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Written by Father Dougal on April 24 2019

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows

Hi Everybody!

So, I explained Time/Cash Value last week, but this week I’m going to talk about using it in practice. Right now most of us are figuring out who we should be trading out, and that’s what it is for. When Time/Cash Value growth slows down, you should be ready to trade that cow out even if they have more money to make. When you can downgrade to a cow who will make money faster, then you often will want to even if you could squeeze a bit more out of the cow you own.

Some of the Rules of Cow-quisition apply to downgrade targets as well as starting cows. I’ve put them below. While rule number five specifies not to waste a downgrade target by starting with them, you really just never want to waste a downgrade target. We don’t get that many good ones and can’t afford to waste them. Lots will be unclear, and that’s ok, but when someone like Hately shows up, be ready. Plan ahead even!  


Father Dougal’s Rules of Cow-quisition (Abridged)

Rule Number Two: “Good cows have good job security. A cow without job security is just an unreliable loophole.”

Rule Number Three: “The cheaper the better. Lower cost and higher profit.”

Rule Number Five: “Money is gold, trades are oxygen, and downgrade targets are platinum. Never waste a downgrade target by starting with him on your bench.”

Rule Number Seven: “When a cow is best 22, you pick that cow”

Rule Number Eight: “DPP is nice, but no more than nice. Definitely not enough.”

Rule Number Ten: “The cows you have to pick from are the cows everyone has to pick from. Stop complaining and start planning.”

Rule Number Eleven: “Better an unknown cow than a known bum steer”

Rule Number Twelve: “A cheap cow that loses his job is a loophole. A high priced cow that loses his job is a source of funds. A mid-priced cow that loses his job is a problem.”

Rule Number Thirteen: “It’s going to go wrong. Pick the cows who will go wrong in the ways you can best cope with”

Rule Number Nineteen: “Know your coaches. It doesn’t matter if a cow should play, it only matters if the coach thinks he should play.”

Rule Number Twenty: “Know your teams. A cow filling in for two weeks before a gun comes back from injury is really a loophole waiting to happen.”

Rule Number Twenty One: “Sometimes you have to suck it up and downgrade to a loophole. When you do, find as cheap of one as you can.”

Rule Number Twenty Two: “Downgrading to someone who might be a loophole beats downgrading to someone you know will be a loophole.”

Rule Number Twenty Three: “Some cows aren’t worth a trade to deal with. Keep them, be patient, and hope. It’s a long season, sometimes things go right in the end.”


Another thing to remember about the projections is they are based on the player’s average. A score over or under that average can make a big difference in growth, just ask Gibbons!



Collins – His value depends a lot on his next score. That’s true for most cows, but so far he has scored a lot over or a lot under his average. If he goes at 80 a few weeks he makes steady cash a few more weeks, but another 45 and he is static and then has to go right away. I wouldn’t see anything wrong with keeping or holding.  That 45 really messes up his growth. You can see his Time/Cash Value goes down and then back up because of it. 

Scrimshaw – has one more week of big growth and then he slowly rises in value after that. No rush to trade him out if he stick close to his average. 

Hore – It is early to write him up with just three weeks of numbers, but I am because it is actually not mad to bring him in as a downgrade target. If he keeps his average up he can make $150k from where he is now before the byes. How big an if is that? I have no idea. 

Clark – He could go anytime you have a downgrade target. He does not need to score well to slowly go up in price. An average of 60 seems easy enough to  reach. Like most cows, one good or bad score would change things a lot, but he seems pretty consistent.

Duursma – Decent money left in him. Another consistent cow who will go up until a downgrade target appears for him. No need to rush him out as of now.  

Wilke – That sweet 112 will be in his Three Round Average (TRA) for another week, after which he will have pretty much topped out. 

Burgess – The only reason for him to be in a team is his DPP, so his horrible cash generation should not really matter. Much. If you have him now, plan to have him R23, barring a Menadue. (Putting up a once-in-a-career shock big score, as did Connor Menadue who threw a shock 130 R14 of 2016.) 

Moore – Another bloke with slow steady cash, who could go as soon as he needs to. Fortunately he does not need to. More likely than most of the other slow burns to throw a surprise high score. 

Ridley –Bleh. At least he shows no sign of losing money. (No Jinks!)  If he can put up 75+ a few times that would help his price a lot. His owners would also like a pony. 

Rozee – The 116 pushed his price way up, but the two bad weeks after hurt a lot. He may have made his money, although since he tonned up once he can probably do it again. 


Walsh – May be kicked out of Cow Talk for not being a cow, like next week. Cow least in need of me talking about him ever. 

Constable – Cow least in need of being traded out, assuming Walsh is not a cow. Shows every sign of having more cash to make. 

Butters – The 23 slowed his growth a lot. He is due a bump when it finally leaves his TRA,  If he can stick to 67+ for a few weeks he has some more cash to make, but I can see him going for some of the shiny new downgrade targets showing up. 

Atkins – A big week left, then an okay week, then ready to go. If he doesn’t throw up a ton, he could be the main man out for Hately

Scott – He has a surprisingly large amount of money left to make, even at an average of 54. I’d never have guessed. If he keeps his job, he is worth holding onto. 

Cousins –  He is close to done, and now he has a 45 in his TRA.  I’d be tempted to use his cash. If he average much worse then 75 he could lose money.  

Bailey Smith – His game one score seems to be an anomaly, and it is keeping his average low. If he can keep going at 75+ he has more cash to make. 

Gibbons – Not worth bringing in late unless you expect a lot more high scores. Will make money over the next two weeks. By then we will know – should he stay or should he go!  

Davies-Uniacke – Three score in the 60s in a row, he may have topped out.  Of course he could score another ton. You could do anything with him and have it be reasonable. 

Stack– Also here to answer the “is he still worth bringing in question” which has the answer of “maybe” but I would bring in Ross instead myself.


Drew – Nice to see him ton up again!  Hold for at least two more weeks. 

Parker – Again I am surprised by how much cash he could still make, even with a 60 average.  The problem is his 80+ score were weeks one and two, and his recent scores have been much lower. If he starts averaging 45 his growth will slow to a crawl.  One more 85+ and he makes $70k fast.  No reason to hold if you have someone to trade him for. 

Setterfield – Won’t even play this week. Then slow growth unless he come back and plays a lot better then he has so far. 

Miers – Has a few more good weeks in him, then can go. Like the Dogs B. Smith, his R1 score is a lot lower than the rest, keeping his projections a bit low. (I suspect) 

Petruccelle – See Gibbons. Wait two weeks, decide then. 

Balta – Not worth a trade to get rid of.  Like Burgess, if he is in your team now he could be there R23. Unlike Burgess, I can see him upping his a game at some point. I’m not saying he will, for sure not, but I think it could happen. His points per minute last match were pretty good if I remember correctly. 

Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Thanks for Reading!


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44 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 5 –> 6”

  1. Love ya work Father. Will decide before the first bounce tonight. Likely nothing! Or two, or something in between!


  2. Ah! Just superb, F.D!

    Couldn’t have come at a better time, cheers. Cows have been giving me a bit of a headache this week, would love your (and anyone else’s) insight on these two cow-nundrums:

    1) Baker and Ross. Essential rookies? I’m reluctant to bring in Ross because of JS concerns and because Scott, as you’ve shown, can still make a bitta cash. Same deal with Baker, concerned about Weller coming back in and knocking him out. Think I’ll pass on Ross but would you recommend Parker to Baker?

    2) Brought in O’Brien at the expense of my loophole (Sweet) last week, so I need a replacement loophole. Any objections to me going Clark to Tobe Watson? Unless Rotham is named, in which case I’d probably grab him instead.


    1. I’m not very good at incoming cows, but I will answer anyways! You have been warned!

      As far as I can tell, and I have been literally just trying to find out about Baker and Ross, Ross has pretty good JS, and Baker ok but not sure. I have done Setterfield and Parker to them. I’m ready for at least one to not work, but I think it is worth a shot. I worry Parker will average too low to make much more, and Setterfield has had average issues and is not playing this week. Next week could be odd, with Atkins and Scott both leaving, but if two good cows show up then Rule Five.


      1. Cheers for the response, F.D- insightful as ever.

        Just weighing up Baker to Parker right now, hmm.


      2. Have to agree with FD. Ross is the better of the two right now. He may end up playing Graham’s role when Cotch comes back, but if he continues to play well, should hold his spot.
        I hear that Baker will be pushed at first back. While he’s played well, he doesn’t fully ‘get’ his role and at the least on Cotch’s return he’ll be pushed for a tru pressure amp FWD.
        That said, “all bets are off if he continues to play well in a winning side”.


  3. Excellent work Father Dougal.
    Has helped me confirm who has to go this week.
    Burgess – You have worn out your welcome, welcome J. Ross!


  4. Thank you FD.

    So I have been thinking of bringing in either Ross or Baker.

    Then I thought… No doubt. I will bring in the wrong one.

    Then I thought…

    If I bring them both in… At least I will own the good one….And maybe ? The “wrong one” won’t be so bad after all.

    Then I thought.. its just like the SC gods to test my faith, and have me lock them in before we see any of the team sheets.

    Lets pray……. they aren’t” both” bad cows..

    Thank god for angel loophole… lets hope she can save us again.

    Thank you once again, You reminded me to never look a “Gift Cow / Cows” in the mouth / mouths.

    Ps.. Take the E off your Ruck 3 when Gawn and Grundy are done. (Friday) It may come in handy somewhere else later in the week 😉


      1. I’m actually more sold on Ross.

        Playing Mid and dirt cheap. With Cotchin out for at least 2 more weeks, he will get a great chance to prove himself.

        Baker is a $160k , But there doesn’t seem to be too many cheaper forward down grades any time soon.

        If he does a Parker and starts putting up sub 60’s ( after a great start) it could be the wrong move. I’m hoping he can stay above 60 and make some cash . Even if becomes a slow burn, he can at least help with the Byes.

        Butters and Scott making way.

        I thought about Setters instead of Scott. ( Scott may make more $$ ) I just need his loophole this week and his DPP next week for planned trades.

        I also feel Setters is a mature ager and has better JS. lets hope the rest did him well.

        Best of luck this week.


    1. Hey Freo (and Father) – I assume you brought in Stack last week then?

      THis has been my conundrum – I wasn’t able to go for Stack last week – partly the concerns over JS existed, partly I had to make other moves.

      So, my BIG question is, who of the Tigers rookies has the greatest JS?

      I’m thinking (guessing?) that as Stack was first in, he should have / has proven qualities, to maintain his JS the most??

      The next issue then is, who will make the most up to their bye?

      Hmmmm a lot to ponder over the next two hours!


      1. Having the same issue, Macca.

        Cotchin comes in for Ross and Weller for Baker, most likely. Problem is, I cannot find ANY information about Weller- just that he’s had a “nagging leg injury”.


      2. Macca.

        No Stack for me, his 40 from R4 put me off a bit. I also saw a couple of good midfield cows coming up. Ross,Hatley etc.

        I went Parker to ROB 🙂

        With that I have Bines at F8, and Setters Mid bench.

        Now with doubts on Dunkley playing. I thought I might need some fresh talent forward.

        Hello Baker.

        Best of luck this week Macca.


        1. Thanks Freo – yep same for me, sort of. I brought ROB in last week too and Bines is in Fwd and Setters in mids … don’t have Dunkley … but I also dont have Walsh which continues to haunt me!!

          Stack had bad luck for his 40 – poor DE. Back to 80 last week and he does look good. I’m not sure where he loses his spot … unless Ross proves to be a better player??

          On that basis, with his form thus far and the ‘éye test’ … I keep thinking he has better value and JS than Ross … if he keeps hitting 80s he up in the mid 300’s by his bye … making a $200K downgrade value option … IF he has best JS … this is the key stat that is really relevant now …

          Good luck too mate!


          1. JS is such a hard one..


            Pro’s He is playing well in defence and lives with the Hardwicks.

            Cons. He is $178k , lightly framed and could need resting after 4/5 games.


            Pro’s.. He is ” bigger bodied ” and actually playing midfield ( most CSB”s in the last 2 weeks) and is only $117K

            Con’s …Cotchin might take his spot.

            For me the $$$ make a difference, every little bit helps.


  5. Liam baker – Thumbs up
    petruccelle – Thumbs down

    honestly leaning towards baker as he’s been consistent and versing melbourne who are bad defensively


    1. There is really no question here… the answer is Baker.

      Too late on Petruccelle as you have missed 100k already.


  6. Fantastic article father

    Thinking Rozee to Hore this week
    Then either scrimshaw or Clarke into Laird next week



  7. Collins to Lockhart for a cash grab. It’s goes against rule number 5 but also allows me to get Rockliff this week and sets me up to get kelly next week a there bottom price


  8. I have Burgess on def bench but no DPP in the forward line to make him worthwhile.

    So burgess > Hore worth it?
    28 trades left

    Thank you father, very helpful write up


    1. Oh no, I traded him in. But I rarely do numbers on players with so few matches. Sorry for not responding before the match, but I go to bed before or very soon after this goes live.


  9. Is it worth going Parker down to Baker? Or just hold the trade and hope that Parker puts up a similar score to round 1/2 soon? I also still have Burgess to deal with but they’re arnt really any worthwhile options in my opinion.

    TU- Parker to Baker
    TD- Hold the trade


    1. I remember that because i held on to him and got that score during the byes and a nice price increase there after.


  10. Alright. Trigger pulled. Parker OUT and Baker IN.

    Also offloaded Clark to grab a loophole replacement after bringing in O’Brien last week.



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