Game Chat – Richmond v West Coast

Written by Thommo on April 8 2017

Venue: MCG at 2:10pm AEST

R4, 2016, West Coast 18.17 (125) d Richmond 9.3 (57) at Domain Stadium
R12, 2015, West Coast 13.12 (90) d Richmond 10.10 (70) at the MCG
R18, 2014, Richmond 8.11 (59) d West Coast 6.6 (42) at Domain Stadium
R10, 2013, Richmond 16.7 (103) d West Coast 8.14 (62) at Domain Stadium
R5, 2012, West Coast 16.11 (107) d Richmond 14.13 (97) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: Richmond is 2-0 for just the second time since 1997, matching its start to the 2013 season and generating excitement that has been lacking at Punt Road Oval in recent times. The early-season surge has been based on tackling pressure and an attacking mindset when they have they ball, with the players encouraged to play on instinct. Despite periods on the back foot against Collingwood in round two, Richmond hung in and star midfielders Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin drove them home in the final quarter. Saturday’s clash against West Coast presents the biggest test yet for Damien Hardwick’s men and it will reveal plenty about their progress in 2017, with doubters remaining. The Eagles are also 2-0 after wins against North Melbourne and St Kilda, with this week’s match-up also shaping as their toughest test so far, given the Tigers’ form. The forward line has been outstanding, with Josh Kennedy coming to the rescue against the Saints to kick three late goals to snatch a 19-point win at Domain Stadium.

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast are favourite so… Richmond by 12 points!

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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25 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v West Coast”

  1. Richmond v West Coast at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST


    Richmond: Dion Prestia, Ben Lennon, Jayden Short, Kamdyn McIntosh
    West Coast: Jack Redden, Jonathan Giles, Jackson Nelson, Mark Hutchings


  2. Channel 7 Perth is showing horse racing, Davis Cup and a live WAFL match between Subiaco and Peel. WTF! Why is WCE vs Richmond being delayed until after the WAFL? I have to go out later and will miss the second half now.


  3. Dear Assassins,

    Your deluded paranoid comments on the umpiring of games is really not appreciated on this forum. If you really believe there is some conspiracy involving the umpiring why don’t you just turn off the telly and your computer and go bang your head against a brick wall.

    We here at SCT would be all the better for it!



    Richmond 5.6. 36
    West Coast 5.13. 43

    D. Martin 71
    R. Conca 55
    T. Cotchin 54
    T. Nankervis 53
    D. Butler 53
    K. Lambert 52
    B. Houli 52
    A. Rance 51
    N. Vlastuin 42
    K. McIntosh 41
    J. Castagna 39
    S. Grigg 38
    J. Riewoldt 36
    D. Prestia 31
    D. Astbury 29
    J. Short 15
    D. Rioli 14
    T. Elton 14
    B. Ellis 11
    B. Lennon 9
    J. Caddy 8
    D. Grimes 7

    A. Gaff 67
    L. Shuey 57
    S. Mitchell 55
    S. Wellingham 55
    J. Darling 48
    M. Hutchings 47
    J. Cripps 45
    M. LeCras 43
    T. Barrass 42
    J. Nelson 41
    M. Priddis 40
    C. Masten 39
    L. Jetta 39
    J. Redden 37
    J. Hill 36
    S. Hurn 34
    E. Yeo 33
    J. Kennedy 31
    J. McGovern 27
    B. Sheppard 26
    J. Giles 19
    N. Vardy 17


  5. Funny how I don’t see any complaints about the umpiring from you in the WC v STK thread last week, which had the most biased umpiring in any game this year and completely discredited your Victoria conspiracy theory.


  6. Dear Assassins.

    Please scroll up and notice the T/U icons on all your comments.

    Notice something?

    Yes thats right. Not one.

    Now take a look at Motts post. Take a look at the T/U again.

    Enough said.



    Richmond 9.8. 62
    West Coast 7.14. 56

    D. Martin 121
    T. Nankervis 90
    T. Cotchin 89
    R. Conca 89
    A. Rance 88
    S. Grigg 83
    K. Lambert 77
    J. Castagna 76
    K. McIntosh 71
    D. Butler 65
    B. Ellis 60
    N. Vlastuin 60
    B. Houli 56
    J. Riewoldt 53
    D. Prestia 42
    D. Astbury 37
    D. Grimes 33
    D. Rioli 29
    T. Elton 27
    B. Lennon 22
    J. Short 19
    J. Caddy 12

    A. Gaff 95
    L. Shuey 79
    M. Priddis 75
    S. Wellingham 67
    S. Mitchell 66
    M. Hutchings 63
    J. Giles 59
    J. Redden 57
    S. Hurn 56
    E. Yeo 53
    M. LeCras 52
    C. Masten 51
    J. Darling 47
    J. Hill 46
    J. Cripps 44
    L. Jetta 43
    J. Kennedy 41
    J. Nelson 41
    B. Sheppard 40
    T. Barrass 40
    N. Vardy 38
    J. McGovern 26


  8. How much of an impact has Blake Carcella since he got to Richmond? Their new gameplan definitely has some Geelong-like undertones.

    On the other hand, if the new style is all down to Hardwick, then this really begs the question of why he hasn’t come up with a gameplan like this before.



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