Bubble Busters – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 26 2017

After another five day footy weekend, our schedule has been tightly packed with valuable information.  Huttabito gave us the low-down on the youngsters in his Rookie ReviewChillo highlighted the pros & cons of the most popular trade-ins in Flavour Of The Week……..so who are the most solid downgrade options ‘on the bubble’ ahead of Rd6?

Ideally we need our rookies to score well and also have decent  job security in order to string together plenty of games.  So who are the best Bubble Busters for Rd6?  Is Balic coming back from that ‘hip injury’?  Did you trade him in early?  How good is Fisher’s job security at the Blues?  Can Hardwick continue to hold his spot in the Hawks line-up?  Is there room for him with Cyril?  And Breust? And Gunston?

Assuming they’re all named for Rd6, then this weeks Bubble Busters, in no particular order, are (Name, Club, Price, Position, Average, BreakEven):

* Ben Ainsworth (GCS $198 300 MID) 71, -29

* Billie Smedts (CAR $217 100 FWD/MID) 51, 23

* Teia Miles (HAW $123 900 FWD/MID) 34, 4

* Harley Balic (FRE $123 900 FWD/MID) 55, -38

* Zac Fisher (CAR $117 300 MID) 62, -57

* Blake Hardwick (HAW $134 900 FWD) 64, -49


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Whether you have these players in your team or not, which THREE rookies do you rate as the best options ahead of Rd6?  Do you want any of these rookies in your team before the start of Rd6?


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5 thoughts on “Bubble Busters – Rd6”

  1. Fisher and Balic this week (for SPS and WHE).
    Hopefully Parsons and EVW next week (for SPP and Marchbank).

    Will set me up with $800k in the bank for a few weeks of upgrades (Buddy, Macrae, Pendles, Bont, Rance, Docherty all on the radar).



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