Who To Field – Round 4

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on April 10 2021

We’ll have this thread pinned to the top of the site over the weekend for people to drop in ask “who to field” out of their rookies using the T.U and T.D function.


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17 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 4”

      1. Yeah. Good thinking, Jeannot.

        Will stick with Rowe for that reason and the fact that Scott’s playing against the Lions, in windy weather and it’s his first time in Ballarat.


    1. Ffs too busy being a smart ass and writing the above post, missed the start of the game had the VC on Neale to switch to Macrae on game start and missed it…. I guess cmon Neale!
      Hold on it started early?


  1. I’ve got vc on macrae but I fell asleep at 3/4 time and slept through the opportunity to captain the saints rookie defender to get the macrae points..

    Now I only have the option of C kosi for Hawks but what if he gets the sub role?
    Otherwise I am left to just take Gawn as cappo but would prefer the safe macrae points


  2. Tough call Yani
    I had vc on Ridley and thinking if it might be safer option to take his score so I would take Macrae if Kosi confirmed out . I may run with Gawn as you make a good point on Kosi and he is my only remaining loop hole
    Box Hill Hawks have played but can’t find any info if he played ( probably not as managed ) or whether he travelled to WA



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