Game Chat – Brisbane vs Fremantle

Written by Thommo on June 10 2017

Venue: GABBA at 4:35pm AEST


R12, 2016, Fremantle 23.9 (147) d Brisbane Lions 9.10 (64) at the Gabba
R14, 2015, Fremantle 13.6 (84) d Brisbane Lions 7.6 (48) at Domain Stadium
R22, 2014, Fremantle 15.16 (106) d Brisbane Lions 6.12 (48) at the Gabba
R14, 2014, Fremantle 15.15 (105) d Brisbane Lions 3.4 (22) at Domain Stadium
R12, 2013, Fremantle 12.14 (86) d Brisbane Lions 6.10 (46) at Domain Stadium

Game notes: Fremantle is clinging to eighth spot after two straight losses and makes the longest trip in the competition to take on the battling Brisbane Lions. When the teams met 12 months ago, the Dockers won in a canter, and based on form across the first half of the season, should win comfortably again this time. But the Lions are rested following the bye, and Fremantle has lost successive matches to Adelaide and Collingwood to put the brakes on their promising season. The midfield match-up is intriguing with Nat Fyfe, Lachie Neale and Brad Hill up against Dayne Beams, Tom Rockliff and Dayne Zorko. That’s where both teams are strongest and where this match should be won. The Dockers are deserving favourites, but a Lions upset wouldn’t totally surprise.

Thommo’s Tip: Fremantle by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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28 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane vs Fremantle”

  1. Ok lads as the bomb bombed out I now have a captaincy choice:

    T/U – Treloar
    T/D – Lockliff

    Comment – Beams


  2. Went full retard and brought in Rockliff five mins before the bounce

    I’ll be holding my breath for the next couple of hours….


          1. I made a pretty big mistake this week. Im adjusting to new hours at work (used to be OFF for friday/sat night games…so was able to roster adjust as i was home and listening to the AFL radio games/sometimes finding a game on tv. For ex. I just finished the ol’ money makin’ routine and have come home to see the ESS vs PORT game is on tv in Canada tonight! Go Zerrett!)

            Anyways, wanted to bring in Lynch (GC) and missed the lockout. (Also wanted Roberton/Hibberd as the other options but was wayyy too hesitant to make a decision so early in the week while I had time.)

            Had Cousins on the bench as an M9 (17 on field…until i decided who Meyers would become…DEF premo or FWD premo?)

            Hawthorne played early and forgot to put the E on Cousins and I missed out on a Tom Lynch Tonne.

            I hit the panic button when I found a break at work and traded Meyers to Zorko.

            So after all that bozo-ness of mine, Zorko went nuts in the first half and nearly covered my ‘Emergency’ error.

            Hope he keeps going well!

            Also hope Rocky rediscovers his magical ways. Despite the score, was glad to see he made a successful, healthy return. Great news as a dude who held him through his injury.

            Overall, definitely hasnt gone to plan this week, but I haven’t necessarily damaged the squad.

            Thanks, Zorko for rescuing me from myself this week!


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how well Beams and Rockliff share the points today.

    Stefan Martin might also have a decent game despite Archie Smith’s presence due to the relatively weak opposition.



    Brisbane: 6.0.36
    Fremantle: 2.2.14

    D. Zorko 46
    D. Beams 39
    S. Martin 31
    L. Taylor 30
    J. Berry 28
    T. Rockliff 28
    T. Cutler 27
    R. Harwood 25
    N. Robertson 24
    J. Barrett 23
    D. Rich 22
    A. Smith 20
    D. Gardiner 18
    M. Paparone 18
    D. McStay 17
    S. Mayes 16
    H. McCluggage 14
    R. Bastinac 10
    H. Andrews 9
    R. Mathieson 8
    R. Lester 7
    E. Hipwood 3

    N. Fyfe 34
    M. Walters 30
    M. Johnson 30
    J. Hamling 27
    C. Blakely 25
    J. Griffin 23
    L. Spurr 22
    S. Hill 22
    L. Neale 21
    B. Hill 19
    D. Mundy 17
    S. Collins 13
    H. Crozier 12
    L. Ryan 12
    L. Weller 11
    D. Tucker 8
    T. Sheridan 6
    C. Sutcliffe 5
    B. Grey 4
    S. Kersten 4
    B. Cox 3
    C. McCarthy 0


    1. Just check to make sure he’s actually playing this time. It took you three quarters of running around looking for him before you realised he wasn’t playing last time around.



    Brisbane: 11.3.69
    Fremantle: 6.7.43

    D. Zorko 83
    D. Beams 69
    L. Taylor 68
    S. Martin 65
    T. Cutler 55
    N. Robertson 52
    J. Berry 49
    T. Rockliff 49
    S. Mayes 47
    D. Gardiner 44
    J. Barrett 42
    R. Harwood 40
    D. Rich 40
    H. Andrews 34
    A. Smith 31
    R. Bastinac 30
    R. Lester 29
    M. Paparone 27
    H. McCluggage 26
    D. McStay 24
    R. Mathieson 20
    E. Hipwood -1

    L. Neale 64
    N. Fyfe 59
    M. Walters 53
    B. Hill 48
    D. Mundy 46
    M. Johnson 45
    H. Crozier 40
    C. Blakely 40
    J. Hamling 36
    L. Spurr 35
    J. Griffin 35
    L. Ryan 35
    L. Weller 31
    S. Hill 30
    C. Sutcliffe 28
    S. Collins 27
    D. Tucker 25
    B. Cox 14
    T. Sheridan 13
    S. Kersten 8
    B. Grey 4
    C. McCarthy 2


  6. Sloane Ranger V/C let me down.

    Can L Neale save me again?

    Watching your team ( down ) and your C ( 0k) playing is rather stressful.

    lucky I have Young Henry to help me out.

    Berry and Barrett looking good.

    Freo by 2 points.

    Zorko 140+


  7. So glad i held beams! repaying the faith. Didn’t put the C on him though. thought Rocky would have impacted his score a bit but Rocky doesn’t look in top gear



    Brisbane: 15.11.101
    Fremantle: 7.7.49

    D. Zorko 113
    D. Beams 113
    L. Taylor 92
    S. Martin 84
    N. Robertson 78
    S. Mayes 73
    T. Cutler 70
    T. Rockliff 69
    D. Gardiner 69
    D. Rich 67
    J. Barrett 66
    J. Berry 61
    R. Lester 59
    H. Andrews 57
    R. Bastinac 55
    R. Harwood 54
    A. Smith 47
    D. McStay 42
    H. McCluggage 39
    R. Mathieson 39
    M. Paparone 36
    E. Hipwood 22

    L. Neale 97
    B. Hill 81
    M. Walters 74
    D. Mundy 68
    N. Fyfe 66
    M. Johnson 66
    L. Ryan 63
    J. Hamling 60
    C. Blakely 59
    L. Spurr 53
    S. Collins 49
    J. Griffin 48
    C. Sutcliffe 47
    S. Hill 47
    H. Crozier 47
    L. Weller 45
    T. Sheridan 28
    D. Tucker 27
    B. Cox 19
    S. Kersten 13
    C. McCarthy 8
    B. Grey 5


  9. Would i be stupid on trading Fyfe next week to Bont after Fyfe has just seem to have lost the edge on Supercoach


    1. Held Roo, Rocky and Sandi. Traded Beams.

      He could still miss games, but looking like a bad call ATM.


      1. Never got out of second gear, just a lazy 27 touches. With his low BE this week, I think he was a reasonable target. I agree, he will get better.

        BUT it’s going to be really hard not to trade Fyfe this week. Cooked.



    Brisbane: 18.13.121
    Fremantle: 9.10.64

    D. Beams 146
    D. Zorko 129
    L. Taylor 110
    S. Martin 109
    T. Cutler 106
    S. Mayes 105
    N. Robertson 102
    D. Rich 100
    T. Rockliff 95
    J. Barrett 94
    D. Gardiner 91
    R. Lester 88
    J. Berry 85
    H. Andrews 77
    R. Bastinac 69
    R. Harwood 67
    H. McCluggage 64
    R. Mathieson 61
    A. Smith 59
    M. Paparone 59
    D. McStay 56
    E. Hipwood 35

    L. Neale 120
    D. Mundy 100
    B. Hill 100
    M. Walters 94
    L. Ryan 85
    N. Fyfe 81
    J. Hamling 80
    M. Johnson 79
    C. Blakely 75
    L. Spurr 70
    H. Crozier 65
    J. Griffin 63
    S. Collins 62
    L. Weller 60
    C. Sutcliffe 58
    S. Hill 55
    T. Sheridan 38
    D. Tucker 36
    B. Cox 31
    C. McCarthy 19
    S. Kersten 14
    B. Grey 5


    1. Ryan played well, he’s got talent so he would be unlucky to get dropped. Have’nt looked closely to Scharenberg but brought him this week so hope he goes well. Hoping they will be good bench players.



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