Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on July 28 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday, July 28, 1.10pm AEST

What it means for Western Bulldogs: A missed chance against St Kilda. It cannot happen again. The Dogs must come out all guns blazing against the Dockers to keep in touch with the finals hopefuls.

What it means for Fremantle: The Dockers have been disappointing over the last month or so, but last week’s win kept them in the finals race. An absolute must-win to keep the September dream alive.

The stat: If the Western Bulldogs’ big men maintain their 2019 average the club will finish the home and away season with an aggregate of 511 hitouts. Aaron Sandilands had nearly double that with 998 in 2015.

The match-up: Jason Johannisen v Michael Walters

The Official AFL Player Ratings have Johannisen and Walters as the 125th and the 30th ranked players in the competition this year. The pure speed and excitement these two bring should set Marvel Stadium alight.

It’s a big week for: Rhylee West

The young Bulldog makes his debut in front of a home crowd. With plenty of guns around him, it remains to be seen exactly how much midfield time he will play, but it’s sure to be an exciting day for West and Dogs fans.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Bulldogs by 6 points.

**Our Admin isn’t always online. If you have access to the SuperCoach scores, the SCT Coaches would be very appreciative if you could pop them into the comments below. Thank you!**


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle”

  1. Do I take Grundys 117 or role the dice with macrae,dunkley or fyfe? Am currently 284 ahead (if taking Grundys score) with Logue and Heeney vs opponent with Ryan. Bont, Walters & Clarke. Need the win to male sure im in finals for cash league.

    T/U Play it safe take Grundy as I have enough points
    T/D Put the C on Fyfe, Macrae or Fyfe.


    1. Had a 130 to 1 multi going but needed Porr to get up last night so I’m out

      Swans and Suns a bit to optimistic for me allsaints but hey you never know so good luck!



    Western Bulldogs: Bailey Smith, Rhylee West, Taylor Duryea, Ed Richards
    Fremantle: Brandon Matera, Andrew Brayshaw, Connor Blakely, Brett Bewley


  3. Fyfe playing deep forward ffs. Get Mundy’s geriatric ass out of the middle and put Fyfe back in there!


    1. coach said they would play fyfe fwd because freo’s mids went so well last week without him & they need goals
      gotta say with mundy , ainsworth , setters , kennedy etc ,
      i’m headed for a +2500 score this week


  4. Need my son to win his game so I can make top 4. Couldn’t believe he didnt c gawn and went dunks.
    Might be some revisions to the christmas presents list.


  5. 1/2 time

    B. Dale 85
    D. Mundy 58
    J. Macrae 74
    R. Conca 56
    M. Bontempelli 62
    M. Walters 55
    B. Smith 58
    A. Sandilands 43
    C. Daniel 53
    N. Fyfe 38
    H. Crozier 52
    D. Tucker 37
    A. Naughton 50
    S. Darcy 36
    P. Lipinski 49
    B. Hill32
    J. Johannisen 48
    R. Lobb 31
    J. Dunkley 48
    A. Brayshaw 31
    L. Hunter 46
    L. Ryan 29
    S. Lloyd 45
    E. Langdon 29
    R. West 38
    C. Blakely 28
    T. Duryea 37
    L. Schultz 28
    T. English 33
    G. Logue 37
    J. Trengove 32
    A. Cerra 25
    T. Liberatore 31
    J. Hamling 23
    D. Morris 28
    N. Wilson 19
    Z. Cordy 28
    B. Matera 18
    T. Dickson 27
    H. Ballantyne 18
    E. Richards 25
    B. Bewley 16
    E. Wood 14
    T. Duman 10


      1. Yeah, Gawn got done in by CD and Goodwin. CD was literally allocating Gawn’s hit-outs to Marshall at one point and Goodwin benched him when the game was on the line.


      1. Yep ..I held the trade.

        I somehow just couldn’t do it.
        Logue’s 42 may lose me a few games anyway 🙁

        Andrew Brayshaw may be worth a look as a breakout next year.
        He seems to have developed the tank required as a two way runner.


  6. Ryan done for the day. Hamstring being iced. Corkie, they’re saying.

    F*ck. There goes my chances of 2500.


  7. 3/4 time

    J. Macrae 112
    M. Walters 81
    B. Dale 101
    D. Mundy 76
    M. Bontempelli 88
    R. Conca 72
    A. Naughton 85
    N. Fyfe 68
    C. Daniel 82
    A. Sandilands 63
    H. Crozier 73
    A. Brayshaw 61
    J. Johannisen 72
    B. Hill 53
    P. Lipinski 71
    D. Tucker 49
    B. Smith 70
    R. Lobb 48
    J. Dunkley 68
    E. Langdon 46
    L. Hunter 66
    L. Schultz 45
    S. Lloyd 53
    S. Darcy 44
    T. Liberatore 48
    C. Blakely 44
    T. Duryea 48
    L. Ryan 42
    R. West 47
    A. Cerra 40
    T. Dickson 46
    G. Logue 36
    T. English 46
    H. Ballantyne 36
    J. Trengove 44
    J. Hamling 35
    Z. Cordy 40
    B. Bewley 34
    D. Morris 33
    B. Matera 31
    E. Wood 30
    N. Wilson 28
    E. Richards 29
    T. Duman 26


  8. Alright i thought you can bring back your SC form back Logue…. but im downgrading you for Watson then i can get Whitfield hopefully!


  9. before scaling

    J. Macrae 150
    M. Walters 107
    M. Bontempelli 127
    N. Fyfe 91
    B. Dale 115
    D. Mundy 91
    A. Naughton 113
    A. Brayshaw 87
    C. Daniel 104
    A. Sandilands 84
    J. Johannisen 99
    R. Conca 79
    B. Smith 91
    C. Blakely 69
    H. Crozier 90
    B. Hill 65
    L. Hunter 90
    D. Tucker 64
    J. Dunkley 84
    R. Lobb 61
    P. Lipinski 83
    J. Hamling 58
    S. Lloyd 74
    S. Darcy 58
    R. West 67
    E. Langdon 54
    T. Duryea 67
    L. Schultz 54
    T. Liberatore 65
    H. Ballantyne 50
    J. Trengove 62
    A. Cerra 48
    T. English 61
    L. Ryan 47
    T. Dickson 54
    B. Bewley 42
    Z. Cordy 50
    G. Logue 40
    E. Wood 44
    B. Matera 40
    E. Richards 39
    N. Wilson 38
    D. Morris 38
    T. Duman 38


  10. Did anyone watch this game. Did Dunks receive some attention?! Or just a down day. Let’s be honest, he’s due a week off 😉



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