The Fallen Premiums – Round 19, 2022

Written by Abs on July 20 2022

A round best summarised by Paul Curtis (83), out-scoring my two set & forget ruckman, Max Gawn (50) and Jarrod Witts (78). Josh Ward had a great game against the Eagles, (99 SC points, 34 possies, 6 clearances, 618 metres gained and 5 tackles), while also earning a Rising Star nomination, (where was that in the early season Wardy?!?). Cripps continuing his less than stellar form is looking a popular luxury-trade as it stands. However with the inclusion of Pittonet, he could be one to hold for another week. Anyways, enough of the talk, let’s get straight to The Fallen Premiums – Round 19.

Who else had him on the “never-again list”, and then got sucked-in…


Harris Andrews (BRL, 427.6k, (-$90.3k), 80.6 AVG, 70 BE) I mentioned (two weeks back), and brought in Steven May myself, but on this weeks write-up, I want to turn my attention to another high ceiling, potential D7. Now, notice the inclusion of the letter/number combo (D + 7), in no universe would I rock Andrew’s straight-field. However at a heavy discount, with a 3 round average of 99 points, and up against GCS (93 point 3 game AVG), and RIC (115.6 point 3 game AVG) in the next two weeks. Andrew’s makes for an interesting POD-loop If you’re after a cheap D7 to loop the likes of Short, Crisp, May.

Backing it up…
Jordan Dawson, 602k, 180 BE
Dayne Zorko, 392k, 170 BE *injured*
Adam Saad, 519k, 169 BE


Don’t know what the big deal is, North only beat the Tigers, *yawn.

Jy Simpkin (NTH, 472.7k, (-$56.3k), 89.8 AVG, 52 BE) In the theme of mentioning players that you should be able to squeeze in as a loop, Jy Simpkin had caught my attention. Now, let it be of note, the last time Jy played my Hawks in Tazzie, he scored a lazy 164 points (yes I know, he’s no Callum Mills). 105 points against the Pies, and 119 points against the Tigers, North seem to be slowly turning their season around, and as such, Jy seems to be relishing in the midfield. Might not be a punt for everyone, but I’ll definitely be grabbing Jy in Draft, and if I had trades, would be looking at him as a M9.

Jack Steele (STK, 562.2k, (-$123.6k), 111.5 AVG, 87 BE) I know, Jack Steele is a Fallen-Premium cheat code.  Slowly climbing in price, yet still a 120k+ discount from starting price! For those that have been watching the Saints, you’ll notice Steele isn’t quite 100%, hampered by the shoulder that kept him out for a chunk of the season. Yet he’s still been averaging 116 points in the four games since returning from injury. The Man of Steele is still an amazing option for anyone looking to side swap Cripps an under-performer.

Limbo land…
Ollie Wines, 523k, 150 BE
Josh Kelly, 550k, 149 BE *concussion*
Ben Keays, 530k, 147 BE
Lachie Neale, 604k, 143 BE


Here the great man is seen, signing the papers to climb me to a top 500 finish in 2019. Forever SC Royalty.

Rowan Marshall (STK, 460.6k, (-$76.2k), 87.4 AVG, 107 BE) In my opinion, RoMo is the main event of the Fallen Premiums this week! The good? Bad? News, is that Paddy Ryder will miss 4-6 weeks, effectively ruling him out for the regular season, the Saints this year. What’s so special about Ryder being out you may ask? Well, before I get carried away, let’s factor in RoMo’s newly acquired FWD DPP, and then let’s take a look at two figures. Rowan Marshall with Paddy Ryder in the team, 75.8 points. Rowan Marshall without Paddy Ryder, 112.8 points. I could carry on, discuss RoMo’s injury profile, how some of those Ryder-less games included him spending time on the pine with corky’s, or just straight up say the following. If you can grab Marshall as a F7/R3 loop, sell the farm, do it. If you can side-swap an under-performer and get the man in, do it. I rate this pick highly (if you couldn’t tell).

Max Gawn, 551k, 174 BE
Reilly O’Brien, 550k, 163 BE
Toby Nankervis, 507k, 160 BE


Luke Parker (SYD, 528.1k, (-$63.5k), 103.5 AVG, 104 BE) last week we discussed both Mills and Heeney (who both put up impressive numbers against Freo), however this week, we turn our attention to the other popular Swan. Parker has cooled off a tad, finding himself at a modest 528k. However his 3 round average (101 points) and 5 round average (102.6 points) still hold up as quality averages in the FWD-line. The Swans have an underwhelming Adelaide this week, followed by Giants, North, Pies and the Saints. Quite a favourable matchup for the Swan midfielders. Anyone without Parker, looking for a side-swap, heavily consider bringing him in (even if you have Heeney & Mills)!

Backing it up….
Tom J. Lynch, 408k, 184 BE
Tim English, 541k, 168 BE
Bailey Smith, 532k, 153 BE
Josh Dunkley, 501k, 151 BE
Will Brodie, 528k, 137 BE


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8 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Round 19, 2022”

  1. Acquired Heeney last week to be my F7/M9 loop and have English in the forward line to loop ruck with Teakle, but the Marshall pick is very enticing. Just don’t have a spot for him.
    Would love Zorko as a D7 loop for a straight swap for Wher in a week or two.


  2. Yeah, giving some serious thought to Marshall but trades are the issue with only three left.

    Hobbs/Rioli – Marshall/Culley
    Stringer as M9/F7 loop
    1 trade left

    No trades this week
    Stringer at F6
    3 trades left


  3. Jelly to Marshall I guess. Cripps lives to see another day in my team. Unless I also get Steele, leaving only 2 trades. Ranked 136 so might have to.


  4. Thanks again Abs 🙂

    If $ were no issue, how do you rate English versus Marshall as F6?

    And then they can swap with Teakle – if Darcy or Witts is out with injury one weekend.

    This trade will be in a week or two’s time (English’s price will more than likely have come down quite a lot by then & we will have a better feel for Marshall’s output without Ryder), and if I bring in English / Marshall I will have Butters at F7 to come on field if required

    Thanks again for these articles!!


    1. Cheers Brett!

      As it stands, Marshall if he can stay fit should score more than English. Eagles and Hawks next two, no reason RoMo can’t push 120’s out at least, while English has Dees, Cats and Freo.

      If you’re happy to wait though, just keep an eye out on English, hasn’t been the same since returning.


  5. Romo has me thinking. I was going to finish my Def, upgrading PaddyMac to Sicily this week. I could however, sub Himmelberg into Def and bring Marshall in to my Fwd line. There’s 130k right there, but have I sacrificed points?

    Team is B/L : Sinclair, Hewitt, Houston, Short, Daicos, P.Mac
    Mid : Oliver, Neale, MaCrae, Miller, Walsh, Merret, Steele, Cripps
    F/L : Bont, Dunks, Brodie, Coniglio, Heeney, Himmelburg
    Rucks : Witts/Darcy/Jackson

    TU Take a punt with Romo (leaves me with 3 trades and 185k itb)

    TD Stick with Sicily (leaves me with 3 trades and 60k itb)


  6. Is it worth trading Jackson to Marshall ? Only have the 4 trades left and still have to upgrade to premo. Should I
    TU out Mccartin and Martin for Libba and Cumberland or
    TD out Jackson and one of Mccartin/Martin for Marshall and Cumberland and cash.


  7. Thanks Abs.

    love the Marshall pick.

    lets hope he doesn’t ruin his price for next year 😉



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