Trade Talk – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 12 2018

You still have trades? Official statement: “Then I admire your restraint & control”. Unofficial Statement: “How the @$#!, you lucky %×¢@#!”

Who is coming in for the do-or-die SC-Prelim? Who has to go?


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58 thoughts on “Trade Talk – Rd22”

    1. I’m thinking I’ll put t Mac forward and then look in the backline . I’m in same position as you have 423,000 and 1 trade cane be a fwd or back .I’m thinking Brisbane or Sydney may be the provider for the defender Aliir Alir or Cutler maybe I would also be Happy for help!!!


      1. Unfortunately i don’t have the luxury of doing that, my list short list of players to pick from is Majak, dale Thomas, Mitch Robertson an boak


  1. Will leave me with no trades, no back up on the ruck line but cover at d7 Lynch, m9 Bonar & f7 Billings for last 2 rounds!

    Ahern < Bonar ( mid/fwd GWS )
    Walters < Macrae

    T/U….Go for it Catta
    T/D….Look elsewhere Catta

    Cheers Catta


    1. Catta,

      I think you should trade in Relton Robert.

      I hear he’s fresh coming of a spell !!

      The fact I am playing you in the Cattas Challenge league this week is COMPLETELY coincidental


      1. Lol

        Awesome suggestion, Shaggi 😉

        Good luck on the week-end, our league is peaking at the right time currently 40th overall before the start of round 22!


  2. Need sub $420k Walters replacement! Last trade 🙁
    TU: Boak
    TD: Robinson
    Comment: Acres
    Feel free to suggest others not listed, thanks all!


        1. Went Big Mac catta cheers for the suggestion I was thinking Cripps or McRae so u helped the decision for the better!


  3. Who’s the best defender for $330k?

    I have one trade left, L. Murphy still on field and Lynch and Riordan for backup :/

    Somehow winning league still.


  4. 2 weeks to go, and I still have 2 trades left. At this stage I don’t think I have any injuries to deal with, and I also have swinging cover if something does come up. So, I’m starting to think a luxury trade might be in order.

    Luke Parker’s form has been so-so lately, and his record against his two remaining opponents isn’t great. I have enough money in the bank to turn him into Macrae.

    TU: Go for it.
    TD: Hold off until round 23. You never know what might happen between now and then.


  5. Out: S Martin & P Ahern
    In: B Grundy & J Madgen
    Leaves me with 1 trade for next week & 120k to get whoever I need with that trade.

    TU: go for it
    TD: reassess


  6. Fortunate to have two trades…one of which is Heater…..he or Tmac were always going this round.
    Enough cash for LLoyd, but if i go to a Crisp, I could then get menegola for the Hoff in Grand Final

    T/U Its all or nothing…get LLoyd
    T/D Go the dual option.


  7. Lambert is out for the last two, which means I’ll be getting rid of him…
    Lambert and Hurley OUT
    Menegola and TMac IN.
    TU: Good trades
    TD: reconsider


  8. Last trade Have $570k to spend looking at a mid can’t afford Macrae looking
    For a pod thinking of Seb Ross

    TU Do It
    TD keep looking

    Comment have most of the regulars any help would be appreciated


  9. FWD- Heeney, Gray, Menegola, McLean, Smith, Fritsch/Ahern
    Last trade, Fritsch out…

    T/U – Franklin
    T/D – McDonald
    Comment – Hold/Someone else



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