Game Chat – Fremantle v Western Bulldogs

Written by Father Dougal on April 8 2017

Venue:  Domain Stadium, Saturday, April 8, 5.40pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R23, 2016, Fremantle 10.9 (69) d Western Bulldogs 6.13 (49) at Domain Stadium

Game notes: Ross Lyon has promised heads will roll following Fremantle’s uncompetitive and embarrassing 89-point defeat to Port Adelaide in round two. Dockers fans are clamouring for an injection of youth into an ageing line-up in response to a 0-2 start marred by shocking turnovers from defence and stagnant ball movement, which sees Freo anchored to last spot as the lowest scoring side in the competition. It doesn’t get any easier for the Dockers, who are coming off a six-day break against the reigning premiers. The Bulldogs are sitting pretty at 2-0 after hard-earned victories over Collingwood and the Swans in a rematch of last year’s Grand Final. Luke Beveridge’s men haven’t beaten Freo in Perth since 2009, but Domain Stadium will hold no fears after their stunning elimination final triumph over West Coast last year triggered a fairytale run to the premiership.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Bulldogs by 48

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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42 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Western Bulldogs”

  1. Eagle/Assassin,
    Many of our Forum members voiced their concern about your posts last week. It’s one thing to disagree about the umpiring, it’s another to spam each thread with 15+ msgs about it.
    Take a leaf from “Harbour Heroes” book and voice your concern in 1-2 posts using constructive criticism. If we continue to receive complaints about your incessant umpire comments then I won’t hesitate to delete them. As I said earlier, stick to Supercoach aspect when possible. Thank you!


  2. Fremantle v Western Bulldogs at Domain Stadium, 5.40pm AWST


    Fremantle: Griffin Logue, Tommy Sheridan, Hayden Crozier, Harley Balic
    Western Bulldogs: Matthew Boyd, Jack Macrae, Shane Biggs, Caleb Daniel


  3. Why has Channel 7 given us this game and not the Showdown? I love watching the Bulldogs as much as the next person, but I would prefer it if it were against vaguely competent opposition.


    1. Half-time update: I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the competitiveness of this game. But I’d still rather be watching the Showdown.


    1. Matteo.

      I think your money is safe.

      Not sure what odds you got on the Doggies tonight.

      Pretty short I would think.

      I’m still smiling. Though it may just be the beer!


      1. It wasn’t a bet I placed. I entered a knock out footy comp where I tip one game a week. Freo just killed me.



    Fremantle 4.4 (28)
    Western Bulldogs 1.3 (9)

    D. Mundy 46
    C. McCarthy 41
    H. Crozier 32
    J. Hamling 29
    N. Fyfe 27
    B. Hill 25
    G. Ibbotson 24
    C. Blakely 23
    T. Sheridan 20
    M. Johnson 20
    E. Langdon 20
    L. Neale 19
    A. Sandilands 18
    B. Grey 17
    S. Hill 16
    L. Spurr 14
    S. Kersten 13
    H. Balic 12
    G. Logue 9
    L. Weller 8
    E. Hughes 4
    M. Walters 3

    L. Hunter 38
    T. Boyd 33
    J. Macrae 30
    L. Picken 29
    R. Murphy 29
    L. Jong 26
    M. Suckling 24
    J. Stringer 22
    T. Liberatore 20
    M. Adams 19
    E. Wood 18
    Z. Cordy 18
    C. Daniel 13
    F. Roberts 12
    S. Biggs 12
    T. Campbell 12
    L. Dahlhaus 11
    T. McLean 10
    M. Boyd 7
    M. Bontempelli 4
    J. Johannisen 1
    T. Cloke -2


  5. Thanks Chonks

    Nice to have you back.

    I know 90% of folks are watching the showdown but I’m loving this game so far.

    Finally FURL is giving the kids a go and they are really having a crack.

    I just want to feel like we have a plan. Build the house from the ground up like Carlton.

    I think Fyfe will hang around if he thinks we can challenge again in the next 4-5 years.

    First time I’ve been smiling at quarter time this year .

    Go FREO!


    1. Good to see the youngsters get the run. Sadly Freo have carried forward a lot of dodgy non AFL grade talent rather than give them a go.

      Ross the Boss at his finest. FURL.



    Fremantle 6.7 (43)
    Western Bulldogs 5.6 (36)

    D. Mundy 68
    N. Fyfe 53
    C. McCarthy 53
    H. Crozier 42
    A. Sandilands 41
    S. Kersten 39
    S. Hill 39
    T. Sheridan 38
    L. Weller 38
    L. Neale 37
    E. Langdon 36
    B. Hill 35
    B. Grey 35
    G. Ibbotson 34
    J. Hamling 34
    M. Johnson 31
    G. Logue 29
    H. Balic 28
    C. Blakely 27
    L. Spurr 20
    E. Hughes 6
    M. Walters 1

    L. Hunter 74
    T. Liberatore 56
    M. Suckling 54
    L. Jong 54
    J. Macrae 52
    M. Adams 52
    L. Dahlhaus 50
    R. Murphy 46
    M. Boyd 43
    S. Biggs 41
    J. Johannisen 40
    M. Bontempelli 39
    T. Boyd 38
    L. Picken 35
    E. Wood 34
    J. Stringer 33
    Z. Cordy 33
    T. McLean 26
    F. Roberts 26
    T. Campbell 24
    C. Daniel 23
    T. Cloke 16



    Fremantle 8.10 (58)
    Western Bulldogs 10.12 (72)

    D. Mundy 100
    N. Fyfe 64
    B. Grey 64
    S. Kersten 62
    A. Sandilands 62
    G. Ibbotson 60
    S. Hill 57
    B. Hill 55
    C. Blakely 54
    H. Crozier 53
    L. Neale 52
    C. McCarthy 48
    J. Hamling 46
    G. Logue 42
    E. Langdon 42
    M. Johnson 41
    T. Sheridan 41
    L. Weller 35
    H. Balic 32
    M. Walters 31
    E. Hughes 25
    L. Spurr 21

    L. Dahlhaus 112
    T. Liberatore 108
    M. Bontempelli 93
    J. Macrae 92
    L. Jong 84
    R. Murphy 77
    M. Suckling 74
    L. Hunter 73
    M. Boyd 72
    J. Stringer 69
    J. Johannisen 69
    M. Adams 64
    T. Boyd 55
    T. McLean 49
    C. Daniel 44
    E. Wood 43
    S. Biggs 40
    Z. Cordy 39
    T. Campbell 37
    T. Cloke 33
    L. Picken 31
    F. Roberts 30


  8. Freo in front, huge goal Crozier! Not a great Freo fan, but they are having a crack tonight…….


    1. Bont always better in the second half.

      I’m almost too scared to watch this game. Currently watching showdown sneaking peeks at the score in the corner.

      Could it really happen?

      All my digits crossed at the moment.

      Maybe there is a god?


      1. The footy Gods have answered your prayers, nice win!! Who would’ve thought something could happen playing attacking footy with a motivated bunch of youngsters?


        1. please keep it to …………….
          I slept through it
          The umps could have been good or really bad
          I don’t know ????????



    Fremantle 13.11 (89)
    Western Bulldogs 10.13 (73)

    D. Mundy 139
    N. Fyfe 118
    S. Hill 113
    A. Sandilands 103
    B. Grey 91
    L. Neale 79
    B. Hill 78
    H. Crozier 78
    M. Walters 77
    S. Kersten 77
    E. Langdon 77
    G. Ibbotson 74
    C. Blakely 71
    M. Johnson 70
    L. Weller 69
    J. Hamling 65
    G. Logue 52
    C. McCarthy 49
    L. Spurr 46
    T. Sheridan 43
    H. Balic 37
    E. Hughes 29

    T. Liberatore 135
    M. Bontempelli 130
    L. Dahlhaus 126
    J. Macrae 103
    M. Suckling 98
    J. Stringer 91
    J. Johannisen 91
    L. Jong 86
    M. Boyd 86
    L. Hunter 83
    M. Adams 69
    E. Wood 68
    C. Daniel 68
    R. Murphy 67
    T. Boyd 59
    S. Biggs 54
    F. Roberts 52
    T. McLean 48
    T. Campbell 41
    Z. Cordy 40
    T. Cloke 33
    L. Picken 29


  10. God Damn.

    Can’t believe I’ve been pulled away from the tv all night. Sounds like I’ve missed a cracker of a game.

    Guess for Freos sake i should miss more.

    Looks what happens when you play youth FURL.


  11. Dockers ran right over us in that last quarter, slight disadvantage with picken concussed early may have been the difference as we looked exhausted – hopefully he’s right for next week, he’s a gun and one of our most important players.

    Hats off to the Freo kids though


  12. Hair cuts ? their ok no sooks are upset
    moustaches? their ok no sooks upset
    FFS really? So site rules are DO NOT UPSET THE SOOKS!!!


    1. Eagle/Assassin,
      Umpires were fine over the two games tonight, was able to get a good look at both games. There is a long list of site rules that Motts has, but the main gist of it is not to disrespect our Forum members……which you are obviously doing right now.
      I’ve been quite fair till now but this is your last warning. If you can’t keep your comments to Supercoach / scores / players, then I will delete your contributions and block you from the site. Last chance………


  13. Hopeful on Balic in a couple of weeks as the kid is a talent. Has been a year and a half wait to see him come on.

    Looking at that score though I won’t be rushing anything.

    With a bit of luck FURL sticks with the kids. A bit of development and an occasional win is better than no development and an occasional win.



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