Punters Club – TSNW

Written by Motts on 9:16 am, January 16 2021

Team Still Needs Work is back with a couple of SGM’s on just one NBA game!

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Punters Club – Raj

Written by Motts on 12:56 pm, January 6 2021

After cleaning up at Happy Valley on Wednesday, Raj has opened the shoulders with his remaining bets.

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Shorty’s DPP’s

Written by Motts on 11:26 am, January 4 2021

Shorty’s off to the Gold Coast but before he goes, he’s given us the good oil on this year’s DPP’s. And refers to himself in the third person. Mottsy loves a third person reference.

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Punters Club – Weendog

Written by Motts on 9:14 pm, December 26 2020

It’s Boxing Day but the PC (& Weendog) never let up. We’ve got 3 bets on the BBL tonight.

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