26 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 9”

  1. BIG decisions in my ruck department, who to field from:

    T/u Gawn
    T/d Witts
    Comment: Preuss

    Witts could be a negating match up against Darcy so I’m feeling hesitant about fielding him

    Can also see Gawn getting a big rest against an undermanned west coast


      1. That’s a beautifully strong ruck division you have got going there 🙂 🙂

        Averaging 120 (Gawn) & 119 (Witts) & 108 (Preuss – but solo ruck this week).

        You would be absolutely loving life if they gave big Maxxy RUCK / FWD status in round 12 !!!


        1. Definitely not the worst position I’ve been in! Had Gawn and Witts from the start and bringing in Preuss was a no brainer. Most frustrating has been having Preuss’s scores on the bench for the last few weeks and not being able to loophole.

          As you can see it’s certainly hard to split the three! I’ve got some tough match ups this week so I’m deciding whether to go with them (Preuss) or against (Witts).

          A ruck/fwd Gawn makes my Butters headache go away that’s for sure!


  2. Tossing up between the following:

    Tu) Field Clark and trade in Buku Khamis next week

    Td) Field Butters and trade in Rory Thompson this week.


  3. Afte McCombs 41 whoever I trade in will also be fielded.

    Feel JS is similar for both, SP unsure.

    Haven’t seen Carroll with a full midfield contingent. Rioli is a small forward and naturally unpredictable (Rosas – sigh).

    TU: Rioli
    TD: Carroll



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