SCT Punters Club – PC30 Wrap Up

Written by Motts on August 29 2023

The 30th round of the Punters Club was our most profitable ever. In the 10 years I’ve been running the club, we’ve never made as much as we did over the last couple of months and it was all due to the last punter up: Bruce.p.

Over the course of 3 weeks in August, through a number of different horse racing exotics, Bruce returned a PROFIT of $1,449.44  including the weekend of the 19th when he got the quaddie and profited $1,109.25.

I’ve gone over the history of the club to see how that stacks up against the best we’ve ever had. Here’s the records Bruce set and who previously had them:

  • Most profit returned in a single PC – previously Yiorgakis ($1,184.10 in PC8)
  • Most profit returned in a single week – previously Davo ($524 in PC7)

So Bruce well and truly smashed it out of the park.

But Bruce wasn’t the only punter to return money in PC30. Also chiming in was Haysie ($220), Kid81 ($157), sodes ($144), and Hooter ($133). Great job by all you blokes.

So after starting with $1,062.67, we finished with $2,344.16. A 120% increase. Outstanding!

What that means is that if you want to cash out, you’ll receive $156.28. Likewise, that’s the buy-in figure for anyone wanting to join. It also means that we’ll each receive $150 to punt with in PC31 with $94 available in Group Bets to put on the Grand Final or the Melbourne Cup in a few weeks.

I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve finally had the huge collect I’ve been dreaming about for 10 years. Well done, Bruce!

If you’d like to join the club or have any questions about it, email me (Motts at supercoachtalk dot com).

Bruce, as the king of PC30, you’ll kick off PC31 for us this week.


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4 thoughts on “SCT Punters Club – PC30 Wrap Up”

  1. Top stuff Bruce. Thanks to Motts for running the Club.
    $150 will let us “open the shoulders” for the next couple of months.



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