
Dylan Shiel, $545K, BE 176
Taylor Adams, $540K, BE 162
Nat Fyfe, $588K, BE 155


 A lot of the fancied ruck options have suffered uncharacteristic stumbles in their scoring lately, but Gawn, Grundy and Goldstein are still the ones you should be looking to lock in. If you insist on being different, Nic NAITANUI (WCE), $487 600 ($K), avg 101, BE 61 is not strictly speaking a Fallen Premium, but he is a cheaper option that has a high ceiling as seen in his 146 point demolition of the Cats last Saturday. He’s on the bye this week but has the benefit of a home track (and crowd) to help him along in his next two games.

Tim English, $593K, BE 232
Max Gawn, $771K, BE 217
Brodie Grundy, $611K, BE 186


Dustin MARTIN (RIC), $516 600 (-$26K), avg 105, BE 16 – As mentioned last week, the former Brownlow medallist does have a history of starting seasons slowly. However, once he gets some momentum, he’s just about unstoppable. Last Thursday night was the prime example of this as Dusty absolutely demolished the Dogs to the tune of 184 points, including 26 disposals and three goals. If you still don’t have him for some reason (*ahem*), then this might be your last chance to jump on.

Dusty gives the national anthem a burl.

Forward thinking….
Hugh Greenwood, $558K, BE 167
Jy Simpkin, $425K, BE 163


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18 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 10, 2020”

  1. Thinking if Gawn has an issue…
    Gawn/DSmith/Taylor to Stewart/Duncan/Dusty
    Then get Gawn back cheaper in two weeks?


  2. Thanks Chillo, outstanding selections you have highlighted.

    I think everyone and their dog likes/wants Duncan and Stewart but the other choices of Zac Williams and of Dustin Martin are also highly desirable.

    Yes,I am one of the very few that doesn’t have Dustin Martin. He was meant to be my upgrade last round but a strategic error occurred. In plain words I stuffed up!


    1. Same here, CT. I think I’m going to get him this week before he starts heading toward $600K. Now watch him score 50


    2. CT, I had him and let him go for Simpkin bcoz one was supposed to be top 6 fwd and the other not. Like you Chillo, I stuffed up with my educated guess, bcoz this year we have trades to burn. Just remember, this is his first 140+ score in over 2 years. I wouldn’t worry too much for missing it. I am not sold he will do it week in week out.


  3. Going to wait a fortnight on Zac. He’s got the bye next week so i’m prepared to get him at a little more expensive a price in Round 12.


  4. Surprisingly little chatter about bringing Neale in… surely he is the super-uber of fallen premos


    1. Lachie NEALE – ($678,800) avg 145, BE 96

      I totally get your angle CB and it’s fantastic to hear contrasting views from the norm on here. It’s what makes our community on here so awesome.

      Neale’s $85,000 cheaper than his highest price and is amazingly almost back at his starting price. 8 BRILLIANT scores and his one bad score of 87 isn’t *that* bad.

      The reason i’d assume he’s not getting mentioned in articles or posts as a target is likely two fold.
      1. He’s in 53% of teams already and quite likely a much higher % of SCT users teams. Think there’s just a general assumption (incorrectly obviously) that people have him or know they should get him.
      2. Often there isn’t a standout downgrade target but this week there’s two in horizontal stripes that have landed in our laps. When you weigh up cash vs points most would probably say Duncan and Stewart are better targets this week than Neale. A lot of coaches are trying to find ways to bring one (or both) of them into their line ups so Neale has probably just drifted to the peripheries.


  5. Hi guys, just jumping in here. I have had Dusty since the start of the year which is by no means meant to be a brag, as I would have to admit that if I had been able to, I would probably have traded him out by now. My forward line has (putting it bluntly) been DISMAL this year. Whitfield early was hopeless, (Scoring wise) Heeney I traded in for 3 low scores before his ankle went, Long’s suspension, traded out Brayshaw before he got going and kept Smith and traded in Simpkin after all his good scores had been posted. I’m still playing Budarick, have had 2 weeks where I haven’t been able to field a full team, (lost 5 players in one round due to suspension and injury) and I haven’t even mentioned the fallen premiums in the midfield. I am currently ranked in the 35K’s (always in the top 10K) But after all this moaning is said and done, gee I love this game!



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