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Written by Chaos Theory on August 29 2023



Tom Doedee : Free Agent

Fischer McAsey : Retired

Paul Seedsman : Retired

Tyler Brown : Delisted

Jackson Hately : Delisted

Tariek Newchurch : Delisted

Andrew McPherson : Delisted

Shane McAdam : Traded

Matt Crouch : signed two-year extension


Tom Doedee : Traded in for End of round one compensation pick (currently No.19)

Blake Coleman : Delisted

Rhys Mathieson : Delisted

Daryl McDowell-White : Delisted

Nakia Cockatoo : Retired

Marcus Adams : retired. Advised by club’s medical team and AFL medical specialists to not play contact sport again due to concussion.

Daniel Rich : has announced his retirement

Tom Fullarton : Traded

Jack Gunston : Traded


Ed Curnow : Retired

Lachie Plowman : Retired

Josh Honey : Delisted

Sam Philp : Delisted

Lochie O’Brien : Delisted

Paddy Dow : Traded


Trent Bianco :Delisted

Trey Ruscoe : Delisted

Arlo Draper : Delisted

Cooper Murley : Delisted

Tom Wilson : Delisted

Taylor Adams : Traded


Brandon Zerk- Thatcher: Traded

Jade Gresham : free agent from St Kilda

Ben McKay : Traded in for A round one compensation pick (currently No.3)

Todd Goldstein : Traded in

*Darcy Parish has revealed he’ll sign off on his new deal with Essendon in days. (29/8/23)

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti : Retired

Andrew Phillips : Retired

Alastair Lord : Delisted

Cian McBride : Delisted

Rhett Montgomerie : Delisted

James Stewart : Delisted

Anthony Munkara : Delisted. Category B rookie and played 15 VFL games in 2023. Returns to Tiwi Islands.


Lachie Schultz : Traded

Liam Henry : Traded

Joel Hamling : Free Agent

Eric Benning : Delisted.

Nathan Wilson : Delisted

Travis Colyer : Delisted

Brennan Cox : Has signed a massive six-year contract extension.


Esava Ratugolea : Traded

Jonathon Ceglar : Retired

Isaac Smith : Retired

Sam Menegola : Delisted

Sam Simpson : Delisted

Cooper Whyte : Delisted

Osca Riccardi : Delisted

Joe Furphy : Signed as a Category B rookie. 24 yo Ex basketballer played one game for the Northern Knights in 2018 before chasing a career in basketball.


Charlie Constable has retired from the AFL.

Connor Blakely : Retired

Brodie McLaughlin : Delisted

Jed Anderson : Delisted

Chris Burgess: Traded

Mabior Chol : Traded

Elijah Hollands : Traded


Matt Flynn  Traded to WCE as Free Agent

Phil Davis : Retired

Daniel Lloyd : Retired

Jason Gillbee : Delisted

Cameron Fleeton : Delisted


Max Lynch : Retired

Emerson Jeka : Delisted

Josh Morris : Delisted

Fionn O’Hara : Delisted

Josh Morris : Delisted

Ned Long : Delisted

Lachie Bramble : Delisted

Tyler Brockman : Traded to WCE.

Brandon Ryan : Traded

Jacob Koschitzke : Traded


Tom Fullarton  from Brisbane for pick 47 ( they got for Brodie Grundy)

Brodie Grundy : Traded

James Harmes : Traded

Michael Hibberd : Retired

Luke Dunstan : Retired

Deakyn Smith : Delisted

Kye Turner : Delisted

James Jordon : Free agent. Has chosen Sydney


Toby Pink : Recruited as delisted free agent.

Todd Goldstein : Free Agent

Ben McKay : Free Agent

Ben Cunnington : Retired

Aaron Hall : Retired

Jack Ziebell : Retired

Daniel Howe : Retired

Lachie Young : Delisted

Flynn Perez : Delisted,

Phoenix Spicer : Delisted

Jacob Edwards : Delisted

Dylan Stephens : Traded from Sydney for Stephens and pick 25 and received North’s end of first-round pick next year plus its pick 44 this year.


Xavier Durrsma : Traded

Tom Jonas : Retired

Riley Bonner : Delisted

Trent Dumont : Delisted

Brynn Teakle : Delisted

Nathan Barkla : Delisted

Mitch Georgiades : Signed a 4 year extension.


Adem Yze : Appointed as Richmond coach

Ivan Soldo : Traded

Bigoa Nyuon : Traded

Jason Castagna : Retired

Jack Riewoldt : Retired

Trent Cotchin : Retired

Robbie Tarrant : Retired

Kaelan Bradtke : Delisted

Oliver Hayes-Brown : signed as a category B rookie. (Perth Wildcat) project ruck.


Jade Gresham to Essendon as free agent. The Saints have received a pick at the end of the first round (currently No.21) as compensation.

Nick Coffield : Traded

Jack Billings : Traded

Jack Bytel : Delisted

Leo Connolly : Delisted

Jack Peris : Delisted

Oscar Adams : Delisted



James Jordon : From Melbourne for End of round two compensation pick (currently No.39)

Joel Hamling from Fremantle

Lance Franklin : Retired

Tom Hickey : Retired

Paddy McCartin : Retired

Ryan Clarke : Delisted

Will Gould : Delisted

Hugo Hall – Kahan : Delisted

Cameron Owen : Delisted

Lachlan Rankin : Delisted

Marc Sheather : Delisted

Dylan Stephens : Traded

*Hayden McLean has signed a 4 year extension until to the end of 2027.


Matt Flynn : to West Coast as an unrestricted free agent for an End of round two compensation pick (currently No.40)

Tyler Brockman : to WCE for picks 44 and 63.

Shannon Hurn : Retired

Nic Naitanui : Retired

Luke Shuey : Retired

Luke Foley : Delisted

Samo Petrevski-Seton : Delisted

Xavier O’Neill : Delisted

Greg Clark : Delisted

Connor West : Delisted

Isiah Winder : Delisted


Jordan Sweet : Traded

James Harmes Traded from Melbourne for a future third-round pick (tied to WB)

Toby McLean : Delisted

Tim O’Brien : Delisted

Robbie McComb : Delisted

Cody Raak : Delisted

Josh Bruce : Retired

Mitch Hannan : Delisted. He tore his Achilles tendon in the VFL earlier this month and was set to be sidelined for up to 12 months.

Bailey Williams had signed a new three-year extension.



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78 thoughts on “Trades, Delistings & Retirement News”

  1. It is believe that Port Adelaide, headed by Ken Hinkley, caught up with Brodie Grundy in Melbourne.

    Surely just a friendly hello?


  2. Rumours say Shane McAdam wants to move to the Dees.
    Does he even make the 22?

    Ratugolea requesting a trade to Port could be an interesting pick next season


  3. Travis Boak in apparent impasse with Port Adelaide about his future?

    Boak wants to play on but Port Adelaide believe it is time for him to end his illustrious career.

    The 35-year-old has played 346 games for the Power but has been the sub four times in 2023.


  4. Jordon Sweet has officially requested a trade to Port Adelaide.

    Brodie Grundy now likely to Sydney.

    Brandon Zerk-Thatcher has asked for a trade to Port Adelaide.


  5. Sydney: Dylan Stephens to seek a trade, possibly North Melbourne.

    Stephens has a multi-year offer, believed to be up to four years, on the table from North Melbourne.


    1. …..just in case coz it’s not in our Sledgers league Wighty, we better change the wording to “known friends and relatives” and not just the wives……LOL


      1. I suggested earlier in the year that he had in fact had some times of joy with all the partners of the gc board. In these times I would like to clarify that these times of joy were regardless of gender. But still not good for his career.


  6. Bonner, Dumont and Teakle all delisted by Port last night.
    Some decent players there and a little surprised about Teakle


    1. Reported interest in Teakle from three clubs after his surprising delisting.

      The Clubs, North, GWS and Western Bulldogs are all facing loss of rucks.
      Goldstein wanting to leave. Essendon?
      Matt Flynn linked to WCE
      Jordon Sweet wants a trade to Port Adelaide.


  7. Todd Goldstein has told North Melbourne he has played his last game for the club and will seek an opportunity elsewhere as an unrestricted free agent.


    1. Sydney co-captain Callum Mills has undergone shoulder surgery after wrestling with a teammate at Mad Monday celebrations. He is now in doubt for R1 next year


      1. Further news: Mills has ruptured his rotator cuff – torn it from the bone. This can be 9-12 months.
        Potential 2025 target. Starting preseason planning for the season after


    1. In further news the Gold Coast gigolo ranks have grown by one 🙂 best of luck Charlie in continuing the career you started long ago!



    lol, the week before trade week really is the worst of the year. please just start 2024 already


    1. If I was North I’d give up 2 and 3 for him. Try and get Gardiner out of Brisbane. Go close to the 8 next year I reckon 🙂
      The hard bit to work out is who leaked it to the media, clarry or the dees? One of them wants to see what can be done!


  9. Brisbane: Deven Robertson has signed a 2 year deal, to the end of 2025, to stay at Brisbane rejecting West Coast.


  10. Melbourne released a statement on Friday afternoon confirming that Oliver would stay with the club in 2024, continuing his seven-year contract.

    “At no stage has the club entered discussions with any club regarding a trade for Clayton. Furthermore, Clayton has not requested a trade and will remain at the Melbourne Football Club,” CEO Gary Pert said in a letter to members.


  11. James Jordon has joined Sydney as an unrestricted free agent, with the Demons to receive an end of round two compensation pick – currently pick No.39.


  12. Quite a depressing moment for Supercoach community when it has been determined that Will Gould has been delisted.

    That player that we thought didn’t exist came from the shadows and got delisted because of it. 🙁


    1. Gould will get picked up elsewhere. Rest assured he can sit on our benches next season, wearing different colours.


      1. Maybe SC can have a ghost pick category, where players like Gould,Madden and Will Kelly can stay in our sides forever:)
        In lions related news I’m stoked to pick up Tom Doedee Backline with him and Conor off half back with Payne and Andrews as the talls Starcevich as the lockdown and my daughters future husband Wilmot for adventure looks great to me. Fletch to the wing and Coleman as the centerman and I’m getting very excited!


  13. Wednesday Trades update:

    Sydney have secured Brodie Grundy and Taylor Adams.
    Zac Fisher joins North Melbourne.
    Chris Burgess to Adelaide.
    Jordan Croft nominates Western Bulldogs via father/son.
    Dylan Stephens to North Melbourne.
    Melbourne trade its Round One pick (14), its two Round Two pick (27) and its Round Two pick (35) to the Gold Coast Suns for its Round One pick (11).


  14. Adelaide: Shane McAdam to Melbourne for a future second-round pick (tied to Mel).

    Fremantle: Liam Henry and a future round-four pick (tied to Fremantle) to St Kilda for a future second-round pick (tied to St Kilda) and a future fourth-round pick (tied to St Kilda)

    Fremantle : Lachie Schultz to Collingwood for a second-round pick (currently No.34) and a future first-round pick

    Richmond: Bigoa Nyuon to North Melbourne for a fourth-round pick (currently No.65)


    1. St Kilda : Nick Coffield traded to Western Bulldogs in a four club deal – Western Bulldogs, St Kilda, Carlton and Essendon.

      Dogs give up pick No. 40 + future fourth-round pick but also land pick No. 52 + No. 56

      Carlton : Paddy Dow to St Kilda.


      1. Carlton receives
        Future third-round pick (tied to Essendon), future fourth-round pick (tied to Western Bulldogs), future fourth-round pick (tied to Fremantle)
        Carlton gives up
        Paddy Dow, future third-round pick, future fourth-round pick

        Essendon receives
        Pick 35, future fourth-round pick (tied to Carlton)
        Essendon gives up
        Pick 52, future third-round pick

        St Kilda receives
        Paddy Dow, Pick 40, future third-round pick (tied to Carlton)
        St Kilda gives up
        Nick Coffield, Pick 35, Pick 56, future fourth-round pick (tied to Fremantle)

        Western Bulldogs receive
        Nick Coffield, Pick 52, Pick 56
        Western Bulldogs give up
        Pick 40, future-fourth round pick


  15. Essendon : Massimo D’Ambrosio traded to Hawthorn for a third-round pick (currently No.61) and a future fourth-round pick (tied to Coll)

    Port Adelaide : Xavier Duursma traded to Essendon for Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, a fourth-round pick (currently No.73) and two fourth-round picks (tied to Ess and Carl)

    Gold Coast Suns : Mabior Chol and a third-round pick (currently No.62) traded to Hawthorn for a future second-round pick (tied to Brisbane)

    Brisbane : Jack Gunston, two third-round picks (currently No.47 and 61) and a future second-round pick (tied to Brisbane) traded to Hawthorn for Brandon Ryan, a second-round pick (currently No.39), a third-round pick (currently No.54) and a future fourth-round pick (tied to Hawthorn)

    St Kilda : Jack Billings to Melbourne for a future third-round pick (tied to Melbourne)

    Hawthorn : Jacob Koschitzke to Richmond for a third-round pick (currently No.49)

    Gold Coast : Elijah Hollands, a second-round pick (currently No.28) and a future fourth-round pick (tied to GC) to Carlton for a second-round pick (currently No.26) and a future third-round pick (tied to Ess)

    Geelong : Esava Ratugolea to Port Adelaide for Geelong receives:
    a second-round pick (currently No.25), a fourth-round pick (currently No.76) and a fifth-round pick (currently No.94)

    Western Bulldogs : Jordon Sweet to Port Adelaide for a third-round pick (currently No.50)

    Collingwood : Jack Ginnivan, a second-round pick (currently No.39), a future second-round pick (tied to Coll) and a future fourth-round pick (tied to Coll) to Hawthorn for a second-round pick (currently No.33), a future second-round pick (tied to Haw) and a future third-round pick (tied to Haw)

    Richmond : Ivan Soldo and a third-round pick (currently No.50) to Port Adelaide for a second-round pick (currently No.41), a third-round pick (currently No.49), a future second-round pick (tied to Frem) and a future fourth-round pick (tied to PA)


  16. Western Bulldogs :
    Hayden Crozier and Roarke Smith delisted

    Committed to re-contracting Taylor Duryea and Lachie McNeil next month.



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