Game Chat – Gold Coast vs Carlton

Written by Huttabito on July 28 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Metricon Stadium, Saturday, July 28, 7.25pm AEST

One week ago there was almost a morbid fascination about this match, but following Gold Coast’s historic upset of Sydney last week, the stakes have been lowered ever so slightly. The Suns are now three games ahead of Carlton on the ladder and even if the Blues win, the chances of them avoiding the wooden spoon seem slim. Brendon Bolton’s men have had a horror year, dealing with a dreadful injury toll and a losing streak that has hit new lows in recent weeks with floggings from bottom-four teams Brisbane and St Kilda. But they would still fancy themselves in this match, despite the Suns’ breakthrough win last week. Stuart Dew’s men had shown patches of form leading up to the victory over Sydney, but took their pressure to a whole new level. With a couple of seasoned players expected to return, the Suns will go in strong favourites to make it back-to-back wins and jump further up the ladder.

R2, 2018, Gold Coast 15.11 (101) d Carlton 9.13 (67) at Etihad Stadium
R13, 2017, Carlton 12.11 (83) d Gold Coast 11.7 (73) at Metricon Stadium
R4, 2017, Gold Coast 17.6 (108) d Carlton 12.10 (82) at Etihad Stadium
R3, 2016, Gold Coast 13.17 (95) d Carlton 5.11 (41) at Metricon Stadium
R13, 2015, Carlton 14.19 (103) d Gold Coast 9.15 (69) at Etihad Stadium

Hutta’s Tip: Gold Coast by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast vs Carlton”

  1. Gold Coast v Carlton at Metricon Stadium, 7.25pm AEST


    Gold Coast: Brayden Fiorini, Jarryd Lyons, Wil Powell, Jack Bowes
    Carlton: Ed Curnow, Jack Silvagni, Dale Thomas, Paddy Dow


  2. OK Hutta … just cooked the missus apricot chicken (soften the blow of telling her I just got Foxtel!!hahaha …) … so I can look to put some scores up as the game goes …. Brisvegas has the Suns – Blues match, so I’ll focus on that one … if you want to look at the other if there?? If not, I’ll try for both …


    1. I did that last week regrettably , figured Curnow would go to Titch but he ran free & Cripps got tagged & KO’d instead , just going with Titch for the rest of the year now n hoping to get competitive captains scores ..


  3. Half Time – Suns up by 2 …

    This is one ugly game … poor skills by both teams, like watching two under 10 teams play. Commentators banging on about ‘dew’ but the skills are shocking … Suns a shadow of last week.

    Gold Coast Suns: 3.6.24
    Peter Wright* 72
    Jesse Lonergan 72
    Steven May 60
    Jarryd Lyons 59
    Jarrod Harbrow 53
    Jarrod Witts 50
    Will Brodie 48
    Touk Miller 40
    David Swallow 38
    Lachlan Weller 35
    M. Rischitelli 34
    Wil Powell 31
    Kade Kolodjashnij 28
    Rory Thompson 27
    Jacob Heron 27
    Alex Sexton 25
    Jack Bowes 24
    Brayden Fiorini 24
    Aaron Young 20
    Nick Holman 17
    Jesse Joyce 17
    Sean Lemmens 15

    Carlton Blues: 3.4.22
    Patrick Cripps 96
    Marc Murphy 88
    Jacob Weitering 62
    Caleb Marchbank 60
    S. Petrevski-Seton 55
    Ed Curnow 53
    Kade Simpson 51
    Dale Thomas 49
    Matthew Wright 39
    Charlie Curnow 39
    Matthew Kennedy 37
    Jack Silvagni 36
    Darcy Lang 33
    Lochie O’Brien 31
    Paddy Dow 29
    Ciaran Byrne 28
    Jed Lamb 23
    Matthew Lobbe 20
    Harry McKay 18
    Sam Rowe 14
    Jarrod Pickett 10
    Cameron Polson 6

    Cripps DE only 55% – commentators actually said it was % … CD will have a hard time awarding the full points for this match at this rate, as these scores are rubbish … and IMHO bogus …


  4. Well, the good news is that we might actually win this game. The bad news is that I didn’t make Cripps captain.

    My gut said one of two things would happen with him tonight: he’d score 90-something, or he’d go and pump out 200-ish. The former possibility scared me off unfortunately.


  5. What an awful game … the Tour De FRance is much more interesting …

    Blues win by 35

    Gold Coast Suns: 5.14.44
    Steven May 115
    Touk Miller 104
    Peter Wright* 103
    Jesse Lonergan 101
    Jarryd Lyons 98
    Will Brodie 94
    Lachlan Weller 90
    Jarrod Harbrow 90
    Jarrod Witts 80
    Brayden Fiorini 68
    Jack Bowes 61
    Alex Sexton 58
    M. Rischitelli 56
    Wil Powell 51
    Kade Kolodjashnij 48
    Rory Thompson 48
    Aaron Young 44
    David Swallow 41
    Nick Holman 34
    Sean Lemmens 32
    Jacob Heron 29
    Jesse Joyce 27

    Carlton Blues: 12.7.79
    Patrick Cripps 171
    Marc Murphy 151
    Kade Simpson 124
    Charlie Curnow 107
    S. Petrevski-Seton 104
    Ed Curnow 102
    Darcy Lang 101
    Jacob Weitering 93
    Caleb Marchbank 87
    Matthew Kennedy 83
    Dale Thomas 82
    Paddy Dow 81
    Matthew Wright 68
    Jack Silvagni 64
    Harry McKay 63
    Jed Lamb 61
    Lochie O’Brien 56
    Matthew Lobbe 52
    Ciaran Byrne 45
    Cameron Polson 33
    Sam Rowe 32
    Jarrod Pickett 30

    I’m that much more worse off for watching through that match … just ugly.


    1. great effort that Champ! I’m up against RooBloke in Contribs league and he has the VC on Cripps … I’m bending over now, someone pass me the lube!!

      At least Gawn got up to a slightly decent score for my C …

      Mind you the scores in this game are rubbish and they had to pad out the full 3300 … Cripps going at only 50% for his score … questionable stats all around … one of the worst games of footy I’ve watched ever …


  6. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!

    I’d forgotten how good it feels to win 🙁

    I missed out on Captain Cripps, but honestly I couldn’t care less right now. 😀



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