Game Chat – West Coast v Port

Written by Motts on April 19 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Friday April 19, 6.10pm AWST

Last time they met: Adelaide Oval, round 21, 2018: Port Adelaide 9.4 (58) lost to West Coast 9.8 (62)

Lightning struck twice when Eagles defender Jeremy McGovern went forward and marked in the dying seconds before repeating Luke Shuey’s elimination final heroics by converting a match-winning goal after the siren. Shuey (31 disposals) and new Power co-captain Ollie Wines (27) were the standouts.

What it means for West Coast: Defending Optus Stadium, where they have a 10-3 record against interstate sides, is pivotal for the Eagles’ hopes of a top-four finish and, after three-straight wins, they have the chance to gather serious momentum.

What it means for Port Adelaide: A chance to silence their critics and, perhaps, their own doubts after a surprise loss to a severely-undermanned Richmond at Adelaide Oval erased memories of a bright start to the season.

How West Coast wins: Match the Power in the contest and the Eagles should have the artillery up forward to get the job done. West Coast is on a 16-0 run with Josh Kennedy and Jack Darling in the line-up, with the twin towers coming off three goals each in the Western Derby.

How Port Adelaide wins: By playing with speed and dare from half-back that was on show in a thrilling round one win over Melbourne. Port has to isolate the Eagles defenders and put them under pressure, like Fremantle did. Unlike the Dockers, the Power need to finish their work.

The stat: These clubs have built quite the rivalry in recent times, with six of the past nine encounters decided by 10 points or fewer – five of them in the Eagles’ favour.

The match-up: Nathan Vardy v Scott Lycett

Vardy arguably eclipsed Lycett during last year’s finals series when the West Coast premiership big men worked in tandem to quell the influence of Brodie Grundy twice and Max Gawn. But Lycett has enjoyed an outstanding start at Port, climbing from the 17th best ruckman to 14th in AFL Player Ratings, while Vardy has slid from 15th to 17th. How Lycett and Paddy Ryder (No.4) perform against Vardy and Tom Hickey (19) could be decisive.

It’s a big week for: Mark Hutchings (West Coast)

It has been a long journey over seven seasons to reach 100 games and Mark Hutchings deserves to savour the moment on Good Friday. His reinvention as a tagger was crucial in the Eagles’ run to the premiership and he is finally receiving some recognition after excellent jobs on Stephen Coniglio, Scott Pendlebury and Michael Walters this year.

Big call: Tom Hickey to keep putting pressure on Nathan Vardy for the back-up spot when Nic Naitanui returns by being the most influential ruckman around the ground.

Mottsy’s Tip: Eagles by 60 points


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    West Coast: Tom Barrass (foot) replaced in the selected side by Will Schofield
    Port Adelaide: Nil

    West Coast: Jack Redden, Tom Hickey, Jack Petruccelle, Tom Cole
    Port Adelaide: Zak Butters, Connor Rozee, Xavier Duursma, Dougal Howard


    1. Hore has the higher ceiling, Duursma has been more consistent though.

      Think Port might have a tough time tonight, so maybe go with Hore.



    B. Sheppard 46
    D. Howard 41
    L. Jetta 37
    T. Boak 39
    S. Hurn 33
    R. Bonner 35
    L. Ryan 21
    B. Ebert 30
    A. Gaff 21
    W. Drew 29
    J. Petruccelle 21
    S. Lycett 28
    O. Allen 19
    S. Powell-Pepper 26
    W. Schofield 19
    S. Gray 24
    M. Hutchings 18
    Z. Butters 23
    D. Sheed 17
    P. Ryder 22
    L. Duggan 17
    X. Duursma 21
    L. Shuey 13
    D. Houston 20
    T. Hickey 13
    T. Rockliff 19
    J. Redden 12
    O. Wines 19
    E. Yeo 9
    T. Jonas 18
    T. Cole 8
    T. Clurey 17
    J. McGovern 6
    T. Marshall 16
    C. Masten 6
    D. Byrne-Jones 13
    N. Vardy 6
    J. Westhoff 13
    J. Cripps 5
    R. Gray 8
    J. Darling 4
    R. Burton 5
    J. Kennedy 4
    C. Rozee 4


  3. Definitely some glitches with SC app.
    Petruccelle on my bench has 40 points
    On the field for the opposition team in league has 39 points.

    Keep it that way SC


  4. boak ,
    1 out on the full ,
    1 handball to yeo ,
    1 in the back free kick to hutchings ,
    the only plays he had over 3 minutes
    he only lost 3 pts ,
    does anyone know how much are clangers & frees against worth ?


  5. Farks sake Westhoff. I kept you with the news you’d be playing on the wing like last year. You’re friggin’ killing me mate.



    B. Sheppard 72
    D. Howard 66
    L. Jetta 63
    P. Ryder 62
    E. Yeo 48
    S. Gray 62
    J. Petruccelle 48
    T. Boak 59
    S. Hurn 45
    B. Ebert 59
    L. Shuey 43
    S. Powell-Pepper 54
    M. Hutchings 40
    R. Bonner 53
    A. Gaff 39
    W. Drew 49
    T. Hickey 36
    T. Clurey 43
    D. Sheed 35
    Z. Butters 40
    O. Allen 32
    O. Wines 40
    W. Schofield 32
    T. Rockliff 38
    J. McGovern 31
    X. Duursma 37
    L. Ryan 26
    S. Lycett 36
    L. Duggan 26
    D. Houston 35
    T. Cole 25
    R. Burton 33
    N. Vardy 24
    T. Jonas 33
    J. Redden 20
    T. Marshall 31
    J. Cripps 10
    J. Westhoff 30
    J. Kennedy 9
    D. Byrne-Jones 27
    C. Masten 6
    C. Rozee 24
    J. Darling 6
    R. Gray 22


  7. Port playing the eagles correctly run and stun, bombers proved last few games against them , brissie did the same RS 1 , doesn’t allow them time to set up.


  8. Rookie Alert! Rookie Alert!

    All the early-gamers in this match are looking worthy.
    JS would appear to be solid (minus the obligatory rest week) across the board based on what I’ve witnessed watching on TV up until this point.

    Very clean, exciting, and influential footy being played on both sides by the kiddos tonight.


  9. eagles just not used to this type of weather , they’re used to moving it quickly , keeping possession with precision kicking & controlling the play , this is very slippery conditions & CP’s @ every contest , it’s the 2nd & 3rd players in that are winning the ball


  10. @ least the 6-6-6 is keeping the goals coming & the games close this week
    maybe they should change the rule to only be applied in the last Q 😉


      1. Yep, apologies if i sound like i am whining but darling has single handedly stuffed my sc weekend .
        Nevermind he won’t be doing it again.


  11. WC 5 . 3 . 33 – PORT 12 . 12 . 84

    B. Sheppard 103
    S. Gray 95
    S. Hurn 90
    D. Howard 90
    L. Jetta 89
    P. Ryder 84
    E. Yeo 74
    W. Drew 76
    A. Gaff 74
    S. Powell-Pepper 76
    L. Shuey 69
    O. Wines 75
    J. Petruccelle 62
    B. Ebert 72
    T. Hickey 60
    T. Boak 69
    W. Schofield 59
    R. Bonner 64
    M. Hutchings 52
    T. Rockliff 60
    T. Cole 50
    Z. Butters 60
    J. McGovern 49
    T. Clurey 59
    D. Sheed 49
    X. Duursma 53
    L. Ryan 47
    D. Houston 52
    O. Allen 43
    C. Rozee 52
    L. Duggan 43
    S. Lycett 51
    J. Redden 38
    J. Westhoff 47
    N. Vardy 30
    R. Burton 45
    J. Cripps 17
    T. Jonas 44
    C. Masten 14
    D. Byrne-Jones 41
    J. Kennedy 12
    T. Marshall 41
    J. Darling 9
    R. Gray 32


  12. When you have petrucelle on your bench 🙁 🙁

    But then realise setterfield who you had in the mids to loophole scott/butters/atkins can be swung forward via heeney to get his score! 😀 😀

    Will just need to be ready to swap atkins back on field if heeney is a late out to save me getting scotts score


  13. got to say the CD scoring is absolute crap – Petrucelle was on 90 before he kicked that last goal … is still sitting on 90!! WTF?? … Really, really poor!


  14. WC 8 . 5 . 33 – PORT 13 . 7 . 95

    before scaling

    B. Sheppard 122
    S. Gray 126
    S. Hurn 119
    P. Ryder 108
    L. Jetta 104
    O. Wines 108
    A. Gaff 93
    D. Howard 108
    L. Shuey 90
    W. Drew 103
    J. Petruccelle 90
    B. Ebert 95
    T. Hickey 89
    T. Boak 94
    E. Yeo 84
    T. Rockliff 89
    M. Hutchings 75
    S. Powell-Pepper 85
    W. Schofield 73
    D. Houston 82
    T. Cole 67
    R. Bonner 81
    J. McGovern 64
    S. Lycett 74
    D. Sheed 63
    Z. Butters 72
    O. Allen 59
    T. Clurey 70
    L. Ryan 56
    R. Burton 67
    L. Duggan 54
    J. Westhoff 66
    J. Redden 46
    C. Rozee 65
    N. Vardy 36
    X. Duursma 63
    C. Masten 25
    D. Byrne-Jones 58
    J. Kennedy 23
    T. Jonas 56
    J. Cripps 22
    T. Marshall 56
    J. Darling 9
    R. Gray 41


  15. What a joke. Should have traded out Darling. No doubt next week he’ll get a 150 plus. Absolutely trading him next week.


    1. Darling had scores of -1, 14,39 and 42 last year and finished with an 87 average.. surely a couple big games are coming! Right?


  16. Baffled by Petruccelle’s last qtr score. Got only a few more points than Neale’s last quarter yesterday which was also in junk time


    1. Champion data are pathetic this year. This kid scores 3 goals (plus whatever else he did) and only went from 70-100 points in the last 20 minutes.
      Yet the Cripps/Macrae/Neale types always manage to go from a 70 to a 140 in the blink of an eye because they are getting 8 points for handballs and another 8 for bombing the ball inside 50 to a 1 v 2


    2. Saw this tweet from CD which helps make a bit more sense of it:
      Live Supercoach = Measured points / sum(total match points) * 3300 * (% of match complete).
      If points are scored at a slower rate late in the game (or it’s a blowout, weighting points down) then earlier points are “worth” more.

      What they’re basically saying is that if more points are allocated early (as they were last night) then scores are more likely to be scaled down or points underallocated later in the game to compensate and in order to get the game total as near as dammit to 3300.
      It’s never going to be an exact science and there will therefore always be anomalies. There are also clearly uber ‘Champions of Data’ and others that suffer to their detriment.
      My advice would be to read the Salamander’s ripper weekly series on Scoring Anomalies and embrace it rather than fighting it.
      We won’t win that battle sadly.


      1. Interesting, but what did rocky do to pick up 30 odd points in that last qtr ,a lot of junk time possessions?(didn’t see the game)
        Absolutely right though allsaints , you can’t fight it.



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