Trade Talk R19, 2013

Written by Motts on July 29 2013

If you’re lucky, good, or both a Top 4 spot is already locked away and you won’t need to trade this week.

If not, maybe you’re in my position where this week is MUST WIN.

Or perhaps you’re already planning your 2014 campaign.

Whichever one it is, will you be trading this week and who will be coming and going?


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140 thoughts on “Trade Talk R19, 2013”

  1. Is it worth trading down Nicholls for a rook ruck like brody grundy. This will give me enough money to upgrade priddis to beams who is looking like an outstanding upgrade target. Note: I will only have 1 trade left if I do this however all other contenders in my main league have no trades left.


  2. Will finish top four in 4/5 leagues. But already looking forward to planning for 2014. Midfield for next season: Yablett, Pendles, Beams me up, Griffindore, Danger, Barry Mitchell, Jaegermeister and (insert gun rookie/cash cow here). Mitchell and O’Meara averaging 100 and 90 respectively, they’ll keep improving in my opinion. Too soon for 2014? Wrong thread? Thoughts?


  3. I need to win this week to hold my top spot in one league, and need to win in another league to make the 8.

    Trades: 6
    Rucks are Clarke, Nicholls, Nic Nat and Daw (irrelevant)

    Thumbs up/Thumbs down and comments if I were to
    -Downgrade Nic Nat for Grundy (on bench)
    -Upgrade Nicholls for Minson.

    Leaving me with 4 trades 300k and Clisby upgrade next week.


  4. Qualified in 4 out of 5 (currently 1st 2nd 5th and 6th)
    I’m 9th in the other, i need to win but am reliant on someone else getting beat.
    Will wait to see the teams to see if i need to trade.

    Nicnat, Hanley, Thurlow, Danger all crocked. With three trades left i’ll trade if i have to, but would rather not if i can get away with it.


  5. Held fire on trades last week and paid for it. Worst score since the byes and lost my overall Top 200 spot going from 190 to 408.

    Still holding 6 trades though with a Top 4 spot secured in all my leagues except for SCT4 (currently 3rd but could slip to 5th with a loss).

    Initial thoughts on trades this week include:

    Option 1
    Goodes – Dixon
    Nic Nat – Minson

    Option 2
    Goodes – Enright
    Nic Nat – Franklin (DPP Cox)

    Option 3
    Goodes – McKenzie
    Nic Nat – Fyfe (DPP Stevie J)


  6. I’ll be using my final trade this week on:

    Staker —-> Bartel

    Gives me a final team of:

    B – Goddard, Heppell, Hartlett, Gibbs, McKenzie, Duffield (Grimes, Wilson)

    C – Ablett, Pendlebury, Griffen, Jelwood, JPK, Cotchin, Murphy, Deledio (Priddis, T.Mitchell)

    R – Kruezer, Naitanui (Nicholls, Gawn)

    F – Walker, Cox, Bartel, Rockliff, Franklin, S.Johnson (Zorko, Daniher)


  7. Maric my biggest worry, didn’t see the game, was he injured or just outplayed?

    4 trades left, could downgrade Nichols, and upgrade Maric to Minson, but that will leave me exposed come finals should injury, suspension and the general hit.

    TU: Leave Maric, save the trades for later

    TD: Cash in on Nichols and get the 2nd best ruckman Minson


  8. have a few options this weeks boys and girls. i can get any defender i like (i already have hartlett, enright, goddard, malceski and shaw) i need a premo to fill the last spot, i am upgrading vlastuin so it really has come down to 4 players. either one of the goldcoast boys, mckenzie and dixon look tempting, then there is theres brycce gibbs…., and a bloke from freo named ibbotson, would love some feedback on who would be the best pick, both freo and the suns have decent runs home! Cheers


  9. Will contemplate trades in the mid and ruck but will probably hold for another week.

    Maric R2 and Nicholls R3 is of most worry.


  10. I’ve got JPK, Priddis and danger in my mids plenty of trades and cash should I hold on to these guys or trade one out for a Griffen, jack or beams?


  11. Argh unwanted trades, Goodes last week and this week Swallow out for Fyfe.
    Will leave me with 1 trade left. So much for upgrading T Mitchell and Maric which i was going to do.
    Hope Danger and Hanley come back soon thats all i can say.


  12. t/u for dayne beams
    t/d for kieren jack

    cash is not a problem for any player so comment if you think someone different


  13. Its tight in loec3. Im sitting .5% out of the 8 in 10th. Playing motts this week. Im sitting comfortably inside the top4/8 in my other leagues.
    Differences between motts and I.
    Me vs motts
    Hartlett – hanley/vlastuin
    Swan – mundy
    Maric – minson
    A. Walker – bartel
    Nic nat – lewis

    both our f7 is staker and im very unsure of nic nat even playing.
    im thinking its pretty tight but motts would get the upper hand if he trades hanely.
    I only have 4 trades left.
    so what does the sct community think?

    TU trade and give myself the best chance of making finals

    TD resist and just see what happens.


  14. 2 trades left all comes down to this week…..I’m very much the North of my league this year, with 5 losses with a margin of under 50 points

    Also very frustrated that I’m ranked well above many people in my league in terms of overall rank and total points, yet they are above me….bye rounds killed me this year

    No trade ideas so far


  15. Ricky Henderson seems to be flying under the radar. If he continues to play the half back sweeper expect the big scores to roll on.


  16. I am just concentrating on my other 3 leagues where I sit 1st 2nd and 2nd.

    The big boys I am pretty much stuffed.

    LEOC 2 14th and the Cash Boys 12th.

    How many times are you allowed to watch the Hawks Beat Essendon and enjoy Buddy kicking 8 is 5 too many times.

    As you can probably guess I was drunk all weekend, probably reflective of a couple of my posts.

    1 trade left so saving that for the last match I play


  17. Getting rid of Nic Nat paddy wack and bringing in a premo ruckman. Kruezer’s just out of reach, so it’s between Goldstein and Minson. Will North’s tough run home afftect Goldy’s scoring output?

    Thumbs up for Goldstein
    Thumbs down for Minson


  18. Sorry guys in the Draft League.

    Wanted to trade a few players to the top 4 left, but it will not let me.

    Lol I was going to give you roughy,

    Motts you were going to get Buddy.

    Mitchell and Hodge for the other boys.


  19. Sadly no trades left (used last one last week bringing in R. Henderson for Goodes!)

    But wondering what the SCT’s Community think of this:

    T/U Sub in M. Murphy who looks to be coming into a bit of form, for JPK who hasn’t really been firing of late? (Blues face Freo at home & Syd face the Bullies away)

    T/D Leave Murphs on the pine for some good cover as Freo’s Mids could overrun the Blue’s Mids and Sydney’s Mids could do the same against the Bullies?


  20. I need help here guys any thoughts on my next move to further develop my team
    Def -Goddard Heppell Hartlett Shaw Gibbs Ibbotson – Clisby Oxley
    Mids- Ablett Pendlebury Swan Selwood JPK Cotchin Priddis Mitchell – Dangerfield K Martin
    Ruck- Minson Cox – Nicholls Rowe
    FWD- Bartel Martin Rockliff Kennedy Franklin S Johnson -Staker B Kennedy

    Still got 5 Trades and good cash stocks should be in all finals, maybe its just an itchy trading finger but I think another trade here or there could make this team something special


  21. Ok.. Here is my team.. Only 3 trades left.. Big Ivan is causing me grief in R2.. But with Nicholls going down, i am tempted to trade Nicholls for McBean, then moving Cox to Ruck & benching Ivan. I have a fairly stacked forward line so moving Cox isn’t really going to cause my forward line too many issues.. Here is my team before trade.

    Goddard, Heppell, Hibberd
    Hartlett, Shaw McKenzie
    (Clisby, Webster)

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, JPK
    Barlow, Fyfe, Stevie J, T. Mitchell
    (Crouch, Hrovat)

    Minson, Maric
    (Nicholls, Currie)

    Cox, Martin, Bartel
    Rockliff, JJK, Buddy
    (Gray, Staker)

    Only $35,300 left in the bank.

    With the $$$ i make from trading Nicholls, i could upgrade Hrovat to Griffin (have been too hesitant to grab him as i got burned bad last ur by Stanton) or possibly Jelwood..

    Good idea?
    Bad Idea?

    Thoughts guys, cheers.


  22. 8 trades, this week, Lester to Shaw and Nicholls to Goldy, leaving 6 trades and $5k in the bank.

    Backs – Gods, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw, Staker, Hartless, Clisby, Birch
    Mids – Ablett, Pendles, Griff, Barlow, Fyfe, Selwood, Danger, Rockliffe Mitchell, K Martin
    Rucks – Mince, Goldy, Rowe, Currie
    Fwds – Bartel, Stevie J, JJK, N Riewoldt, Martin, Harvey, Cox, X Richards

    Another back upgrade required and Mitchell to Swan/Beams probably with one more trade to get the cash for those hoepfully, leave a couple for injuries.

    Any thoughts/suggestions folks?


  23. hay got bit of a problem only 28k in the bank and niichols going down and now swoller got a back up ruck man in blitz but cant decied on who to bring in Sidebottom or kiren jack or griffin I know griffin racks them up again Sydney and jack too but also see Sidebottom smashs Essendon all the time and he has been getting some massive scores as of late what do you reckon Sidebottom maybe


  24. Hey guys, Quick poll
    T/U – Beams (already have Pendles, Swan, Shaw)
    T/D – Barlow (already have Fyfe, Ibbotson)


  25. Got my last 6 trades planned

    1. Hrovat to J Prudden (to get some cash and a DPP between Def and Mid)
    2. Nicholls to L McBean (more cash and a DPP between Fwd and Ruc)
    3. Crouch to Barlow
    4. Zorko to Walker
    5. Maric to Goldstein
    6. Ibbotson to McKenzie

    TU – Good trades
    TD – Pipe dreams, injuries will destroy this plan


  26. 4 trades left. Locked in at 2nd or 3rd in the League. Will be holding this week.
    Plan to trade Nic Nat for McBean, then with the extra cash that is released and the existing bankroll upgrade as follows (depending on injuries/suspensions):
    Finals week 1- Priddis to Beams
    Finals week 2 – Mitchell to Barlow
    Finals week 3 – Clisby to Hanley or Dixon.
    (Needless to say I’m praying for no injuries or suspensions!)


  27. 1. No trades this week.
    2. Even though Nicholls will probably miss this week I’m going to switch Roughy into the RCKS and Nic Nat in the FWD and sub in Bartel.
    3. Mitchell is looking like he will sement his spot in my best 22 for a few more weeks. Once I get to the Preliminary Final I will upgrade him to Barlow
    4. There are some questionmarks surroung Goddard if he’ll play this week, He has been playing with a fractured finger.
    5. Hoping to go back to back in 2 of my leagues.


  28. Here’s my Team 2 trades left, Suggestions please with the Ruck

    DEF: Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, R.Henderson, H.Shaw, Ibbotson, (Clisby, Thurlow)

    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Swanny, Barlow, Priddis, Joelwood, Cotchin, T.Mitchell, (Horvat, B.Kennedy)

    RUCK: Cox, Nic Nat (Nicholls, Rowe)

    FWD: Walker, Rockcliff, JJK, Bartel, Stevie J, Buddy, (Staker, Burbury)

    I had so many things panned out, but all of these injuries quickly banished those and all the money i had left (Now with 80K) Thanks Brichall, Watson, Hanley, Nic Nat and Nicholls


  29. Assured of top 4 with 6 trades left. Issues are Nic Nat Nichols and Goodes (if Danger is back) Even though i dont want or need to trade this week I font want to be caught with three issues to fix after this round. So assuming Nichols out thinking one of these two moves and Goodes for McKenzie

    Thumbs up Nichols out for Grundy/Hall (suggestions other rucks Jacobs Rowe) then Nic Nat for Goldstein
    Thumbs down Nichols out for Grundy/Hall etc then Nic Nat for Minson


  30. Whats the news with Hanley? Should I keep him or trade him? I’ve got plenty of trades left and 150k in bank.


  31. $170k and 4 trades left, sitting 2nd & 3rd in my leagues. Wore two losses this round and shall continue to hold fire so i can hopefully snaggle myself a cup or three.
    1. Want to trade one of Mitchell/Priddis into Beams.
    2. Will trade Nic Nat into Dusty.
    3. Want to turn Blicavs/Jolly into a ruckman that is playing well come finals time to partner Kruezer.
    If Blicavs plays regularly, i may use the last trade in the mids to bring in one of ROK, Duckwood or Sidebum.
    Of course i am presuming that i will not suffer any more injuries to force my hand……


  32. Thoughts on bringing in:
    M.Talia -> C.Dixon
    B.Staker-> L.Franklin

    T/U: Good trades
    T/D: Bad Trades


  33. I am 3rd in my league currently but it is not locked in. I have 3 trades left, but only have $18,000 in the bank. I have no idea what to do trades wise, feel my defence could do with some definite improvements. This is my current team. Any suggestions?






  34. What are everyone’s thoughts regarding Beams vs Griffen
    I am wanting to bring one of them in but cannot decide, have $700k to spend

    Beams has come back from injury on fire and even in his first game back against Adelaide he was in everything despite scoring just 88, has only got better each week. Unlikely to be tagged with Pendles, Swan more likely. Tough finals run concerning though with Sydney in Sydney, Hawthorn, WCE, with North in the GF. POD however.

    Griffen has been scoring well all season and is capable of huge scores as we’ve seen. Boyd back on the weekend which could have been a reason for his lower score. Prime target to be tagged. Good finals run however with Carlton, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne in the GF.

    T/U: Beams – POD, will score big despite tough opposition

    T/D: Griffen – Good finals run, will continue to dominate, extra cash



  35. 2 trades left was hoping to keep these but Simpson and Nicholls going down has decimated my ruck stocks!

    Not many good options with only 30k in bank.

    Looks like big Mumify (injury prone), the Rug in Hale (up and down) or Vardy (risky option but will also free up cash for last trade)

    Help please!!!


  36. Need some help deciding from 3 players to replace Nicholls with. Currently have Minson in the ruck so I’m deciding out of Roughead, Kruezer or Goldstein to replace him with. Roughead’s Ruc/Fwd is making me lean in his directions but since I don’t desperately need his DPP I’m having trouble deciding which one.

    Thumbs Up Roughead
    Thumbs Down Kruezer
    Comment for Goldstein


  37. Guys need assistance 5 trades no cash and holes everywhere
    Falling away from the pack in leagues
    Team as follows. Thoughts on what trades Will maximize points
    Backs: Goddard Gibbs shaw hartlett ibo clisby Hanley thurlow
    Mids: gablett swan pendles jpk Watson priddus Mitchell crouch Stevie j
    Rucks: cox Maric Nichols gawn
    Fwds: Martin rockliffe jjk rioli Franklin bartel staker Rowe
    Who stays who goes? Help would be appreciated thank you


  38. Good Morning SCT coaches,

    I’m thinking theses trades ( 4 left ) but I’m not 100%, so I thought I’d throw it out there to the people that have helped me reach 191st overall.

    Option1…Hanley out….Scotty Thompson in
    Maric out……Goldstein in (but leaving Nicholls injured on the bench) 2 trades

    Option 2…Nicholls out…Switch Rowe to the rucks as potential bench cover
    Henderson (Carlton) in, to use as switch player /Staker as F7/D6 1 trade only

    T/U………Option 1
    T/D………Option 2

    Comment if you thinks there’s a better option by clicking on my name & checking out my team.

    As usual, cheers SCT coaches 🙂


  39. Thoughts on Nic Nat to Leunberger if he or nicholls doesn’t pull up?
    Has had 6 tonnes in 8 games and has a dream finals run.

    TU – leuy will hit the ton in most games
    TD – you only have 3 trades left not worth it


  40. Ok so i’ve got 4 trades left. And i was planning on saving them for the finals. But I like 2 trade options that I think its too hard to go past.

    Downgrade Dawson Simpson to Brodie Grundy. (save $300,000 + $97,000 already in the bank)
    And upgrade either M.LeCras, N.Naitanui or B.Staker to D.Martin.
    (Remaining funds = around $300,000 + 2 trades)
    Yay or Nay?


  41. Thoughts on Nathan Vardy…
    J/S, Scoring potential, can he score high 90’s regularly??
    I need a cheap swapover for Nic Nat…


  42. Eaglet of SCTTL Fame asks me to convey this question to you: How do these trades look on their own?

    Out: Goodes & Nicholls.
    In: Dixon & Rioli.

    Thumbs up: Good
    Thumbs down: Bad.


  43. Am thinking of trading out Staker for maybe Gibbs or Dixon. And maybe a replacement for Jacobs or Nicholls. The problem I have is I only have 3 Trades left and 18,000 in the bank!

    Can anyone share some advice?



  44. Indecisive
    1 Last trade 38 K in the bank..Need to trade out one of the following
    Swallow,Nic Nat,Hanley,Birchall,Nicholls.
    I’m thinking Swallow at this stage
    TU S. Mitchell.
    TD S.Sidebottom


  45. Controversial one – Anyone considering straight swop from Staker to Rioli???

    Thumbs UP: Staker at 425K and high BE has done his job, Rioli has a higher ceiling & great POD come finals,

    Thumbs DOWN: Except for last week Staker has not let us down. Rioli’s hammy’s not the horse to jump on with limited trades.


  46. Got 4 trades left and $17, 300.


    Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, McKenzie, Duffield, Staker (Hanley, Webster)

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Cotchin, Priddis, Deledio, Selwood, Kennedy (Mitchell, K Martin)

    Cox, Maric (Nicholls, Currie)

    Rockliff, Bartel, Franklin, Zorko, Martin, Naitanui (Lamb, Richards)

    Considering straight swapping Naitanui-Rioli. This will remove my fwd/ruc link, but it will mean I don’t have to rely on the score of Lamb or Webster.

    I will have 3 trades remaining leading into the finals.

    Thumbs up: Good trade.
    Thumbs down: Bad trade.


  47. hi guys,

    have not been able to come to a conclusion all week on what i should do with my team, and so maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help me come to a conclusion.

    (Note: I can take a loss this week as the guy I’m against has been destroyed by trades, poor fella).

    Team is as follows

    Def: Goddard, Hibberd, Thompson, Gibbs, Mckenze, Shaw (docherty, clisby)

    Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Swan, selwood, jack, jpk, swallow, titchell (hrovat, k-mart)

    Rucks: Nic nat, nicholls (witts, currie)

    Fwd: walker, bartel, N. riewoldt, franklin, cloke, staker (lamb, rowe)

    I have 6 trades left and only 6k in the bank



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