Game Chat – Collingwood v St Kilda

Written by Huttabito on April 16 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium 3:20pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R3, 2016, St Kilda 18.11 (119) d Collingwood 14.6 (90) at the MCG

Game Notes: These talent-laden, developing teams entered the season with great expectations that were tempered externally after they slumped to 0-2 starts. However, they got their pk, seasons back on track with wins at the weekend, with the fast-starting Pies being the more impressive in clawing to a one-point win over Sydney at the SCG, while a wasteful St Kilda did as expected against the Brisbane Lions. The Saints are rapt to still have the services of miracle man Nick Riewoldt and would dearly love to have midfield guns Jack Steven and David Armitage available to take on the Pies’ brilliant running brigade led by Scott Pendlebury, Adam Treloar, Taylor Adams and Steele Sidebottom. St Kilda’s key targets in Josh Bruce, Tim Membrey, Paddy McCartin and Riewoldt will stretch the Collingwood defence.

Huttabito’s Tip: Collingwood by 15 (4-2)

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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46 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood v St Kilda”

  1. Final teams for #AFLPiesSaints

    @CollingwoodFC Tom Phillips is OUT (replaced by Jarryd Blair)
    @stkildafc No late changes


  2. Pendles, Treloar, Adams, Howe, WHE, Grundy. Geez the pies might just be the most eagerly anticipated game of the week 4 Supercoachers at the moment.


      1. This is the first post that I have ever seen that has a *negative* number of upvotes. I didn’t even know that was possible!


        1. While you are at it, if Z.Dawson ever comes back, lock him in as (C). Will be out to prove himself. 130 points, mark my words.


    1. If he doesn’t return to the field, I want Carlisle suspended. No one costs me that many SuperCoach points and gets away with it!


        1. Look at Howe’s history. His output so far should have been exactly in line with what you expected. He averaged 101 last year by having big games like today along with lots of 80s and 90s. Cant expect every week to be a big week.


          1. It is indeed in line with what I expected. This is exactly why I didn’t start him.

            But a lot of the people who did start insisted during the preseason that he was going to average 100+. He’s averaging around about what he is priced at, so I suppose there really isn’t all that much to complain about. Still, I would rather spend $600K and get someone like Docherty who’ll average ~110… but that’s just me.


        2. If you want to find 6 defenders averaging triple figures by the end of the year, you’re gonna have a bad time.


          1. Only 3 DEFs avgd 100+ last year. I started with Howe, was hoping for 90-95 avg and end the year at D6. He’s on track for that, can’t ask for much more…..


  3. I’m saying this right now – if I don’t start Brodie Grundy next year, slap me. He’s running Hickey ragged out there.



    Collingwood 3.7.25
    St Kilda 4.7.31

    J. Howe 75
    B. Reid 63
    S. Pendlebury 63
    B. Grundy 52
    H. Schade 47
    S. Sidebottom 45
    A. Treloar 44
    T. Adams 41
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 41
    J. Crisp 41
    J. Ramsay 37
    J. Blair 37
    J. Smith 37
    A. Fasolo 35
    L. Greenwood 35
    T. Broomhead 34
    T. Varcoe 30
    T. Goldsack 25
    J. Elliott 20
    D. Moore 18
    B. Maynard 15
    J. White 13

    J. Bruce 70
    D. Roberton 67
    J. Webster 59
    J. Geary 55
    J. Steele 52
    J. Newnes 44
    D. Armitage 44
    S. Ross 38
    B. Acres 35
    S. Gilbert 34
    L. Montagna 34
    J. Carlisle 33
    N. Brown 31
    M. Weller 31
    N. Riewoldt 29
    J. Lonie 27
    J. Gresham 24
    J. Billings 23
    L. Dunstan 19
    T. Membrey 17
    T. Hickey 17
    B. Long 17


    1. Roberton still looking good. He kinda broke out last year but i might need to consider him later in season.

      Some of our historical premiums are looking….. history.


      1. He had to play on a tall last season but with Carlise returning from suspension, it freed him up again so you ca probably expect 2015 form again.


    2. think it’s time to part ways with treloar – just not doing what we expected him to do and is bleeding cash and points in comparison to other mid premiums.


  5. 3/4 TIME

    Collingwood 5.8.38
    St Kilda 8.12.60

    J. Howe 112
    B. Reid 84
    B. Grundy 80
    T. Adams 73
    S. Pendlebury 67
    H. Schade 67
    J. Blair 58
    T. Varcoe 54
    J. Crisp 54
    A. Treloar 52
    S. Sidebottom 52
    J. Ramsay 51
    L. Greenwood 49
    J. Smith 48
    T. Goldsack 45
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 45
    T. Broomhead 44
    J. White 35
    A. Fasolo 35
    D. Moore 23
    J. Elliott 20
    B. Maynard 19

    D. Roberton 94
    J. Bruce 78
    S. Ross 75
    J. Webster 73
    J. Geary 73
    J. Steele 72
    N. Riewoldt 70
    J. Billings 67
    M. Weller 65
    J. Newnes 65
    T. Membrey 63
    J. Carlisle 55
    B. Acres 53
    J. Gresham 53
    D. Armitage 51
    L. Montagna 50
    T. Hickey 49
    N. Brown 49
    S. Gilbert 47
    J. Lonie 40
    L. Dunstan 38
    B. Long 25



    Collingwood 7.13.55
    defeated by
    St Kilda 9.15.69

    COLLINGWOOD (Pre-scaling)
    J. Howe 128
    B. Grundy 116
    T. Adams 113
    B. Reid 108
    S. Pendlebury 95
    H. Schade 83
    A. Treloar 74
    J. Blair 71
    J. Crisp 71
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 70
    J. Smith 67
    T. Varcoe 67
    J. Ramsay 63
    T. Goldsack 63
    S. Sidebottom 61
    T. Broomhead 58
    L. Greenwood 53
    A. Fasolo 50
    B. Maynard 43
    J. White 38
    D. Moore 34
    J. Elliott 28

    ST KILDA (Pre-scaling)
    D. Roberton 128
    S. Ross 102
    J. Webster 102
    J. Geary 102
    N. Riewoldt 99
    J. Billings 96
    J. Steele 93
    J. Newnes 93
    J. Bruce 92
    T. Membrey 86
    M. Weller 84
    L. Montagna 78
    B. Acres 75
    J. Carlisle 69
    J. Gresham 65
    D. Armitage 64
    T. Hickey 61
    J. Lonie 59
    S. Gilbert 58
    N. Brown 57
    L. Dunstan 56
    B. Long 28


  7. I know the rule about trading out premos. But Treloar is really giving me problems as a premo mid. Should i look to upgrade him? Wish i started with Rocky over him :/



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