Cow Talk – Round 18

Written by Father Dougal on July 29 2015

Small or Far Away โ€“ Father Dougal on Cows

At this point I doubt people have a lot of trades to spare for cows, aside from maybe one to upgrade from. But, just in case, I’ll go over the key players as always.


Oxley went well under a ton with just 27. Owch. His BE is now 90, which we know is possible since he went higher just last week. If he makes that, his BE the week after should be 118, and then 27. If you plan to upgrade from him, now is a good time, and two weeks from now is likely to be a bad time.

Brown has a BE of 53; just a smidge under his average. He now is Mr. Stable, and no fires were reported. His price changes will be trivial unless he suddenly goes way high or low.

McIntosh is rising back up. If he can make his average of 63.25 he’ll go $9,200, $6,200 and $200.

Saad is turning into Sir Not Appearing in this Post. No play, no write. Well, not much write.

Lever posted a huge 111 and is set to rise a lot. All of those who got him in and kept him can invite Kool and the Gang over to celebrate. His new average is 73.14 and if he makes it he’ll go $22,400 $26,100, and $3,500. Sure looks likely to rise with a BE of 19.


Ellis-Yolman saved us from another drop by not playing again. (and again and again)

Miller only went for 43; sadly not following up his big score with another big score. Some actual advice here, if you are going to trade him in, plan to do it now or next week. When that his big 132 drops out of his TWA his price will drop right along with it. If he makes his average of 72 he’ll go $5,400, -$20,700 and -$3,500. I am assuming he does not put up another 132……

Vandenberg played again but must have spent some pregame time with a wombat, going for just 20. Blech. His average is just under 75 and if he goes for 75s he will drop: 1$14,400, -$17,000 and then up $9,900.

Boston didn’t play yet again. Arrrgh yet again.



Steele .. I apologize for not getting an update out for him last week. Things came up that had to be dealt with, a lot and I ended up without time and brain. Anways, now a proper cow, Steele has a lot left to make. I have hopes of using that cash somehow, but even if I can’t he is a great backup. If he keeps up his average of 77.4 he’ll go $18,300, $16,900 then $17,900.

Hogan … and one bad score is deflating him right down. His 46 was well below he BE which is now 83. If he makes it it will rise to 107. Odds are he’s in for some losses. About $2k and $13k at 78s.

Clark didย not play yet again blah injury blah. Blah blah blah. Yadda yadda yadda.

Krakouer โ€œIf and how much he will play is the mystery of mysteries.โ€ Well, solved for now, he’s out last week and this one it looks like. I can’t spare a trade this week to do anything with him anyways, with Gary and Beams and Fyfe all a-boggle.

Tarrant went for 50 and thus dropped. His string of 45-50s will keep his price about the same. If he had a big score it will go up, and a bad one it will go down. Which you knew.

Lonie made a 75, and dropped. Now that his awful score are do to leave his TRA his BE is 66, which would see him rise about $19,400 and $10,800 after that, making up some of what he lost.


New Cows

O’Brien went for 107 and has a BE of -9. Welcome to Cowdom! I think he’s gonna go up in price if he plays. At last, a prediction I am confident about! At his average of 76 he’ll go up $24,400 and $15,000 then $3,800.

Lobb made an 87, and kept up a trend of improving scores. At his average of 69 he’ll go up $35,200 and $26,400 then $7,000.


Random Cow Thoughts:

So few trades, so many cows in the pasture, safe from slaughtering because of that. And so many mid season calves that never fattened to cows. Sigh.





Author: Father Dougal

First time player, new to both Supercoach and the AFL. Having fun though! Now a second time player. Let's see if I learned anything! Oh, I learned a little. Now a third year player and running out of excuses.

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