Players Under The Microscope – Saints v Pies

Written by Motts on 1:29 pm, February 18 2010

I’m looking forward to the game Friday night as there’s quite a few big names under the microscope for inclusions into The Mighty Ducks.

So far i’ve got the following blokes pencilled in …. by all means tell me why they should or shouldn’t make the 2010 starting squad.


B Goddard – $613,600 and averaging 115

N Maxwell – $490,500 and averaging 92


D Swan – $654,50 and averaging 123

L Davis – $591,700 and averaging 111


N Riewoldt –

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Weekend Summary – Bulldogs v Brisbane

Written by Motts on 7:00 am, February 18 2010

One of the things separating Dream Team from Super Coach is that SC normalises its points so that the sum of the 2 teams points always equals the same number. I can’t remember off hand what that number is but check the Herald Sun on Saturday morning which will have the sum of the Saints and Pies scores. Add them together then compare them with the sum of the Blues and Swans scores on Sunday morning and you’ll see what I mean. The point that I’ve taken a long time in getting to is that the condition of the oval at a game like this one will have no bearing on the scores because at the end of the day everything is normalised.

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Little Black Book Available Online

Written by Motts on 1:42 pm, February 17 2010

That’s right, those that rushed out to buy it could have saved themselves the bother and just read it online …. wish I’d know this earlier. Would be more helpful to me if i could actually download it but i guess reading it online will have to do.

SuperCoach Little Black Book Online

Due to popular demand I’ve had to create another SuperCoach League after the first one filled quickly. New league code is 148916 …. get in and join it fast.

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Weekend Summary – Hawthorn v Richmond

Written by Motts on 7:00 am, February 17 2010

Sam Mitchell ($576,300, 108.50) – 167 points = gun. The Extractor is one of the elite midfielders. Take your pick out of him, Selwood, Bartel, Corey and Judd. Has missed only one game in the last 3 years.

Luke Hodge ($485,600, 91.42) – A lock for your defence. 131 points on Saturday, plays up the ground, is healthy and is relatively cheap. Need I go on?

Lance Franklin ($466,700, 87.86) – Buddy’s back, baby. Hawks fans are already salivating at his 5.1 and 155 points (even if it was against the team that will come last this year).

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SuperCoach iPhone Application

Written by Motts on 3:15 pm, February 16 2010

Anyone that knows me would have heard me bang on about the iPhone being the greatest technology device i’ve ever bought …. and believe me when i say, i’ve bought some technology in the past.

Today it gets even better with the inclusion of the Official SuperCoach iPhone Application.

What can it do i hear you ask? Well, the following …

  • Full team selection functionality
  • Make trades throughout the season
  • Edit your team – make substitutions and chose captain and vice captain
  • Create and join private and public leagues.

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Weekend Summary – Adelaide v Port Adelaide

Written by Motts on 9:41 am, February 16 2010

K Cornes ($480,700, 90.50) – both Kane and his unfortunately named brother have produced prodigiously in the past but regardless of what the Little Black Book says about them I’d look elsewhere for better talent. Kane’s 83 on Saturday afternoon would seem to confirm this.

T Boak ($439,700, 82.78) – you need look no further than young Travis as a replacement for Kornes in your midfield. In his 4th season this year he’s starting to come into his own and I think is due for a breakout year. Kornes’ 83 came with a DT score of 103. Trav’s 83 came with a DT score of 68 suggesting he used the ball a hell of a lot better which in SuperCoach is richly rewarded.

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Official SuperCoach Talk League

Written by Motts on 4:34 pm, February 15 2010

On the back of a few punters showing some interest and seeing as many of us don’t fill the 2 other leagues available to us i’ve decided to start up the Official SuperCoach League.

First 16 in will be able to pit themselves against a few blokes that take this game pretty damn seriously. League code is 539246

Join the league and throw your team name in the comments below so we know who’s who …. let the sledging begin.

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Weekend Summary – West Coast v Essendon

Written by Motts on 11:55 am, February 15 2010

Sat down and watched all 4 NAB Cup games on the weekend. I don’t care it counts for nothing, I’m just so happy to have football back in my life. Saturday afternoons spent watching live statistics while chatting with Duck and BOB over IM and maybe having the odd punt on the nags with the online account are just around the corner. Yeeeeeharrrrrrrr.

There were some great performances over the weekend with a lot of blokes putting their hands up to be included in your squad. Conversely, there were a lot of blokes who may have been in your squad already that perhaps let you know that they weren’t quite ready yet.

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