Cow Talk Round 7 –> 8

Written by Father Dougal on May 8 2019

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows




Sigh. Hi Everybody!



Father D and Cuddly To Mini Therion seem to have been inspired to meditate. 



Right, Not gonna have a whole post of that. (Thwack!)


Darn it, I was about to be all inspired and stuff!

Oh really?

Yeah, I found religion!

…You’re a priest and you just now found religion?

Right, Zen or something like that.


Right, I’m all enlightened now. I have realized the secret to Supercoach!

Oh really? Gonna share?

Of course, don’t I always?

Usually too much really, but go on.

This whole Zen thing is about how attachment leads to sadness because we are all attached to stuff.  We do stuff that makes us sad because of attachments. Wanting things, focusing on what we want rather than just enjoying what the generous universe provides.

That’s somewhere in the vicinity of…..something…..

Yeah, so the secret to Supercoach, I’m thinkin, is not to get too attached to anything. Not a player or a plan or a strategy. We are provided players by the Supercoach Gods and then it is up to us to best use them. I had a glimpse of that before and it led to my realizing that cows drive structure, and not the other way around. But why stop there? Look at all the damage people do to their teams by deciding they “Just Have To Have” some player, you know getting attached to them, and then doing moves to get in that player they are all attached to.

Damage like?

Sideways trading. Culling a cow too soon, or passing up a bargain. Selling low, buying high. Paying top price for someone who then goes back to being ordinary. And of course the trades needed to make bad moves, like pain frosting on a cupcake of suffering.

Made from butter, sugar, and the tears of those who traded Zac Williams for Whitfield?

Exactly! We need to be open to what shows up, and not worry about the things that are in the past, even if they are also in the future.


Like, say you own Dunkley or Zac Williams. Any player who has started slowly, Oliver or Macrae. Crisp.

All of whom are on your team. 

Yeah….Anyways, it is tempting to try and fix them. But, that is attachment to what you wanted them to be, or what you want from that “slot” or the anger at their not doing what you expected. Really, none of those guys would be the most urgent issue to fix on a team. They are not really issues to fix. We have cows to grow, and cows to add. Very limited cows to add.  Cows playing on field who can be more productively upgraded. Things that need trades and won’t fix themselves. Opportunities arise and we need to be ready to see them, and take them. And, we need to see the real ones and not the mirages that wishful thinking leads us to want.

That is not completely coherent. 

Ok, I put a lot there. Um, so I am saying that we need to look at our teams how they are, what cows show up, and what bargains show up, and then when we can, take advantage of them. What we don’t want to do is try to force things. No overpaying. No letting one of those very few good downgrade targets go by unused. No fixing things that are not broken or sideways trading. Focus on fixing the one or two things most in need of fixing, and not all the stuff that could be tweaked. Doing nothing will often be the best thing. Oliver is averaging 100.43, which is no fun for his owners, but trading him out at a loss just as everyone else is trading him in cheap, so that you miss his good scores and others get them?  Willfulness. Madness. Maybe Crisp just averages 85 this season. When he is D6, and you’re at full premo, then you can fix him. If you try to fix him to soon, you could run out of trades and not hit full premo. Or spending a trade to bring in someone who ends up doing worse.

Like you have, ever single season?


I mean, never once is five years getting to full premium, my, that’s so embarrassing. 

Yeah, and so I looked at what happened, and meditated, and now Boom! Zen! No trades that are not clearly useful. No guesses.

Cow job security?

Well, hard to know that, but at least being ready to accept that happening sometimes. But with premos, no guesses.


Yeah, well, we still have to do the player write ups, and are running out of time. 

Ok, wake up the hamster and lets get the C-TAP assembled.

Like the Avengers? 

More the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Anyways, on to the players!



Collins – Hope you listened to the C-TAP (Cow Talk Advisory Panel) last week. He is more than ready to go.

Scrimshaw – Did not play


Hore – Lots of growth left in him. Playable on field. Keep, play, love.

Clark – Ready anytime. Some risk of losing cash, but not a lot, and not bad to hold if you need to do other things.

Duursma – Has a least another week, and the injuries at Port could help him out.

Wilke – Could go, but more likely to go up a bit more than down.

Burgess – Did not play.

Moore – Soooo close to the ton. Voted most likely to ton up and be mistaken for Kiera Knightley in the same week. Shows early signs of being a keeper, and I would be slow to trade him out.

Ridley – Well, he is what he is. Best to be Zen about it. Use him as you can, hold, trade, whatever works.


Rozee – He has one more week of that 102 in his TRA, (Three Round Average) and after that he looks to be done.



Walsh – Another player to be Zen about, but in a different more happy way. Hold, Play, Love lots.


Constable – Did not play. If named I would suggest holding him, if not, hard call. I feel like he will make more at some point.


Butters – With calm acceptance, he must be taken to the place of happy release and his remains used to improve the bank accounts of his owners

Atkins – I trade him out he scores 87. Argh. But, that extra cash won’t be more than Hayes will make, a lot less in fact. So I am ahead. Unless Bevo hoses me. How likely is that? Oh. Zen. Zen. Zen. Zen…..

Has some cash to make, and with Danger out might even score well again. If Danger is out. Argh. Zen. Zen. Zen……

Scott – Still did not play

Cousins – Did not play


Bailey Smith – Another week and then we look at how he does Round 8. Could be done, could have more growth in him. Scoring well for now.

Gibbons – The C-Tap voted him least likely to put up a big score round seven and sure enough Balta outscored him. I guess it is a good thing the imaginary guy and the stuff hamster outvoted me.  He is done barring another miracle. Hold not your breath.

Davies-Uniacke – Did not play


Stack– Oh man, he tonned up again! Awesome for his owners, a big darn for the rest of us. Remember what I was saying about not wasting downgrade targets? Yeah, like him. Don’t even think of trading him out right now.

Ross – Boring because he has so much growth left. But a good boring.

Lockheart – Also boring, with at least two weeks to go. Could be more, he had a good week and might be upping his game. Might be.


O’Brian – Ruck Cow! Whoo hoo. Gonna make more cash, doing well. I’m just gonna say that every week until I don’t.


Drew – Going up still and may play more midfield this week. Balance in the universe, when one is hurt, another gets an opportunity.

Parker – Going up a bit less slowly. He is going up. Until a downgrade target appears he is ok.

Setterfield – Did not play last week.

Miers – Another 90! Well, 92. Another 90+! He does seem to be scoring better as time goes on, so might be worth holding onto even past the next few weeks. We shall see.

Petruccelle – See Gibbons. No, see Butters. In fact for Gibbons see Butters as well.

Balta – At least a normal not bad score! I feel like his projections are low because of his horrible start. 33.7 is more a minimum I hope. No jinx! Might make decent cash by his bye. Darn, go to get my hopes under control. Whatever will be will be. Zen. Zen. Zen…..

Baker – Wow. Owners are happy. Non owners may need to take up meditation.


Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Thanks for Reading!


Did all that Zen-like stuff about how to play Supercoach make any sense?

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12 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 7 –> 8”

  1. Another great edition of Cow Talk, FD. Ty.

    What do you make of this week’s potential cows? Answerth, Hately and Corbett, namely.


    1. Thank you!

      Like Answerth, wish I knew if Hately would play much, and no real idea on Corbett. I’ve no real insight on them sadly.


      1. You’re a fricken genius FD.

        Hilarious, and so informative.

        As I have Moore and Burgess. I’m going to take Corbett this week. (R14 Bye.)
        I feel if Corbett is dropped it will be for Burgess anyway.
        He could be a slow burn ( he is playing forward for the Suns ) but if he can play through the Byes he could be worth it.

        Thanks again….

        Monk Dougal ? Nah..doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.



  2. Reckon I get rid of Clark for Answerth, or swing Moore to the forwards to nix Petrucelle instead?

    If Danger is out I’d have to play Petrucelle on field, whereas I have Duursma for cover in the back which seems like a much better option.


  3. Dear Father ! ….. I Get it ! …. I love it !…….. Could’nt agree more !
    I just want a little “some” of what you’re on !


  4. Brilliant FD. Still my favourite half hour of the footy week. I read real slow ok?!

    I noticed while losing to you last week 😉 that we have many of the same players. I’m getting rid of Petruccelle for probably Answerth, but I’m happy with the rest of my rookies (apart from maybe Walsh). I’m thinking of getting rid of either him or Libba this week, for Fyfe. This is the first year I’ve played SC and haven’t started him. I miss him and think he’s gonna kill it. Apart from Grawndy and Cripps (maybe Neale now too), I trust him more than any other. So, my question is, who to get rid of? I see you’ve said that Walsh is good for a while.

    Pros: gun youngster who may have had a blip in scoring in a flogging from Nth. Also has the Rd14 bye. Tick
    Cons: he’s still only a kid. Can he maintain this output in what is a much faster and harder game than he has ever previously experienced? Is this the start of a decline?
    Pros: he has a massive ceiling. Has been there done that. May just need a rest and will return to his 105 ave and could even make a handy M9.
    Cons: hasn’t played any consistent footy for nearly two years and it’s catching up with him. He’s about to plummet in price, but is still significantly underpriced to his average. He has the Rd12 bye which isn’t ideal for trading as you miss a game whatever happens.

    I really can’t decide. Both have delivered beyond my most optimistic of expectations so it’s a win either way. Still, I’d like to make the better choice of two. Would love to know your thoughts:)

    Thanks again FD.


    1. Please don’t trade out Walsh.

      “The kid ” really hasn’t played a bad game in the last 3 years.

      Carlton got flogged last week and he still scored 89!

      With his late Bye I will be holding him for sure. Even if he is rested, I will hold him. He could ton up at any time, HOLD!

      We are watching the best “Kid “to come into the game in years.

      I’m already planning to start him next year.


      1. Righto mate. I’m sold. HOLD!
        Bye bye Libba and thanks. You were my best risky starting pick bar none!


    2. It’s OK if you read slowly – Father Dougal doesn’t type very fast. I would/am keeping Walsh at least to his bye, and probably beyond. While he is outscoring other Mids I have, he stays. Bevo concerns me – it’s not just Libba, it’s Dunkley. MacRae and Wallis. Who knows what he will do next?


  5. Good day fd, I was a bit pissed with sc last week after captain danger and a bit of a slow start in general , but the first sqùuuuueak in your post made me laugh out loud and I remembered sc is for fun and enjoyment.


  6. Great read, love it!
    Petrucelle and gibbons are gone. Waiting on team sheets to see whom for.
    Got to be a double downgrade I’d say this week


  7. Love it Father! Awesome as always!!

    Allsaints – my only concern with Answerth is who misses out for Andrews? ….



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