The Fallen Premiums – Rd 17, 2020

Written by Chillo on September 10 2020

It’s prelim finals time, and trades (if you actually have any left) are actually pretty simple at this stage of the season. Check your budget, and then get the player who you think will score the most points over the next two games who fits that price tag. But I’m going to assume that you don’t have a endless supply of money at your disposal, so here are some (relatively) budget options that I think might score well above the levels that their asking price suggests.

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Daniel RICH (BRL), $394 900 (-$130.9K), avg 84, BE 33 – Bam-Bam has had a rollercoaster of a season, but is coming good at the right time after posting scores of 99 and 107 in his last two games. Super POD value at 2% ownership and amazing value for a bloke who averaged 97 last season.

Caleb DANIEL (WBD), $476 100 (-$61.8K), avg 101, BE 60 – The helmeted Dog with one of the best kicks in the game has posted 110 and 118 in the past week, and looks to be back to his best after a quietish month prior. Faces the scoring-friendly opposition of Hawthorn and Fremantle to finish the season as the Dogs push hard to try and sneak into the finals. 12% ownership.


Brad CROUCH (ADE), $392 100 (-$142K), avg 85, BE 47 – I promise I will never do this again, but I think the elder Crouch is fantastic value this week in a resurgent Crows side. Always finds plenty of the ball and seems to be using it a bit more constructively than normal of late, which is translating to better scoring and improved team performance, too.

Rory SLOANE (ADE), $440 500 (-$118.8K), avg 90, BE 62 – One of my longtime favourites, it’s a last hurrah for the Sloane Ranger at this price. Probably won’t churn out the tons of yesteryear, but a GF against the tagless Tigers promises big numbers in victory or defeat.

Josh DUNKLEY (WBD), $527 500 (-$104.9K), avg 105, BE 72 – He plays forward, he plays midfield, he’s the smallest ruckman in the game. Dunks does it all, and looks to have fully recovered from that nasty bout of syndesmosis after smashing out 151 of the best against the Eagles last Sunday. Fingers crossed he gets DPP status in 2021 – will be first picked in my team if he does!


Hopefully you’ve got some combination of Gawn, Grundy, Naitanui and Goldstein occupying the ruck spots. If not, I feel bad for you son….


Blake ACRES (FRE), $386 100 (+$1.7K), avg 81, BE -8 – The former Saint is consistently inconsistent, but hard to ignore this week after scores of 129 and 113 in his past two games. Tirelessly runs up and down the wing for the Dockers, and has been creating that vital link between defence and attack in impressive fashion. Acres is another player that I will never recommend….except for this one time!

Chad WINGARD (HAW), $373 500 (-$38.8K), avg 85, BE 21 – Massive risk here is that Chad again sets up camp in the Hawks forward line and can’t even get a sniff of the leather. But with Worpel sidelined, you can expect Chad to attend a lot more centre bounces and that means POINTS. Most recent scores of 94 and 111 and will play the Dogs and Suns to finish the season. A calculated punt that is more than justifiable at this time.


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8 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 17, 2020”

  1. Thanks for the post Chillo.
    Certainly have helped me . But…
    Needing to update Simpkin (inj) this week and have Riccardi as F6 with Close and Skinner on bench. Have $146K in bank. and Brayshaw,Whitfield, BSmith,Greenwd on field.
    Was thinking of
    TU – MWalters + Acres for Simpkin + Riccardi
    TD – MWalters + Wingard for Simkin + Riccardi

    Worst of it is that Docherty could be out and I have no bench cover with BWilliams + Ruscoe. May need to keep a trade for Docherty -> CDaniels.
    What to do?


      1. Simpkin got concussed midway during last match … which explains his low score.

        I heard read somewhere that Doch may have a minor leg injury (calf or quad) after last game that could keep him out. No source I can remember but got me worried.

        As I explained earlier post … I dont want to hold a trade for this…but dont know the status of Doch.
        Can anyone validate the status of Doch?


        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Simpkin missed given the short turn around. Got my plans to get Gawn in this rd but it doesn’t include Doch out.


          1. It’s not a short turnaround for Simpkin. 7 days between matches for the Roos. Would think 50:50 at this stage.


  2. Martin has a calf for carlton and with a 5 day turn around may miss. Funny that carltons injury list doesn’t mention Docherty??



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