Prodigal Son – Michael Hurley

Written by Father Dougal on 8:00 am, March 21 2017

Another Bomber that wandered into the wilderness and has returned.  Can Michael Hurley make the leap into the Top6 DEFs?

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Prodigal Son – Cam McCarthy

Written by Father Dougal on 9:00 am, March 16 2017

This Prodigal Son really is returning home in 2017: Cam McCarthy returns to his home-town of Perth!  How will his cash projections play out this year?  Is he Supercoach-relevant?

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Strength of Schedule 2017

Written by Father Dougal on 5:00 am, March 16 2017

Hold onto your socks and jocks, grab a coffee and bask in the spreadsheet glory that Father Dougal has created!  Who has the easiest fixture in 2017?  And how does that apply to Rookie selection?  Follow me………

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Prodigal Son – Jarryd Roughead

Written by Father Dougal on 5:00 am, March 14 2017

One of the most popular Prodigal Sons returning in 2017: Jarryd Roughead.  Cancer-free and new Captain of Hawthorn, he’s ready to rumble!  All the points & cash projections for Roughy are as follows…….

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Prodigal Son – Dayne Beams

Written by Father Dougal on 10:00 am, March 13 2017

The next Prodigal Son making an awaited return: Dayne Beams. A former MID elite that could be a keeper IF he stays on the park…………

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Prodigal Son – David Swallow

Written by Father Dougal on 10:00 am, March 10 2017

Next up in the Prodigal Son Series: David Swallow……’ll find all the points & cash projections here……..

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Prodigal Son – Jaeger O’Meara

Written by Father Dougal on 11:00 am, March 9 2017

Over the next few weeks, Father Dougal brings us the ‘Prodigal Son’ series…….Analysing Risk Management & Cash Projections to those players returning from long lay-offs…….First up today is Jaeger……

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