Game Chat – Hawthorn v Adelaide

Written by Thommo on April 1 2017

Venue: MCG at 1:45pm AEDT

Last Time They Met: R5, 2016, Hawthorn 17.10 (112) d Adelaide 17.7 (109) at the MCG

Game notes: Some worrying signs emerged for the Hawks in their 25-point loss to Essendon in the season opener on Saturday. In particular they looked slow and were susceptible to the high ball in defence. Guess what? The Crows are irresistible when they move the ball at speed through the midfield, and their tall forward combination, set to be boosted by the return of skipper Taylor Walker, is the most dangerous in the competition. The round five clash between these two clubs at the MCG last year was a clinker, decided at the end by Paul Puopolo’s clinically executed set shot, but after last week’s return of 12.19 the Hawks need to convert better. There will be no panic stations yet at Hawthorn, but it is difficult to pick against the Crows given how impressive they were in thrashing the flag favourite Giants.

Thommo’s Tip: As much as I hate to say it, Adelaide by 20 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

Pre-Scaled Scores


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  1. STAR North Melbourne ruckman Todd Goldstein is in serious doubt to face Geelong on Sunday at Etihad Stadium after leaving Friday’s training session on crutches. 


  2. Quarter Time

    Hawthorn 6.2.32
    Adelaide 2.2.14

    L. Breust 47
    J. Gunston 38
    G. Birchall 36
    J. Roughead 35
    R. Burton 33
    L. Hodge 32
    J. O’Meara 31
    T. Mitchell 26
    C. Rioli 26
    I. Smith 23
    P. Puopolo 20
    W. Langford 20
    J. Gibson 19
    S. Burgoyne 19
    T. Miles 19
    B. Stratton 18
    J. Frawley 18
    R. Henderson 13
    T. Vickery 11
    B. McEvoy 11
    K. Stewart 7
    L. Shiels 3

    R. Laird 33
    T. Lynch 33
    C. Cameron 30
    D. Talia 28
    R. Sloane 26
    M. Crouch 22
    T. Walker 17
    B. Smith 16
    A. Otten 16
    W. Milera 15
    S. Jacobs 12
    L. Brown 11
    R. Atkins 10
    C. Hampton 10
    R. Knight 10
    E. Betts 7
    D. Mackay 5
    M. McGovern 4
    K. Hartigan 4
    J. Jenkins 2
    J. Kelly 2
    R. Douglas 0

    Josh Jenkins day is done. Off to hospital with rib injury.


    1. Titch and O’Meara the only two with double digit disposals. One’s going at 50% DE and the other has 1 kick, 11 handballs….


    1. Hasn’t left my team since the very first version….just like a lot of other teams. Still really glad to have him. Looks amazing


        1. Please don’t say nice things about any of my other players… he’s barely touched the ball since that comment!


  3. Half time

    Hawthorn 8.3 (51)
    Adelaide 5.8 (38)

    R. Burton 66
    G. Birchall 66
    T. Mitchell 62
    J. Gunston 59
    B. Stratton 55
    J. O’Meara 54
    L. Hodge 51
    I. Smith 50
    W. Langford 50
    R. Henderson 47
    L. Breust 46
    S. Burgoyne 39
    J. Roughead 36
    P. Puopolo 34
    L. Shiels 33
    T. Miles 30
    C. Rioli 27
    J. Frawley 26
    T. Vickery 26
    B. McEvoy 26
    J. Gibson 23
    K. Stewart 17

    S. Jacobs 62
    R. Laird 60
    R. Sloane 57
    D. Talia 52
    C. Cameron 50
    T. Lynch 49
    M. Crouch 41
    A. Otten 38
    R. Knight 35
    E. Betts 30
    B. Smith 29
    R. Atkins 29
    T. Walker 27
    W. Milera 26
    C. Hampton 26
    L. Brown 25
    R. Douglas 19
    M. McGovern 16
    K. Hartigan 14
    J. Kelly 11
    D. Mackay 10
    J. Jenkins 2


    1. Thanks Hutta.

      Jacobs playing his best game in a while, especially when Vickery is rucking. Laird is everywhere, taking intercept marks as the Hawks just banged the ball long in Q2.

      O’meara and Mitchell racking up touches but dodgy efficiency holding them back. Sloane on track for tackle record.

      Poppy’s mark looked huge from where I’m sitting.


  4. I dont understand the play on to advantage rule.?
    Adelaide seem to be breaking away and each time its called back?


  5. Three-Quarter Time

    Hawthorn 11.10 (76)
    Adelaide 11.14 (80)

    J. Gunston 109
    T. Mitchell 91
    P. Puopolo 83
    R. Burton 81
    J. O’Meara 78
    G. Birchall 71
    C. Rioli 61
    L. Breust 60
    L. Hodge 59
    R. Henderson 59
    W. Langford 58
    J. Roughead 57
    B. Stratton 56
    S. Burgoyne 53
    I. Smith 53
    L. Shiels 52
    J. Gibson 38
    T. Vickery 36
    B. McEvoy 36
    T. Miles 36
    J. Frawley 30
    K. Stewart 2

    A. Otten 91
    S. Jacobs 88
    R. Sloane 77
    T. Lynch 76
    E. Betts 73
    C. Cameron 68
    M. Crouch 65
    M. McGovern 61
    B. Smith 61
    R. Laird 59
    K. Hartigan 58
    T. Walker 57
    D. Talia 55
    C. Hampton 52
    W. Milera 47
    R. Atkins 46
    D. Mackay 37
    R. Douglas 37
    R. Knight 33
    L. Brown 31
    J. Kelly 23
    J. Jenkins 2


  6. Ottens proving why you should never trade rookies after one game.

    He is warming my bench with no chance to loop hole.

    Hampton must have poor DE, 10 pos 9 tackles and only 52?


    1. I haven’t been watching the game, but the radio broadcast mentioned Otten going forward – perhaps this has forced Laird to play more of a lockdown role? This is just armchair speculation, of course.


        1. If Otten has to stay up forward to cover for Jenkins, Lever should come in next week, and Laird will go back to his usual role.


        2. Laird probably did well under the circumstances… if any of us had to play a lockdown role on Rioli, we’d probably not score anything!


      1. Biggest whinger ever and rather annoying actually. It gets pretty tiring reading the same post over and over every game


    1. If Smith wasn’t hurt I’d have him on the bench rather than having loopholed him. Feels like something went right finally.

      Hampton improved as well.

      Miles, not so great but his first match in a tough loss. Plays the Suns next.


    1. He’ll still work as a stepping stone. Likely average anywhere from 85-95 and if he has a good stretch of form over a 2-3 week period with some 6-7 goal games then his price will top up and hopefully coincide with a fallen premium.


      1. Early days after a long time away from football. Hoping (for my teams sake) he finds his finishing touch and puts in a few big scores soon


    2. He kicked 2-2

      Those 2 behinds you would normally back him in to them from the position he was in. Converts them and he would have scored 97 and you’d be laughing.



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