The Fallen Premiums – Rd 20

Written by Chillo on July 28 2021

For an elite few of you, it’s full speed ahead in the hunt for that magical 50 large (go bAps!). But, dear reader, it’s more likely that your focus has now switched to league titles and the bragging rights that go with them. And if you somehow have a spare trade or two stashed away for a rainy day, then it’s time to start watching the skies! Good luck to all this week.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


Caleb DANIEL (WBD), $479 900 (-$65.6K), avg 92, BE 46 – It feels like this is about the gazillionth time I’ve written about the wee man in the helmet this year, which gives a fair indication of just how inconsistent Daniel has been. Five scores under 80 – including a putrid 19 pointer against the Lions where he also managed to get himself suspended – have been mixed in with eight tons. That includes his season best 145 last weekend in a typhoon against the Dees, where Caleb’s elite disposal came to the fore. Yes you’re rolling the dice here, but at this time of the year what else are you going to do?

Backing it up…
Steven May, $477K, BE 154
Luke Ryan, $505K, BE 145
Christian Salem, $490K, BE 140


Josh P. KENNEDY (SYD), $486 900 (-$26.6K), avg 95, BE 26 – There’s a bit of life in the old warrior yet! At 33 years of age, one of the great contested ball players of all time won’t pump out the 110 average of his heyday, when he was a mainstay of our Supercoach midfields. But as shown in his BOG, 154 point effort against the Dockers last week, JPK is still more than capable of turning out big scores when that battered body still lets him get a run at it.  The Swans have a nice run home and are racing towards September – get on quick, this ship is set to sail!

Hugh MCCLUGGAGE (BRL), $489 600 (-$55.9K), avg 102, BE 61 – A genuinely classy midfielder has actually had a fairly typical season for someone at his age. Slow start followed by seven tons on the trot, and then six straight weeks in double figures. That all adds up to a heavily discoounted price tag compared to where he was earlier in the season. Now, as the Lions move towards another finals campaign, The Suitcase looks to have picked up form with back-to-back tons. “Pick good players who play for good teams” is one of the tenets of Supercoach – here’s your chance!

Hugh loves nothing more than a sniff of the Sherrin.

Cameron GUTHRIE (GEE), $506 800 (-$47.9K), avg 111, BE 72 – In my haste to find a replacement for the injured Dusty last week, I somehow overlooked the elder Guthrie. Mistaaaaaaake! One of the most underrated mids in the game has been excellent for much of the season, as he was again against the Tigers last weekend. Just runs all day, knows how to find the footy, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when the going is tough. Appears to be over a mid-season shoulder complaint and is still well and truly gettable at this price.

Limbo land…
Darcy Parish, $636K, BE 190
Zach Merrett, $595K, BE 168
Lachie Neale, $553K, BE 157
Touk Miller, $659K, BE 156
Jack Steele, $691K, BE 155


Rowan MARSHALL (STK), $464 600 (-$92.6K), avg 90, BE 57 – Rinse and repeat. Marshall was supposed to be here last week….until Mother COVID had her say. But he’ll be back out of isolation this week and surely champing at the bit to do some damage against the Blues on Friday night. Sorry, Motts!

Brodie Grundy, $593K, BE 178
Sean Darcy, $716K, BE 174


Steele SIDEBOTTOM (COL), $397 700 (-$190.3K), avg 87, BE 49 – I have mixed feelings writing this, because Sidey is in my team. He’s also made it on to my “Never Again” list in the past month, after spending that time camping out in the forward pocket and posting baldness-inducing scores of 33, 57 and 78. However, after the unfortunate demise of his skipper last weekend to a broken leg, you would’ve seen Steele move into the midfield as a stopgap and do a bloody good job of it, gathering 26 disposals and 109 points. Extraordinarily well-priced for a player of his class and you’d have to bet that he keeps that midfield role for these last four games.

Just quickly….I’m not saying anything about Isaac HEENEY ($417 200, avg 80, BE 33). Nuh-uh. No way. Not even after he booted five majors last weekend….

Forward thinking….
Dayne Zorko, $565K, BE 175
Josh Dunkley, $628K, BE 153
Nick Hind, $475K, BE 147
Jack Ziebell, $545K, BE 142


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9 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 20”

  1. Any thoughts on Dan Houston for last few games. Need a cheapy (under 414k) to replace Highmore.


    1. Don’t do it man. I had to get Houston in Round 1 when McDonald was a late out and it’s ruined my whole year. He doesn’t attend CBAs, doesn’t take kick outs, and just kind of skulks around the fat side wing hoping someone gives him the ball.

      NEVER again.


  2. I unfortunately traded him in 6 weeks ago as a value option. Scoring has been poor, it was better against the pies however it was made up of a lot of effective kicks after handball receives, which I don’t think is sustainable. He could absolutely go on a run, but definitely buyer beware.


  3. Keen to keep Bramble as MID cover so only have $418k to spend on an F6.

    Sidey and Heeney are therefore options but hesitant about both. Any others to consider in that price range?

    TU – Sidey
    TD – Heeney
    Comment – Other


    1. As an owner of both I wouldn’t recommend either, but if you must, then Heeney has a very soft draw. Harvey is clearly playing the kids so not sure Sidey keeps his spot in the mids.


  4. Wow. As someone who has put Heeney and Houston onto their never again list this year, please learn from those of us that have made the mistakes. I’ve managed to expel Heeney from my team but i’m stuck with Houston.

    To highlight how poor Houston has been, he was outscored by Whitfield over the last two weeks even though Whitfield only played one game.

    Heeney will have some big days but he’s way to up and down. Surely he’s more likely to lose you a final than win you a final.


    1. I’d like to send some man love for Heeney. I bought him for $354.8k and am very happy with the boy. Averaging 97+ last 4 weeks and last weeks 128 won me all my leagues when he picked up the slack from Bolton’s putrid 42. If you haven’t got cash to splash, like me, he’s been a star.
      I’ve found it a great learning year with cash so hard to come by – and I think I nailed most of the decent rookies! I’ve followed Chillo’s Fallen Premo’s religiously and the likes of Heens, Hurn, May, Whits, Mitch, Hall and Danger have made my year. Another cheapie in Marshall this week to complete my bargain basement side. I’m ranked low 3k’s with 3 trades left and going into finals in great form ;)’
      On the other hand, Housten is a dud, has been and always will be…(wink).



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