Game Chat – Adelaide v Geelong

Written by Motts on April 4 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Thursday April 4, 7.50pm AEDT

Last time they met: Adelaide Oval, round 17, 2018. Adelaide 16.16 (112) defeated Geelong 14.13 (97).

Buoyed by the re-signing of star midfielder Rory Sloane, the Crows survived a late scare to overcome the Cats. Sloane starred with 27 disposals (17 contested), Rory Laird had 43 and Tom Lynch kicked four goals, while Patrick Dangerfield had 33 touches and three goals for the Cats.

What it means for Adelaide: It’s a chance for the Crows to build on their gritty victory on the road against Sydney at the SCG last Friday night. They’re also searching for their first home win of the season after their round one loss to Hawthorn.

What it means for Geelong: The Cats are aiming for three straight wins to start the season after beating Collingwood and Melbourne in successive weeks. But they’ll have to overcome a five-day break and a poor recent record against the Crows in Adelaide.

How Adelaide wins: Continue to have a strong connection between the midfield and the forwards. The delivery into the forward 50 needs to be spot on to prevent the Cats from picking off their forward entries.

How Geelong wins: Dominating at the coalface. Patrick Dangerfield, Tim Kelly, Charlie Constable and Mitch Duncan will play key roles in the midfield.

The stat: The Crows have won their past three games against the Cats at Adelaide Oval. The Cats have a 4-4 record at the ground, but most of those victories have come against Port Adelaide.

The match-up: Rory Sloane v Patrick Dangerfield

Although they won’t play directly on each other, the former teammates will see plenty of one another at centre bounces and stoppages around the ground. Dangerfield is No.2 overall in the Schick AFL Player Ratings with Sloane not far behind at No.9.

It’s a big week for: Rory Laird

The All Australian defender was well held by Sydney’s George Hewett last week and kept to just 21 disposals. After averaging 32 touches per game in 2018, Laird needs to get more involved as the Crows transition the ball from defence to attack.

Big call: Geelong to lead by three goals at three-quarter time before the Crows charge home on fresher legs as the Cats run out of gas after a five-day break.

Mottsy’s Tip: Adelaide by 10

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59 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Geelong”



    Adelaide: Myles Poholke, Andy Otten, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Darcy Fogarty
    Geelong: Ryan Abbott, Jordan Cunico, Zach Guthrie, James Parsons


        1. Nah, you just want to trade

          Seriously, it’ll cost you 80-90K and a trade, you likely won’t get that money back and you definitely won’t get the trade back


          1. If I just want to trade, I’ve got Greene to Parker in the pipeline. I can see shades of Cripps in 2015 here – maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but either way, I can live with getting it wrong and wasting a trade. But I’ll be furious with myself if I’m right, and fail to act on it.

            Save your breath, people. I know you mean well, but there is absolutely no way I’m being talked out of this. 🙂


  2. Still no HORE for Melb in, got all the good rookies, is it worth trading out Hore for either Wilkie (assuming he stays in Sundays team) or Miers?
    TU : Hore out – Wilkie or Miers in
    TD : Not worth a trade?


    1. In the same situation but thinking maybe Rozee. Will probably hold. May is out for 3 weeks, so Hore could still be back soon-ish.


  3. Only dilemma this week…

    T/U Field Scott, was sick last week and will bounce back with a 70+

    T/D Field Butters who has wines coming back but has scored above 70 twice.



  4. TU Ridley for Clarke. B.Smith (WBD) for Davies-U
    TD Dusty for Whitfield. B. Scott (NTH) for Davies-U


  5. 3 50m penalties in the first quarter.
    2 for goals.
    From crows captains and Gibbs.
    There’s going to be a riot


  6. I’m not mentioning Paddy. Last week I applauded Rocky after 90 at half time. Don’t want to put the moz on again tonight.


  7. Also, Kelly’s stats are only showing 4 disposals… I’m watching the game, I KNOW he’s had more than that!


  8. can i please have Some opinions please on below options.
    running out of time to decide… Greene is my Only MUST trade this w/e but is option 2 worth it?

    OPTION 1: TU
    Greene to rozee
    Hore to scrimshaw

    OPTION 2: TD
    Greene to rozee
    Heeney to Lloyd

    PS how good is dahl this year!!!


      1. woah – that’s not great news – a lot of people, including myself, playing clarke as E and potentially using Hoare and scrimshaw as loophole!! hope for no others missing!!


    1. I set my bar pretty low for him after his last few years at the dogs. But WOW! His been bloody incredible! His tackling pressure and will to hunt the contest is second to none. Cant speak highly enough of how well he has fitted into the system and is making an impact!


  9. Half Time – Adelaide 4.9.33 trailing Geelong 8.8.56

    B. Crouch: 61
    T. Lynch: 54
    W. Milera: 56
    R. Sloane: 34
    M. Crouch: 44
    R. Laird: 45
    J. Jenkins: 40
    B. Gibbs: 34
    L. Murphy: 42
    R. O’Brien: 50
    D. Talia: 48
    B. Smith: 36
    R. Knight: 39
    R. Atkins*: 37
    E. Betts: 26
    D. Mackay: 23
    A. Keath: 17
    P. Seedsman: 17
    J. Kelly: 29
    C. Jones: 26
    K. Hartigan: 22
    T. Walker: 11

    Dangerfield: 73
    L. Dahlhaus: 71
    M. Duncan: 54
    M. O’Connor: 33
    T. Stewart: 53
    G. Miers: 39
    S. Menegola: 63
    T. Kelly: 50
    M. Blicavs: 49
    Constable: 41
    J. Clark: 43
    J. Selwood: 22
    H. Taylor: 42
    R. Stanley: 34
    Ablett jnr: 35
    Henderson: 44
    B. Parfitt: 30
    Kolodjashnij: 32
    G. Rohan: 22
    T. Hawkins: 31
    T. Atkins: 22
    Ratugolea: 22


      1. Thumbs down mate might be for vc on Sloane rather than danger. I was tempted to do the same but had a feeling Geelong would win.


          1. No need to apologise – and no need to get your back up if people disagree with your decision.

            As a general rule, the advice you’ll get on this site will be conservative. Play it safe, stick to what has been proven to work. Sometimes going against that trend will pay off, which can really help set up your season. Other times it blows up and you wish you’d listened to the group think.

            Don’t take downvotes personally – they’re just a quick way for people to respond to a bunch of questions or posts on the fly, and anyone taking the little bit of time to think about what you’ve posted and to provide that response should be thanked rather than slapped.


  10. Good to see dahl going well , but 8 less possessions than danger , same tackles , 2 less contested , 2 sc points less?


  11. No probs with Lynch free on 3/4 time,big problem with Lynch’s push on Blicav afterwards,ten times more forceful than Sicily yet no free!!!!


  12. Three Quarter Time – Adelaide 9.12.66 trailing Geelong 10.9.69

    B. Crouch: 96
    R. Sloane: 73
    T. Lynch: 90
    M. Crouch: 99
    W. Milera: 86
    A. Keath: 56
    R. Laird: 69
    R. O’Brien: 69
    B. Gibbs: 46
    B. Smith: 54
    L. Murphy: 65
    D. Talia: 63
    J. Jenkins: 42
    E. Betts: 56
    R. Knight: 43
    R. Atkins*: 46
    D. Mackay: 35
    J. Kelly: 46
    T. Walker: 43
    K. Hartigan: 31
    P. Seedsman: 23
    C. Jones: 31

    Dangerfield: 100
    M. Duncan: 81
    T. Kelly: 84
    S. Menegola: 102
    Constable: 79
    H. Taylor: 59
    T. Stewart: 69
    L. Dahlhaus: 79
    M. Blicavs: 70
    J. Selwood: 39
    R. Stanley: 58
    G. Miers: 40
    M. O’Connor: 33
    Henderson: 69
    J. Clark: 51
    B. Parfitt: 45
    Ablett jnr: 35
    T. Hawkins: 49
    G. Rohan: 27
    Kolodjashnij: 33
    T. Atkins: 22
    Ratugolea: 31


  13. Gee Milera is good to watch.
    Haven’t seen someone back themselves to carry the ball in congestion like he does since McLeod


  14. Full Time – Adelaide 10.15.75 def by Geelong 14.15.99

    T. Lynch: 120
    M. Crouch: 118
    B. Crouch: 113
    W. Milera: 110
    R. Sloane: 106
    R. O’Brien: 85
    R. Laird: 84
    L. Murphy: 84
    D. Talia: 76
    A. Keath: 74
    B. Smith: 68
    B. Gibbs: 67
    E. Betts: 66
    R. Knight: 56
    J. Kelly: 55
    R. Atkins*: 52
    D. Mackay: 49
    T. Walker: 45
    J. Jenkins: 41
    C. Jones: 41
    P. Seedsman: 39
    K. Hartigan: 34

    Dangerfield: 128
    M. Duncan: 118
    S. Menegola: 115
    T. Stewart: 108
    T. Kelly: 107
    L. Dahlhaus: 105
    Constable: 99
    M. Blicavs: 93
    Ablett jnr: 80
    Henderson: 76
    H. Taylor: 75
    R. Stanley: 74
    T. Hawkins: 70
    G. Miers: 69
    J. Clark: 66
    G. Rohan: 66
    B. Parfitt: 63
    Ratugolea: 49
    J. Selwood: 46
    Kolodjashnij: 45
    T. Atkins: 33
    M. O’Connor: 32


  15. Dear Champion Data,

    Can Dangerfield please have an extra two points? It will make my captaincy decision a lot easier if he can.

    The Salamander


      1. It’s stupid, I know. It’s just a psychological thing… anything 130+ is an automatic ‘yes’, but a score in the 120s is a 50/50 for me. Objectively, 1 or 2 points shouldn’t make that much of a difference, but for some reason, it makes the decision feel completely different.

        I’ll almost certainly end up taking it, but it would be a much easier decision if the second digit in his score was a 3.


        1. I’m generally happy 125+. But… When an opportunity for Macrae vs gold coast type of game comes up, i go for it, because if it weren’t for the loop hole i’d have macrae anyway. But only on these type of match ups. For example i wouldn’t put up a possible neale score vs port over a 125 etc.


  16. Anyone know the extent on Kelly’s injury? At this stage to me it looks like he could’ve come back on and should be right for next week.


  17. Take Danger or Fyfe captain.

    t/u danger
    t/d fyfe
    Also have a few other options, but i don’t want to put the Murphy Mozz on everyone.



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