How Did You Go – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on 7:15 pm, July 22 2018

Did you stick the big C on Mitchell? Played it safe with Dangerfield? Could be the difference between a W or L next to your name. Prepare yourselves for more monster results…….

Score / C / Overall Rank

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Coaches have given 33 responses.

Captains Table – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on 5:00 am, July 20 2018

The Captains Mega Thread is back……more numbers than an accountants’ storage room………

Coaches have given 10 responses.

AFL Teams – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on 5:30 pm, July 19 2018

You wanted to bring Webster in for Sicily and save some cash?  Supercoach Gods say ‘no’……….

Coaches have given 21 responses.