Bundesliga Kuhgespräch Spieltag 26

Written by Father Dougal on May 13 2020

Klein oder weit weg Pater Dougal auf Kühen



Hi Everybody! Or should I say, Hallo allerseits!

Why just hi to All Saints?

That’s not “Hi to All Saints”, that’s “Hi Everybody” in German. 



Not Hamster, German., 


Because there is going to be live sports in Germany. The Bundesliga is going to start back up *this weekend!* 

And we care why?

Because there is a Fantasy Bundesliga game. And while it started a while back, if everyone new joins in leagues with other people who all join at the same time, it’s like a new season. 


Darn right! 

So you made a team?


And a league?

Yup. Three guesses what the league name is, first two don’t count.

…Oh, no…


Of course it is


Good question but no, I am not going to say “not like that” or even “nicht so” 

Why not?

Because after carefully checking with google translate, I don’t think that joke actually translates. If anyone speaks German and knows otherwise, be sure to tell me


Um, right, yes, (wink) be sure to (not) tell him. 

Wet blankets the both of you. Anyways, here is a link to the site, which is in English and rather easy to use. The site, not the link.

Both are actually 


Easy to use is based on you being able to use it?

Well, yes…..




I wasn’t able to find a link directly to join my league but if you search by league name you will find it and can join. If by chance you already have a team, please do not join, because it isn’t nice to have 25 weeks of extra points. 


Yeah, any prizes?

Yes, depending on how many people sign up. Might be $5, might be me doing some research for the winner. I reserve the right to decide later, mainly because I want to get this posted in time for people to join without worrying about that. 

You gonna write about this? 

I plan to.

Every week? 

I plan to. No idea how much smart I’ll have to say, but I can always write not smart. 

We know!



Danke fürs Lesen!




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