Game Chat – Melbourne v Collingwood

Written by Father Dougal on June 11 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Monday June 11, 3.20pm AEST

Coming off three straight victories, the Magpies face a significant test against a red-hot Melbourne on Queen’s Birthday. A crowd of up to 80,000 is expected to turn out to watch the Demons attempt to make it seven wins in a row, a feat they have not achieved since 2000. Melbourne’s midfield is humming along nicely with Max Gawn’s ruck dominance allowing Clayton Oliver and Angus Brayshaw to find the footy at will over the last month. Melbourne’s dangerous and versatile forward line has also been pivotal in its powerful form, with coach Simon Goodwin’s team ranked No.1 in the AFL for scoring. The Magpies are getting a good spread across the board, although midfielder Tom Phillips, who has averaged 27.9 disposals per game this season, is one of the most improved players in the competition. Scott Pendlebury, Adam Treloar and Steele Sidebottom will need to have big afternoons if Collingwood is going to match it with the form side of the competition.

R23, 2017, Collingwood 14.15 (99) d Melbourne 12.11 (83) at the MCG
R12, 2017, Melbourne 15.14 (104) d Collingwood 15.10 (100) at the MCG
R12, 2016, Melbourne 16.8 (104) d Collingwood 8.10 (58) at the MCG
R4, 2016, Melbourne 16.6 (102) d Collingwood 9.13 (67) at the MCG
R18, 2015, Melbourne 13.13 (91) d Collingwood 7.12 (54) at the MCG

Father Dougal’s Tip: Not going to go against the Demons given their form. Melbourne by 18

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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44 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Collingwood”

  1. At the game in line to get in there looks to be a massive crowd I wouldn’t be shocked if it pushes 90000. Seeing lots of blue beanies as well should be a great game for a great cause. Grundy, Gawn, Oliver and McDonald to go 100+ and a pies win surely.


    1. Yeah I reckon the MCC or AFL should have opened the Gates earlier than 1.30pm as we had to battle and push thru the huge Queues to get around to the AFL Members.

      It will be a Massive crowd and , hopefully, a Ripper of a game.

      Great to see such great support for the Freeze MND with all the Beanies sold out.


      1. Enjoy the game fellas. Would love to be at this one (first time I’ve ever said that about a Dees vs Pies match).


  2. Seeing as it’s her (pretend) birthday, the players really ought to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ before the game.

    Or at the very least ‘Happy Birthday’.


    1. Scared that Grundy and Gawn might cancel each other out but sometimes you see the ruck battles where both go large I feel this is a coin flip.


  3. Does Greenwood go to Oliver and cut him down?

    T/U: Yup, no C for Oliver
    T/D: Nah, put the C on Olly


    1. I’m gonna lose most of my leagues anyway so decided there’s no point keeping C on Gawn, same as my opponents. Going Oliver – fortune favors the brave – hopefully.


  4. For those thinking of captaining Gawn:

    2018 first-ruck average vs Brodie Grundy: 83 (High 125, Low 54, 2/11 100+).

    And the overall scoreline doesn’t make much difference here:

    Avg. vs Grundy in Collingwood wins: 84 (High 114, Low 67)
    Avg. vs Grundy in Collinwood losses: 83 (High 125, Low 54)

    The stats also suggest that it’s unlikely they’ll both go large:

    2018 average combined scores of both first-rucks in Collingwood games: 210 (High 240, Low 188, Standard Deviation 18.5).


  5. Gotta say i’m actually reasonably excited about today’s game. Think it’s the Gawn vs Grundy H2H that’s got me looking forward to it.


    1. Update: a little bit of attention at stoppages (often from Treloar, but I’ve seen Pendlebury have a go as well), but nothing other than that.


  6. The regret of not picking McDonald 2 weeks ago is strong.

    Definitely looking to bring in both Mihocek and Smith as d7 and d8 now.

    Probably should have ditched Mirra this week for one, but he might play next week.


  7. De Goey getting a lot of midfield time if that continues he would be a legit f5/6. Attending most centre bounces.


  8. Quarter Time at the Big Freeze and Melbourne 2.0.12 trail Collingwood 5.5.35

    C.Oliver 35
    J.Smith 35
    J.Viney 30
    M.Gawn 26
    N.Jones 24
    T.McDonald 23
    O.McDonald 20
    C.Salem 16
    J.Lewis 15
    M.Hannan 15
    B.Vince 14
    C.Petracca 14
    M.Hibberd 11
    C.Pedersen 11
    J.Harmes 10
    A.Neal-Bullen 9
    B.Fritsch 8
    N.Jetta 8
    A.Brayshaw 7
    J.Melksham 4
    J.Hogan 4
    C.Spargo 3

    J.De Goey 46
    J.Crisp 42
    M.Cox 41
    J.Howe 38
    A.Treloar 29
    M.Scharenberg 28
    T.Adams 28
    S.Sidebottom 28
    J.Stephenson 26
    B.Grundy 24
    W.Hoskin-Elliott 21
    S.Pendlebury 18
    J.Thomas 17
    C.Mayne 16
    L.Dunn 15
    T.Langdon 15
    T.Phillips 12
    L.Greenwood 12
    D.Wells 7
    J.Daicos 7
    B.Maynard 6
    B.Mihocek 2


    1. Bought him in as it could get me funds for Danger.

      Austin + Gazza (VC) would have been so so much better.


        1. Glad I am not alone on that call with my Pies bias swaying me, but also wanted the funds for Guelfi to Westhoff or Gray. Mihocek looking a solid loophole player. He just cannot clunk a mark and looks out of his depth in a high pressure game.


  9. going T.Phillips for a pod option has me a little edgy at half time.. 18 with 7 possies.. cmon phillips


  10. Half Time at the Big Freeze

    Melbourne 7.2.44 still trail Collingwood 9.9.63

    C.Oliver 61
    N.Jones 55
    M.Gawn 54
    J.Lewis 51
    J.Smith 46
    A.Neal-Bullen 42
    J.Harmes 40
    J.Viney 40
    C.Petracca 38
    T.McDonald 36
    B.Fritsch 34
    A.Brayshaw 32
    O.McDonald 31
    N.Jetta 31
    C.Salem 31
    J.Hogan 30
    C.Spargo 30
    M.Hannan 29
    C.Pedersen 26
    B.Vince 24
    J.Melksham 23
    M.Hibberd 17

    J.De Goey 95
    T.Adams 70
    J.Crisp 69
    S.Sidebottom 62
    J.Stephenson 58
    M.Cox 57
    A.Treloar 53
    J.Howe 42
    B.Grundy 42
    C.Mayne 40
    S.Pendlebury 39
    J.Thomas 39
    T.Langdon 33
    W.Hoskin-Elliott 31
    M.Scharenberg 27
    L.Dunn 24
    B.Maynard 18
    T.Phillips 17
    D.Wells 11
    L.Greenwood 11
    J.Daicos 9
    B.Mihocek 1


  11. Michael Walters can accept a 1 game sanction for striking Jake Kelly. This would be very annoying for all his new coaches


  12. Three Quarter Time at the Big Freeze

    Melbourne 11.5.71 trail Collingwood 15.11.101 (is an upset on the cards?!)

    C.Oliver 92
    J.Lewis 86
    T.McDonald 84
    J.Smith 72
    J.Viney 70
    C.Salem 64
    A.Neal-Bullen 64
    M.Gawn 64
    N.Jones 63
    B.Fritsch 56
    N.Jetta 49
    J.Melksham 49
    C.Petracca 48
    J.Harmes 47
    A.Brayshaw 45
    J.Hogan 42
    C.Pedersen 41
    C.Spargo 39
    M.Hibberd 37
    O.McDonald 34
    B.Vince 32
    M.Hannan 30

    J.De Goey 114
    M.Cox 105
    S.Sidebottom 97
    J.Crisp 89
    T.Adams 80
    A.Treloar 72
    B.Grundy 72
    J.Stephenson 69
    C.Mayne 66
    S.Pendlebury 62
    J.Thomas 56
    T.Langdon 51
    L.Dunn 51
    J.Howe 49
    W.Hoskin-Elliott 46
    T.Phillips 40
    M.Scharenberg 35
    J.Daicos 34
    B.Mihocek 29
    B.Maynard 22
    L.Greenwood 12
    D.Wells 11


  13. So no one know’s where the Queen sit’s?

    We thought we seen her at Red Rooster at half time, but when we went up and asked for a selfie it turned out it was just an old lady. It was pretty embaressing. Me daughter wont stop laughing about it. Me son’s still want to try and find her.


    1. You’re just silly. The Queen? At the G? On her birthday? You’re having a laugh. She gets a free fries at the Maccas drive through with a McMeal purchase… And you think she’ll be at the G?
      Last seen at the Pakenham maccas. Then the Frankston maccas. Then the Cranbourne Maccas…


  14. Umm’d and ahhh’d over Spargo to McDonald all week and opted out. Casually goes on to kick 6. Sums up my 50/50 calls for the season.


  15. Hitouts to Advantage:
    M Gawn: 5/33
    B Grundy: 10/38

    Only the 3rd time since 2015 that M Gawn has had 5 or less Hitouts to Advantage.



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