The Fallen Premiums – Rd 17, 2022

Written by Abs on July 6 2022

An interesting week in the world of football. Hipwood and the Lions pushed all hope the Dogs had of a top 4 finish straight into an umpire. Speaking of umpires, it was quite despicable how they won the Saints the game, forcing the Blues to kick 10.18. The Bombers may not have targeted Parker, but a convincing W seems almost sufficient. Oliver and Petracca were phenomenal, I was reminiscent of a certain Geelong midfield duo (Tom Atkins & Cooper Stephens). It wasn’t quite sunny in GC, again. 7 points over the last two weeks being the cause. North M…. Let’s just not discuss the North, Cats game. 2 Rioli’s proved greater than 1, as Richmond took a much-needed win. GWS pounced as Sicily was back to his best. However the game was mostly defined by who could slog the ball-long better. Freo must have taken inspiration from the Pies last week, as they also tried their best to fumble the win. So with that, let’s move onto the Fallen Premiums, Round 17.

We all knew what we were doing brining Hall in… Wishing him a speedy recovery.


Steven May (MEL, 379.1k, (-$113.2k), 89.5 AVG, 45 BE) Gunboat Diplomacy seems quite keen on this pick, and so should anyone that needs funds, and an elite defender. Off-field drama, and injury concerns now truly behind May. A solid-start to the season, and was averaging 97.4 points up until injury in round 11. Has a solid floor, and of course, being apart of a Dees team that will be looking to storm home couldn’t hurt. Priced incredibly generous, May could also be great cover as your D7.

Backing it up…
Dayne Zorko, 392k, 168 BE *injured*
Sam Docherty, 559k, 157 BE
Jack Crisp, 519k, 141 BE
Luke Ryan, 479k, 134 BE
Daniel Rich, 539k, 127 BE


Christian Petracca (MEL, 527k, (-$79.3k), 111.5 AVG, 19 BE) what a performance from the man many have opted to trade out recently, as is the Supercoach way… I will just quickly bring to attention that Petracca hadn’t tonned up in his four previous games, but a 189 point game kind of off-sets that for owners. Like I mentioned with May, I have full faith the Dees storm home from here-on out. I’m not completely sold that Petracca continues these monsters scores, but definitely expect to turn FanFooty off non-owners, for when he inevitably gets off the chain again. If you’re in need of a midfield-premo, it would be a hard choice between Petracca, Steele and the man I’ll be mentioning next.

Ben Keays (ADE, 530.k, (-$30.2k), 111.7 AVG, 70 BE) Keays will go down as the season 2022 player that I couldn’t bring into my team. Started the year with nine consecutive tons, and has only dipped below 95 on one occasion. Keays has largely gone under the radar, and is still only found in just 9% of teams. Has my Hawks this week (so pencil in a respectable 120+), followed by the Pies @AO (149 points, round 2). Sydney and Blues (100 points earlier in the year @Marvel) make for tough games, however, has Eagles (117 points, round 12), North @AO (113 points, round 13 and Port (113 points, round 3) to finish the year.

Jack Steele (STK, 543k, (-$142.8k), 109.8 AVG, 92 BE) I don’t love mentioning player back-to-back, however, with this beautiful specimen of a player, we can break that rule. Bottomed-out in price, passing the eye-test, and heavily discounted for what Steele can produce. He is however, being quite mindful of his shoulder still, avoiding certain contested/ground-ball situations, but even so, Steele is an elite midfielder, and there’s no doubt he goes 110+ from here.

Limbo Land…
Darcy Parish, 587k, 176 BE
Callum Mills, 591k, 171 BE
Nat Fyfe, 498k, 163 BE
Jack Macrae, 622k, 133 BE


Nic Naitanui (WCE, 584.5k, (-$42.9k), 99.3 AVG, 123 BE) had Nic Nat penciled in for a mention last week barring he played the game-out and passed the eye-test. 69% TOG (don’t say it), for 119 points, also known as vintage Nic Nat. A deadly POD in the ruck-line for those that believe he can stay fit. Has TDK and the Blues this week, followed by my Hawks. There’s no reason he doesn’t push out some serious points these next two weeks, as the Eagles look to build into some nice momentum.

Tim English, 605k, 160 BE
Brodie Grundy, 545k, 133 BE
Todd Goldstein, 523k, 127 BE


I stand-by us losing because Sam Mitchell didn’t channel his inner-Clarko pre-game…

Tim Taranto (GWS, 429.3k, (-$100.4k), 92 AVG, 81 BE) maybe not the most inspiring pick on-paper. But, at his price-point, and without an abundance of clear-cut premium forwards, Taranto is a serious option. Eased back into things the week prior against the Pies, and then a handy 111 points in what was more of a snorkeling event than a football game. Taranto has caught the eye of many coaches, (mainly those limited on funds). But I believe with time on his side (he’s only 24), and a coach that could potentially bring the best out of him, Taranto isn’t done being SC relevant. Question is, will that be this season?

Joe Daniher (BRL, 332.6k, (-$97.9k), 73.1 AVG, 64 BE) in tradition of mentioning players that offer great cover on the lines now that we’re deep into the season. Joe Daniher definitely fits the bill. Started the year with a 5-round-avg of 94.8 points, before unfortunately getting injured in round 7 v Sydney. Has returned for a score of 74 v Saints, 63 v Dees and 65 v WBD. Might not inspire too much confidence, however, he has a relatively high-floor for a KPF. If Joey could also stop hitting the post, and get closer to his early-season accuracy, there’s no reason his scoring doesn’t go back up. So, a chunk of games at the Gabba, beginning with a date against his former club this week, discounted, easily obtainable via flipping a rookie or two. I personally like him as a loop option for those with underwhelming forwards (*cough Heeney *cough).

Forward thinking…
Luke Parker, 545k, 142 BE
Toby Greene, 470k, 140 BE
Tom J. Lynch, 470k, 139 BE
Isaac Heeney, 452k, 135 BE
Jordan DeGoey, 416k, 135 BE
Jade Gresham, 490k, 124 BE


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4 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 17, 2022”

  1. Nice work Abs!
    Tossed up between Keays- great finals match ups & Steele- absolute gun!
    Winner was Steele- his ceiling was the difference.
    But in the tradition of this Super Coach Soapie, and the Super Gods playing with all us novices- Keays will go on to average 130 from here and Steele will be out injured by mid first quarter- DOH!


  2. Not a fan with May as he burnt me hard this season. He was brought in round 7 to then not break 90 til Rd 16.
    He was traded out by me during the byes due to concussion.
    I can see him as a loophole but I have no confidence in playing him on the field


  3. Posted in the trade thread but how do people feel about Jai Simkin/Luke Davis -uni

    North have a very soft run home too and Nice PODs. As a luxury trade thoughts?


    1. Teams like North don’t play until the final weeks. You will see their guns get rests or early year-end surgery



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