The TEAM 2019 – Premium DEFs

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 14 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2019!  Where every Coach at SCT can cast their vote……..

Ok, Coaches……..we’ve set a couple of parameters over the last couple of days…….now it’s time to pick out our starting premiums, starting with DEFs.

There will also be a poll for MidPrice DEFs in the next couple of days, that range from $215k – $420k.  The following list of defensive Premiums are priced over $420k and are owned by (at least) 4% of Coaches currently.  If there is a player that you feel I’ve missed, enter their name into the comments below.  If that player gets a lot of ‘likes/thumbs up’ then they’ll be under consideration also.

Give me your Top5 DEFs, Coaches………


Which Premium DEFs should the TEAM start the 2019 season with? (five choices)

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19 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 – Premium DEFs”

    1. Gotta give you some props PieFan64…

      Every year, you’re here preachin’ Maynard!

      Maybe one year! Each preseason, as soon as the news of pre-Christmas camp begins, Maynard is on an up-trend of always being mentioned by the media as looking ridiculously fit. But after that inital week of praise it always seems like he never quite reaches the potential he seems to possess.

      Might be a team dynamic issue (‘use-in-game + opportunity’) type thing or it might be the extreme and rare case of he is just toooo fit to play the game!

      Keep at it. One day, you and your man Maynard may well yet convince me to select him! 🙂


    1. Cant believe the lack of love. Never misses, averages over 90, and gonna do all the kick ins. Lock, set, forget.


      1. That’s the thing though, he’s always just around the 90 mark. Paying over $500k for someone who could regress to a mean of 90 doesn’t make sense, when you could pick Smith/Milera/Mills/etc at a much cheaper price who will average the same.
        Last year was Hurn’s only year of premium numbers.


        1. It’s more about total points with Hurn rather than Average, in my view. Like Simpson, he is so sturdy that over the season he locks in around 2100 points for your team – and that is why he makes such a great starting selection!!


  1. Regarding Laird

    Pros: maybe more midfield minutes – Laird: “I’ve been flagging it [mid minutes] for a couple of years. I sort of get a pinch-hit every now and again”

    Cons: Smith’s back, Milera and Doedee on the up. Small lock-down defender Luke Brown is injured and Laird is Adelaide’s only other small defender

    Personally not starting him, but you can never count out a player of his calibre


    1. Great call Crouchy. Have no doubt he’ll be top6, but I won’t be starting him either. He’ll find the pill as ever, just think he’ll be static at best given the ‘others’ you mention.
      Likely get AA honours again this year, but I think 1 or 2 others of your Crows might be on the long list too come season’s end!
      Return to the top4 beckons!



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