Bubble Busters Rd6

Written by Huttabito on April 23 2019

Player (other position), Team, Price, Average, Breakeven

Note: Players listed lowest to highest breakeven.


Rotham, WCE, $123.9k, 77, -82
Lockhart (MID), MEL $102.4k, 44.5, -30
Keeffe, GWS, $190.5k, 60, -9
Markov, RIC, $158.0k, 48.5, -5


Ross, RIC, $117.3k, 72, -76
Sparrow, MEL, $117.3k, 48, -27


Baker, RIC, $162.1k, 89 -84
Bolton, RIC, $146.6k, 66.5, -48


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22 thoughts on “Bubble Busters Rd6”

  1. Which pair of mid rookies to field this week? Can’t loophole

    TU: Constable, Stack
    TD: Constable, Gibbons
    Comment: Stack, Gibbons

    Thanks all


  2. Is it really worth it trading Parker to Baker for around 50k worth the trade? If Parker pulls out a 60-70 he should start to make more cash yeah?

    All my cows are not ripe yet!


    1. It depends on a few things I think.
      1. Who is your current F6? ie is Baker likely to boost your onfield pts as well as make cash?
      2. Do you have a loophole option in your FWD line? first game of this Rd for Baker, so if he goes large can you get the points to count?
      3. How many trades have you made to now? Two or less (like me), I’d do it without a second thought.


  3. Conundrum…..

    TU: Clarke (Geel) > Rothram … Gives me a bank of $300K plus value of Rozee for next week to grab T Kelly.

    TD: Rozee > T Kelly… Gets my upgrade / premiums happening quicker.

    Cow harvesting / investment v’s Premium upgrades sooner????? 1st world problems…


      1. Going for overall answers the question for you. Get TK in.

        Although Kelly was successfully tagged by De Boer (and could potentially cop hutchings) i believe the main reason for Kellys poor score was that he was clearly underdone and the ankle wasn’t right.


    1. TK comes up against a Hutchings tag this weekend, plus his breakeven is still high. You can definitely wait a week on him.


  4. Parker to Baker isn’t super sexy, but might need to happen just to keep the cash growth moving along.

    Liking the look of Clark to Lockhart now that he’s been named for his third game. Sets me up with about $275k in the bank, which should allow me to do a series of one-up, one-down trades over the next 4-5 weeks to bring in some tasty fallen premos.


  5. Is it worth downgrading a rookie that still has cash to make for one of the bubble boys this week? Or hold out for someone like Hately?
    TU trade away
    TD hold!


  6. TU: Collins > Laird & Butters > Ross (Leaves 5K ITB with Atkins, Gibbo and Bailey as additional cows)
    TD: Collins > Sheppard (or Crisp) & Atkins to Ross (Leaves 10 -15K ITB with Butters, Gibbo and Bailey as additional cows)


  7. Is it worth trading darcy moore for Baker? Already traded parker and butters last week and my remaining mid rookies either still have good be’s, are more reliable scorers or havent made enough cash (setterfield).
    I figure moore isnt really going to make much more having only gone over 80 once in 5 rounds and I can loophole petreculle/Baker using setterfield as my f6 this round.

    T/u downgrade moore to baker
    T/d hold and wait for a cheaper fwd bubble boy


  8. T/U – Baker
    T/D – Ross

    Baker I think is the better option. However Butler could replace him?!?
    Cotchin back in 2-3 could be the end of Ross.


  9. I’m going to trade butters, move setters to the mids and bring in baker.
    Trade Collins and bring in laird.
    Will see how the bubble boys look next week and likely to double down.

    Still have darling- this guy is the bane of my team. However I want to upgrade and try and loop. In a few weeks this will be easier. This week,

    Loop baker and he scores well, I bench
    TU petrucelle or
    TD darling
    Cats have west coast this week. Think it will be tough for both of these guys to score


    1. Why even consider benching a $400k+ player? If you don’t trust his scoring/form, just trade him out and save the heartache for the upcoming rounds.


  10. Just a word of caution on the Rich/Melb bubble boys.
    Trades will NOT be reversible once tonight’s game starts, and we don’t know what the teams are for the rest of the weekend.
    Hope there are no major surprises when the teams drop Thurs night.
    For me – hold on the trades and wait for next week.


  11. My backline as it stands:
    Laird / Z.Williams / B.Smith / Scrimshaw / Duursma / Hore

    Bench: J.Clark / Watson [loophole doughnut]

    Do I:
    Trade out: Jordan Clark & Zac Williams
    Trade in: Lockhart & Hurn

    (Need another premo defender, and if I don’t move on Hurn he’ll be over $600k in a couple of weeks and out of reach like Lloyd & Whitfield)

    TU: Do it!
    TD: Hold.



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