Game Chat – Gold Coast v Brisbane

Written by Thommo on April 27 2019

Where and when: Metricon Stadium, Saturday, April 27, 1.45pm AEST

Last time they met: Metricon Stadium, round 22, 2018: Brisbane 10.18 (78) defeated Gold Coast 11.8 (74).

Just days after defender Nick Robertson labelled the Suns “soft”, Brisbane survived a huge scare, turning around a nine-point fourth-quarter deficit to win narrowly. Dayne Beams shone in a scrappy match, winning the Marcus Ashcroft Medal with 38 disposals, nine clearances and a goal. Alex Sexton kicked four goals for Gold Coast.

What it means for Gold Coast: After four games decided by less than a goal, the Suns were walloped by Adelaide on Sunday. They wouldn’t want a second poor showing. However, the Suns are two from two at Metricon and a win over the arch-rivals would quickly get them back on track.

What it means for Brisbane: After back-to-back thumpings from Essendon and Collingwood, the Lions need to restore some lost confidence. A win would put them back in the top eight and set them up for a winnable stretch of matches to follow.

How Gold Coast wins: Keep the game in tight and frustrate the Lions into mistakes. The Suns have good pressure players in their midfield and forward line and Brisbane has a habit of moving the ball too quickly, turning it over and getting punished the other way.

How Brisbane wins: The Lions have to get back to the aggressive, pressuring, exciting team they were in the first three weeks. That means winning contested ball, working hard defensively and moving the ball with composure.

The stat: With 18 intercept marks, Gold Coast full-back Sam Collins is ranked equal first in the AFL. Not bad after being delisted by Fremantle and spending a year in the VFL.

The match-up: Touk Miller v Dayne Zorko

Surely we get round three of this match-up? Miller took Zorko to the cleaners when they met in round five last year and was then snubbed a post-match handshake by the combative Lion. Zorko was much improved when they met later in the year and then sarcastically went to shake his opponent’s hand after the final siren. In Zorko’s 150th match, this rivalry needs to keep bubbling along.

It’s a big week for: Jarryd Lyons

One of the more mysterious off-season moves, Lyons was the first player to head north after leaving the Suns. He had an excellent beginning to his career in Brisbane but has cooled off the past two weeks and will be desperate to prove himself against his former club.

Big call: Charlie Cameron back in form – four goals.

Thommo’s Tip: Brisbane by 18 points.


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58 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Brisbane”

  1. L. Neal feel free to go nuts and out do your highest sc score today.

    Yours sincerely. All the people that VC’ed you today.



    Gold Coast: Will Brodie, Brayden Fiorini, Jesse Joyce, Jack Lukosius
    Brisbane: Stef Martin, Jarryd Lyons, Lewy Taylor, Ryan Lester


  3. hey allsaints
    i’ve been lookn into jack billings this week
    you might be right about him
    by all accounts he is in for a break out season
    apparently he’s hav’n a real crack this time round
    i’m hear’n he’s super fit ,
    trained with sam solomon ( ex aust champ boxer ) over the off season
    & is playing just a midfield roll
    if richo doesn’t change his roll , would think he will be a top 6 fwd this year


    1. His defensive effort is unrecognisable from last year for sure. If he could just up his DE I’d back him in. Think I’d still prefer Worpel if I had to back one right now.

      Anyways, I’d like to get hold of Lloyd and TKelly before I think about F5 and 6. Two of Moore, Baker and Drew will have to do for now.


  4. lookn to watchn corbett this game
    for those that don’t know about him

    Josh Corbett (Gold Coast) $123,900, Fwd

    The third of Gold Coast’s priority mature-age recruits
    kicked 22 goals for Werribee in the VFL this year before his season was cut short by a nasty eye injury.
    Before then the North Warrnambool product was averaging almost eight marks a game and was awarded the Fothergill-Round-Mitchell Medal as the VFL’s most promising young talent.
    elite mark
    had a late start to this season due to a knee injury


    1. For sure. That pre-season injury has turned out to be a good thing from a SC perspective. Let’s hope he’s chomping to prove himself and make a role his own!


    2. I don’t doubt his talent as a player, but being a FWD at Gold Coast is a tough gig. Don’t see him putting out great scores, will be alright bench cover if he can hold his spot I guess.



    1/4 time 3.2.20 – 2.5.17

    B. Ainsworth 33
    J. Berry 35
    J. Hombsch 29
    D. Gardiner 25
    C. Ballard 27
    H. McCluggage 25
    P. Hanley 27
    L. Neale 23
    D. MacPherson 26
    L. McCarthy 22
    D. Swallow 25
    E. Hipwood 21
    B. Fiorini 24
    C. Cameron 20
    J. Martin 22
    D. Rich 19
    J. Harbrow 21
    J. Lyons 19
    T. Miller 21
    S. Martin 18
    J. Lukosius 21
    D. Zorko 18
    S. Collins 19
    M. Robinson 17
    J. Bowes 18
    D. McStay 17
    P. Wright 17
    N. Answerth 13
    W. Brodie 17
    R. Lester 10
    J. Witts 14
    O. McInerney 9
    J. Joyce 12
    L. Hodge 8
    J. Corbett 11
    J. Walker 8
    G. Horlin-Smith 10
    A. Witherden 8
    N. Holman 9
    T. Cutler 7
    A. Sexton 8
    L. Taylor 5
    J. Murdoch 7
    C. Rayner 0


  6. Oh, damn. Corbett up to 46SC with 2 goals, nice.

    Think he holds his spot? Doing much better than Burgess.


  7. Had a big night last night and woke up late to trade collins 🙁
    However, My supercoach has been open since last night and it is still letting me press trade on collins to lions and suns players and anyone else that hasnt played yet.
    Might wait to see if collins scores well and if he doesnt ill give this little glitch a shot, if it works ill be laughing



    1/2 time 6.2.38 – 8.6.44

    B. Ainsworth 62
    J. Berry 58
    B. Fiorini 56
    M. Robinson 53
    T. Miller 52
    L. Neale 53
    D. MacPherson 48
    R. Lester 52
    J. Harbrow 47
    H. McCluggage 49
    W. Brodie 44
    L. Taylor 49
    A. Sexton 43
    D. Rich 47
    J. Hombsch 42
    C. Cameron 45
    P. Hanley 42
    S. Martin 42
    J. Corbett 40
    D. Zorko 42
    P. Wright 36
    C. Rayner 39
    D. Swallow 35
    J. Lyons 36
    J. Martin 33
    D. McStay 33
    J. Bowes 31
    A. Witherden 31
    J. Lukosius 30
    D. Gardiner 30
    C. Ballard 29
    E. Hipwood 29
    G. Horlin-Smith 29
    N. Answerth 29
    S. Collins 28
    T. Cutler 26
    J. Witts 28
    L. McCarthy 25
    J. Joyce 22
    L. Hodge 18
    N. Holman 19
    J. Walker 18
    J. Murdoch 12
    O. McInerney 9


  9. At the ground folks!
    Neale is roaming free a lot with no one paying him much attention- very strange.

    Collins is limping very badly. Had to move seats out of the sun 29 degrees here today and wrangled my way into the members area!

    Not much more to report for now not in a great spot to see who is who now.


  10. Can someone please explain how Lachie Neale has about 3 possies in a quarter of footy and goes from 23 up to 53???


    1. Don’t get me started on this. Watching matches closely this year you can really see how biased / rubbish a lot of scoring is by CD. Merrett the other day was well over 100 and went backwards in the last quarter – watch the match again and look at how many possessions and 1% he had in that quarter and you will begin to see – it’s really disappointing.


      1. merrrett always drops away against quality teams , you need to identify when he’s coming into a purple patch V bottom teams , bring him in & then bank that cash & trade him out before the good teams make him their byatch again , he’s a soft outside mid with good DE that dominates the bottom 4 teams


        1. Merrett is a keeper you don’t trade him in and out PJ!

          The scoring on him the other day was rubbish. I’ve rewatched the last quarter – he gathered plenty of possessions and disposed ok and they were contested yet he went backwards it was just rubbish.

          This sort of scoring – positive or negative happens so often. Last week Walsh went up more than 30 points at the end of the match and hadn’t done anything for it. He was also rated at 100% DE for a lot yet many of his kicks to possessions have been scored negatively for other players.

          Sadly CD will not acknowledge anything – so the trick is to be on the favourites.

          What I will say (and I own Neale) is sitting here watching him play, he gets it often cleaner than many others, looks more composed and uses it much better. He is quality.

          That said I cannot believe the Suns are letting him roam around unchecked for much of the game!!


    2. Again – Neale with 4 touches in the last quarter, goes up 27 points. I just reckon CD need to provide some clarification on how they actually score. It can’t all be down to intercepts and DE. Or if it is, give us some clarity on what constitutes an effective disposal…


    1. Do you want an extra 10 points for Cripps to score a 155 or lose 50 points when Cripps scores a 95. What seems the more logical choice? Go for a high risk gain of 10-20 points or lose up to 145 points or take what you have?



    3/4 time 7.3.45 – 11.10.76

    B. Ainsworth 83
    L. Neale 115
    B. Fiorini 79
    M. Robinson 98
    A. Sexton 66
    J. Berry 88
    J. Harbrow 63
    D. Rich 82
    W. Brodie 61
    C. Cameron 80
    T. Miller 60
    S. Martin 75
    J. Witts 57
    J. Lyons 74
    P. Hanley 56
    D. Zorko 65
    J. Martin 53
    H. McCluggage 61
    D. MacPherson 50
    R. Lester 59
    S. Collins 49
    C. Rayner 56
    J. Hombsch 48
    N. Answerth 52
    P. Wright 48
    D. Gardiner 49
    D. Swallow 45
    L. Taylor 49
    N. Holman 44
    A. Witherden 45
    C. Ballard 43
    T. Cutler 42
    J. Corbett 43
    E. Hipwood 41
    J. Lukosius 41
    L. Hodge 39
    G. Horlin-Smith 35
    J. Walker 39
    J. Bowes 32
    D. McStay 39
    J. Joyce 32
    L. McCarthy 37
    J. Murdoch 21
    O. McInerney 30


  12. Think I might be taking Neale’s score, it’s him or Sloane for me this week and I can’t see Sloane getting any more than 125.


          1. nah Chillo – i drove to the coast to watch the match Today. Neale was not tagged by anyone at all today …. at times he was just wandering around 20 m clear with no one going to him … in the contested rucks etc no one went to him … he was left free all day to do what he wanted …



    full time 9.8.62 – 16.15.111

    before scaling

    B. Fiorini 116
    L. Neale 142
    T. Miller 94
    M. Robinson 125
    B. Ainsworth 93
    J. Lyons 120
    J. Witts 89
    D. Rich 116
    J. Harbrow 83
    J. Berry 116
    A. Sexton 83
    C. Cameron 114
    P. Hanley 77
    S. Martin 93
    P. Wright 77
    H. McCluggage 80
    W. Brodie 74
    D. Zorko 80
    D. Swallow 70
    R. Lester 75
    N. Holman 68
    C. Rayner 74
    D. MacPherson 66
    L. Taylor 74
    J. Martin 66
    N. Answerth 69
    S. Collins 63
    T. Cutler 68
    J. Hombsch 63
    A. Witherden 66
    J. Corbett 55
    D. Gardiner 66
    J. Joyce 54
    L. McCarthy 66
    C. Ballard 50
    J. Walker 53
    J. Lukosius 50
    L. Hodge 52
    G. Horlin-Smith 47
    E. Hipwood 50
    J. Bowes 46
    D. McStay 45
    J. Murdoch 27
    O. McInerney 40


  14. Next week think I need to get Neale loosing 10-20 points a week without him so who to trade

    TU – Libba

    TD – M Crouch



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