The League of Extraordinary Coaches

Written by Motts on 6:53 pm, March 17 2010

I’ve left SuperCoach League 1 in the more than capable hands of Duck and have created a new league: SuperCoach League 3 or as I like to call it The League of Extraordinary Coaches.

My goal for this league is for it to be in the Top 10 leagues in the comp so before you go jumping in you need to meet some prerequisites:

1) You must be an avid SCT reader (which, if you’re reading this then clearly you are) and preferably a frequent commenter.

2) You must have played SuperCoach before and averaged around 2100 or higher by the end of the season.

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AFL 2010 Magazine

Written by Motts on 12:38 pm, March 17 2010

For those of you living in Melbourne, it’d be worth getting your hands on the AFL 2010 magazine in tomorrow’s Herald Sun. There is sure to be plenty of SuperCoach gold in there!

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to live in The World’s Most Liveable City, I’ll glean what I can from it and post all the good oil on the site.

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Weekend Review – NAB Cup GF

Written by Motts on 7:00 am, March 15 2010

Western Bulldogs
S Higgins – 105 pts, midfield/forward DPP, $472k. Pretty damn convincing.
B Hall – Gave you another 101 reasons to block his brain fades from your memory.
R Murphy – Tempted us all again with an 83. Just remind yourselves he only played 13 games last year and averaged 66.62.
A Cooney – If you pay $484k for a bloke you expect more than 77 pts. This is on the back of a 62, an 84 and a 60. You’d have to either be a Bulldogs supporter, a family member, or a ‘ranga to be game enough to pick him.

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