Trade Period Discussion

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on September 22 2021

A thread for all the trade rumors, moves, news and their SC implications.


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    1. I was just thinking that myself…..heard his presser….already using “we”. The Pres has already said finals are expected next year… room for the Tigers eh Bruce ??



    West Coast receive:
    Sam Petrevski-Seton

    Carlton receive:
    Lewis Young

    Western Bulldogs receive:
    Pick 52

    Tim O’Brien has joined the Western Bulldogs.

    Fremantle secured midfielder Will Brodie.

    Carlton secured Adam Cerra for pick No.6 and a future third-round selection for the Victorian.


  2. Trades completed :

    Essendon signs Jake Kelly from Adelaide.
    Gold Coast signs Mabior Chol from Richmond.
    Carlton signs George Hewett from Sydney.
    Collingwood signs Nathan Kreuger from Geelong.
    Port Adelaide signs Jeremy Finlayson from GWS.
    Melbourne signs Luke Dunstan from St Kilda.
    Fremantle gains Will Brodie from Gold Coast.
    Carlton gains Adam Cerra from Fremantle.
    Western Bulldogs sign Tim Oโ€™Brien from Hawthorn.
    West Coast Eagles gains Sam Petrevski-Seton from Carlton.
    Carlton gains Lewis Young from Western Bulldogs.
    North Melbourne gains Callum Coleman-Jones from Richmond.
    Richmond signs Robbie Tarrant from North Melbourne.
    Collingwood gains Patrick Lipinski from Western Bulldogs.
    Adelaide gains Jordan Dawson from Sydney.
    Brisbane Lions gain Darcy Fort from Geelong.
    Geelong gains Jonathon Ceglar from Hawthorn.
    Fremantle gains Jordan Clark from Geelong.
    Sydney gains Peter Ladhams from Port Adelaide.
    Hawthorn gains Max Lynch from Collingwood.

    Bobby Hill, Rory Lobb and Tristan Xerri didnโ€™t get a deal done on the final trade day.



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