Reserves Rookie Review – Round 7

Written by Alza on May 3 2023

This week saw a few rookies returning or playing their first games of the year in their respective reserves league.  There are still a lot of players putting together strong seasons which should see some more rookies getting their chance in the big time and hopefully into our sides.

LEGEND (AF) – Weekly Score (Average/Games Played)


South Adelaide 7.8.50 def by Adelaide 19.20.134

Tariek NewchurchFWD123.9114 (80/4)1694268101001
Billy DowlingMID117.3108 (68/3)28151183406202
Andrew McPhersonDEF155.790 (68/4)22130083105201
Luke NankervisM/F123.985 (71/4)18130092000010
Mark KeaneDEF150.751 (57/4)1080062000301
James BorlaseDEF123.949 (63/3)1280041002410
Zac TaylorMID123.930 (55/4)620013200010

Newchurch kicked 4.2 from 16 touches with 6 marks and 8 tackles in a great game. Dowling had his best game so far with 28 touches, 8 marks and 1.1. McPherson bounced back with 22 touches and 8 marks and Nankervis had 18 touches and 9 marks.

West Adelaide 10.8.68 def by Port Adelaide 12.13.85

Hugh JacksonM/F123.981 (74/4)22101044414014
Dante VisentiniR/F123.980 (65/4)12500371250214
Francis EvansFWD136.571 (76/4)15122252103113
Thomas ScullyFWD117.370 (37/4)984450000010
Josh SinnM/F123.967 (69/4)17140033205311
Nathan BarklaMID102.448 (39/4)1160115002111
Tom McCallumDEF117.326 (40/4)640021002100
Jake PasiniDEF123.922 (43/4)3200230000102

Jackson had a good game with 22 touches, 4 marks, 4 tackles and a goal as did Visentini with 25 hitouts, 7 tackles and 12 touches. Evans kicked 2.2 from 15 touches and 5 marks and Scully kicked 4.4 from 9 touches with 5 marks.



Footscray 9.15.69 def Carlton 9.10.64

Jaxon BinnsM/F117.3115 (114/6)28181064101610
Alex MirkovRUC123.985 (62/5)13400333402302
Harry LemmeyFWD117.347 (51/5)10803700040122
Domanic AkueiD/R123.940 (46/6)740034000301
Hudson O'KeeffeRUC102.431 (36/6)440013040000

Binns was among the best with 28 touches, 6 marks, 4 tackles and a goal. Mirkov was great in the ruck with 40 hitouts and 13 touches.



Richmond 9.10.64 def by Gold Coast 21.11.137

Connor BlakelyMID123.9155 (114/4)3515009101204130
Chris BurgessD/F138.7144 (96/5)201553741211011
Charlie ConstableD/M123.9128 (118/4)322310110305420
James TsitasM/F123.9105 (86/5)20145061203021
Thomas BerryFWD123.9103 (74/4)25120275100011
Ned MoyleRUC123.999 (97/3)201510716259204
Brodie McLaughlinFWD102.472 (99/5)1481163112111
Oskar FaulkheadM/F123.972 (70/5)17102232300001
Hewago OeaFWD160.859 (63/3)1391023004000
Bodhi UwlandD/M123.957 (77/4)1291032001210
Lloyd JohnstonDEF102.454 (39/5)1270052001300
Sandy BrockDEF123.945 (56/5)970042003200

The Suns players dominated this game with some massive scores but are hard to read as their half backs are playing well in the AFL side. Blakely had 35 touches with 9 marks, 10 tackles and 12 clearances. Burgess kicked 5.3 from 20 touches with 7 marks and 21 hitouts. Constable had 32 touches with 11 marks and a goal. Tsitas kicked 5 goals from 20 touches and 6 marks with Berry having 25 touches, 7 marks and 5 tackles. Moyle returned to the VFL with 25 hitouts, 20 touches, 7 marks, 6 clearances and a goal.

Coburg 7.6.48 def by Geelong 6.20.56

Ted ClohesyMID102.4121 (84/5)26151286304011
Jhye ClarkMID175.8107 (73/5)29190154203311
James WillisM/F123.981 (60/2)17130036204110
Phoenix FosterR/F117.367 (67/1)17110162117002
Osca RiccardiD/F102.459 (48/5)1360234101100
Oscar MurdochDEF102.444 (33/4)1280050001301
Oisin MullinDEF102.439 (46/2)1240032002002
Cooper WhyteM/F123.917 (32/3)530011100201

Clohesy had a great game with 26 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles and kicked 1.2 as did Clark with 29 touches with 5 marks and 4 tackles in his best game. Willis played his best game also with 17 touches and 6 tackles.

Port Melbourne 10.11.71 def by GWS 11.7.73

Wade DerksenFWD123.9119 (85/5)301300933122412
Josh FaheyD/M123.9118 (124/4)251910134107604
Cameron FleetonDEF123.9107 (92/5)30140055000442
Toby McMullinFWD117.350 (44/5)1270023201010
Max GruzewskiDEF117.344 (50/5)542142001001
Harry RowstonMID175.044 (44/1)1680021304002

Derksen had a great game with 30 touches, 9 marks and 12 hitouts. Fahey and Fleeton continue to push their cases with Fahey having 25 touches with 13 marks and a goal while Fleeton had 30 touches with 5 marks and 5 tackles. Rowston played his first game in the VFL after being the sub and had 16 touches with 3 clearances.

Box Hill 11.10.76 def by Casey 16.10.106

Cam MackenzieM/F245.1103 (103/1)30180143509200
Sam ButlerFWD197.690 (76/4)22101236202012
Ned LongMID165.780 (95/3)2370055402113
Henry HustwaiteMID117.372 (53/3)1570027202310
Bailey MacdonaldDEF117.361 (62/5)1550034201410
Jack O'SullivanFWD117.343 (73/5)1471002102002
Joshua BennettsM/F102.428 (57/5)740021004000
Josh MorrisDEF142.728 (45/4)650032000302

Mackenzie played his first game in the VFL and should come straight back in after having 30 touches with 4 marks and 5 clearances. Butler played well with 22 touches, 6 tackles and 1.2 as did Long with 23 touches although only 7 kicks with 5 marks and 5 tackles.

Box Hill 11.10.76 def by Casey 16.10.106

Daniel TurnerDEF123.982 (78/4)18160081102720
Bailey LaurieM/F123.977 (87/5)2071026602202
Deakyn SmithDEF123.970 (65/6)1660054200310
Taj WoewodinM/F123.967 (71/3)1392025305002
Blake HowesM/F123.956 (87/6)1570051000200
Oliver SestanFWD102.451 (53/6)981016103113
Matthew JeffersonFWD144.346 (54/6)851051001100
Jed AdamsDEF117.331 (30/6)850021002300
Kyah Farris-WhiteRUC102.48 (10/2)100001050001

Turner had a decent game with 18 touches and 8 marks down back with Laurie having 20 touches, 6 tackles, 6 clearances and a goal. Woewodin kicked 2 goals from 13 touches and 5 tackles.


Richmond 9.10.64 def by Gold Coast 21.11.137

Sam BanksD/M123.990 (79/6)23140072105210
Rhyan MansellD/F252.065 (65/1)1063025100012
Bigoa NyuonDEF150.361 (64/4)7610322223122
Steely GreenMID117.358 (54/5)1170045202101
Jacob BauerFWD123.946 (64/6)15120020000911

Banks continued his good form with 23 touches and 7 marks. Nyoun returned from injury with 22 hitouts and 7 touches and Mansell played his first game in the VFL and kicked 3 goals from 10 touches.



Footscray 9.15.69 def Carlton 9.10.64

Cody RaakD/F123.992 (60/5)21150092000200
Jedd BusslingerDEF153.374 (58/4)18130090001611
Charlie ClarkeFWD117.369 (345/5)12111153004000

Raak played well with 21 touches and 9 marks as did Busslinger with 18 touches and 9 marks playing down back.


East Perth 6.17.53 def by Peel 13.8.86

Karl WornerD/M123.9126 (100/4)33160011301721
Tom EmmettFWD117.391 (68/4)1712323402041
Josh TreacyFWD200.484 (76/4)13131210215011
Corey WagnerD/M117.357 (64/2)1612003100800
Joshua DraperFWD102.455 (47/3)138007000400
Hugh DaviesDEF117.355 (38/4)159005000110
Liam ReidyRUC102.443 (47/2)640013214012
Sebit KuekFWD123.942 (50/4)64213100001
Joel HamlingDEF169.641 (43/3)106006000401

Worner played well again and should see some AFL action this year, he had 33 touches with 11 marks. Wagner was dropped back to the WAFL and had 16 touches. Emmett kicked 3.2 from 17 touches and Treacy kicked 1.2 from 13 touches and 10 marks.

Claremont 23.16.154 def West Coast 6.7.43

Zane TrewM/F175.453 (78/3)1910000503113
Jordyn BakerMID102.453 (46/2)15120041017012
Harry BarnettRUC117.336 (44/4)73001490011
Tyrell DewarD/F102.436 (31/4)105112201011

Trew played well with 19 touches and 5 tackles and probably plays AFL this week with Baker having 15 touches with 4 marks playing down back.


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3 thoughts on “Reserves Rookie Review – Round 7”

  1. Thanks for the rap Alza- some promising performers- especially strong are the GC reserves!!!
    Not much on bubble next week- getting to the stage where might have to take punt on players even after just one game. Not much cash gen.
    Desperately need players such as Worner, Fahey or Blakey to be named soon!


    1. Thanks MickDundee.

      Yeah the rookies are drying up a bit but I’m still hopeful we will see a few decent ones come through like Fahey, Worner and Clark from Geelong plus Weddle and with Chesser returning in a couple weeks. We can bring him in again as a downgrade option as his price will be low still even after 1 game back.

      The Suns players are playing well and all scoring well too but are finding it hard to come into the AFL side. I never really thought Atkins would get a game or many so we’ll see what they do as you would think Constable being a fair bit younger would be picked over him as both are playing well.



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