Bubble Busters – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 11 2017

Huttabito delivered the goods in his Rookie Review, Chillo’s Flavour Of The Week gave us the low-down on the popular rookie trade-ins……….so who are the most solid downgrade options ‘on the bubble’ ahead of Rd4?

All Supercoaches need their rookies to score well and also have decent  job security to string together plenty of games.  So who are the best Bubble Busters for Rd4?  Is Newman a must in DEF?  Did you trade him in early?  How good is Burton’s job security at the Hawks?  Can Hayward hold his spot in the Swans line-up?  Or Fox?  Or Foote?  How long before Papley/Heeney take their place?

If they were all named for Rd4, then this weeks Bubble Busters, in no particular order, are (Name, Club, Price, Position, Average, BreakEven):


* Ben Ainsworth (GCS $198 300 MID) 71, -29

* George Horlin-Smith (GEE $234 000 MID) 70, -6

* Jy Simpkin (NTH $162 300 FWD) 41, 11

* Billie Smedts (CAR $217 100 FWD/MID) 51, 23

* Nic Newman (SYD $123 900 DEF) 89, -106

* Ryan Burton (HAW $254 600 DEF/MID) 92, -36

* Robbie Fox (SYD $102 400 MID) 61, -62

* Jordan Foote (SYD $182 800 MID) 45, 17

* Will Hayward (SYD $121 800 FWD) 66, -61

* Teia Miles (HAW $123 900 FWD/MID) 34, 4


Whether you have these players in your team or not, which THREE rookies do you rate as the best options ahead of Rd4?  Which rookies would you ideally like to have in your team right now?


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5 thoughts on “Bubble Busters – Rd4”

  1. Would love to get some Swans-savvy fans’ view on Will Hayward and his job security… he completely flew under the radar for me.


    1. Rohan and Papley will be available within the next week or two, Heeney and McVeigh the week after that. I like Hayward, but with an 0-3 start I think Horse will go for experienced heads as soon as possible.


      1. This is my concern with the Swans rookies as well – already have Fox but hesitant to risk any others after getting burnt by starting with a bunch of Kangas rookies and then having to make corrective trades. Given the price jump though, is Newman an auto-selection if he plays?


        1. Reckon Newman is safe for at least the next 2-3 weeks. I think the price jumps will make it worthwhile……..picks himself this week



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