Who To Field – Round 8

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 7 2021

We’ll have this thread pinned to the top of the site over the weekend for people to drop in ask “who to field” out of their rookies using the T.U and T.D function.


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22 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 8”

  1. Should be in trade talk, but need to decide before pies/nth game……

    Out Chapman and Rowe
    Swing Cox fwd
    In May and Murphy

    T/U Yes
    T/D Save the trades…I’m burning them. Two ins both have the r14 bye which I have just about given up on anyway.


  2. Anyone know what Martin’s BE will be next week now that he scored 65 last night?

    Was planning on chopping rowe this week however due to Atu being dropped was thinking chopping him to avoid a potential donut or two, and also to upgrade my team. As bad as it sounds because I only traded him in last week…

    Tu; Atu > Zorko
    Td; Highmore > May


    1. Ollie.

      I wouldn’t do either of these trades.

      I know it’s frustrating copping donuts but both Atu and Highmore ( to a lesser extent.) should play again soon.

      Highmore has made no cash, and spending all that money to turn him into May is crazy. ( Chapman to May is a different story as he’s injured and has at least made a bit of cash.)

      I don’t mind getting in Zorko, but not for Atu. He probably just needed a rest and should come back in.

      You are better off copping the odd donut rather than trading potential cash cows with low BE’s. Atu could make another $100K.

      Check you opponents teams they are probably dealing with similar problems. Try not to let,the thought of copping the odd donut steer your team in a direction you will later regret.

      Best of luck.


    1. Murphy has better JS and is on the bubble.

      Also more mature and his injury concerns are behind him hopefully.

      My Pies supporting mates / family rate him highly too.


      1. my only concern is Howe returning within a week or so…in saying that Poulter is probably more likely to go before Murphy


  3. Field…
    Cripps. T.U
    Phillips. T.D
    Thinking Cripps but I just can’t trust him. Got no faith in Phillips either.


  4. Didn’t think I’d have to ask this, but here we are

    TU Field Impey
    TD Take Rowe’s 81



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