How Did You Go – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 16 2017

Was Rd17 kind to you all? You know the drill……..

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20 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Rd17”

  1. 2355..danger..1500 ish

    Not happy but not dissapointed. Fee let downs , yeo not playing hurt as I got parsons 32 but all else went OK or as expected


  2. 2473/Danger/currently 7k hope to make top 5k

    Only ones letting side down was Newman and Dahlhaus.


  3. 2410/Danger/was 1500ish

    Big trade for the week went well – NOT! Yeo late out.

    8 x Stars over 120 certainly helps, Gaz, Titch, Danger, Adams, Laird, Hibberd , Bont and JackMac

    Underperperformers include Goldi, Harbrow, Smurph and Dahl (what’s his go)?
    Could be a little above average from a scan of my leagues – won 8/8


  4. 2354 / Danger / was 9000ish

    First week in a while with a full team and was on track for a 2400+ until Yeo decided to fist me and make me take Parsons score.

    Duds; Heppell, Greene, JJK, Dahlhaus, Goldy and then i don’t know who did worse, Parsons for his filth or Yeo for pulling out late making me take the filth

    Stars; Bont, Hibberd, Laird, Franklin, Adams, Mitchell, Witherden (benched) and trusty one-legged Danger


  5. 2226/Danger/Not sure yet

    Not bad considering I had a donut with Yeo being a late out, won my important league matchup by 2 points, not much to complain about.

    HEROES: Hurley, Dangerfield (I’m starting with him next year even if he starts at 1mil!), Treloar, Hibberd, Adams, Fyfe.

    SPUDS: Billings, Lynch, Newman, Rocky, Dahlhaus.


  6. 2206/Danger

    Not a good week at all from my supposed premo team.

    Danger, Titch, Fyfe, Macrae, Buddy, Laird, Bont, Adams were all 120+ which was great….. except I only got 2 other tons.

    Howe, Newman, Sloane, Rocky, Gawn, Dalhaus, Greenwood, all under 80 with 5 of those 65 or under.

    Not to mention Yeo a late out leaving me with 21 on the field despite both Witherden and Gawn’s scores stuck on my bench in what I thought was a genius move swining Nank into the rucks to avoid Gawn’s 57.

    Sloane and Rocky have absolutely killed me with them averaging a respective 124 and 123 before I traded them in and are at 78 and 75 whilst being in my team.

    Rant Over.


    1. Did the same with Nank and it cost me 57 points too. Ended up with 2384 which I’m still happy with, but 2441 would have been nicer!


  7. 2264 / Dangerfield / 5251 (was ~4700)

    Yeo being a late withdrawal wasn’t particularly helpful, but it could have been worse. Hopefully I have more or less stopped the bleeding for the time being.


  8. 2404 Danger, won 5/6, but lost my most important league game by 9 bloody points. Can’t even blame Yeo as I had Nank’s 94 to cover him. If only I had Witherden’s 109 instead of Shaw’s 95 on the field – sigh. Moved up to around 3300th place which I think is my highest rating so stoked with that. 7 trades left so hoping I can still gain a few more places.


  9. 2214
    Sloane Lynch were the worst offenders. I would’ve taken 2300 but Yeo and Cameron late outs got me my first donut. Nightmare for me. But it’s just got a lot closer in sct cup. Should be a close finish.


  10. Score: 2193
    Weekly Ranking: 55858
    Overall Ranking: 18431 (16257)
    Heroes: Laird, Adams, Witherden (E), Dangerfield (C), Bontempelli, Fyfe, Macrae
    Villains: McDonald, Zorko, Rockliff, Gawn
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Will see if I can bring Selwood in.
    Trades Left: 9

    Defence: 7.5/10

    My defence just missed out on a very satisfactory weekend, with having Witherden’s 109 on the bench and Tom McDonald’s 48 on field. Shaw’s 95 was the second lowest score on the line.

    Midfield: 6.5/10

    Patrick Dangerfield dragged my team to the brink of respectability on one leg; but it is the dichotomy of the Three Lions that has me worried; last week, Zorko put on a performance for the ages; this week, he was subdued (along with #1 worst trade-in of the season Rockliff), as Beams managed to hit three figures. Pendlebury is no longer dependable; Bontempelli and Treloar returned to behaving like premiums, and the renaitssance continued for another week.

    Rucks: 3/10

    Witts was cruising but slowed. Gawn just hasn’t been good since I brought him in.

    Forwards: 4/10

    Macrae led the charge, Heeney tonned up, Nankervis contributed, Dahlhaus fought his way to a score and JJK had a score on return. Oh, and Cox covered Yeo. All in all: Meh. Sums up my season.

    Overall: 5/10


    The problem with my team is that it not only has holes abundant, but that there are very few reliable contributors week-in, week out. Right now, I’d only have Docherty and Dangerfield in that list, notwithstanding my fanatical devotion to Dayne Zorko, who is generously keeping his price down for another week to allow those scraping funds to bring him in. When someone like Zorko follows a 196 with a 55; there’s not much you can do except shake your head and hope to hold in the tears. It was especially bad for me this week as my almost all my relative points of difference failed this week.

    Now I’ve got to decide whether to trade Selwood in and push Rockliff to M9. If I do he’s going to get 200 – like he did against Carlton last year.


  11. 2328/Danger was captain. Should have got 2400+ until Yeo pulled out and I copped a doughnut. Ainsworth was left sitting on the bench in the midfield twiddling his thumbs.

    Partially kicking myself for bringing in Gawn when I really felt it was safer to bring in Heeney and move Nank to the ruck. Part of the problem is that no Tyson, Viney and Jones (all in Melbourne’s top 5 for clearances and contested possessions) has meant it’s very difficult for him to palm it down to anyone. However, I still think Gawn will come good when those players return and he continues to improve his fitness.

    Best player was Wingard with 157, who would have thought he’d put a 1 in front of Gawn’s score.


  12. 2347/Dangerfield/ 24,435 (from 27005)

    Below my past fortnight of 2382 and 2431 but still very happy with a score of 2300.

    7 120+: R Laird, T Adams, P Dangerfield, M Bontempelli, G Ablett, N Fyfe and J Macrae

    9 100+: S Docherty and L Franklin

    5 below 80: J Steele, L Dahlhaus, T Lynch, H Greenwood and T Goldstein


  13. 2364/Danger/pos 2209(+309)
    Yeo being a late out cost me 2400+ but the side is starting to settle now
    Danger,Adams,Doc,Laird,Hibberd,Ablett, Fyfe,Treloar,Wallis, Wines,Heeney
    Ward, Tuohy, Kelly,Oliver,Nank.
    Dahl, Gawn, Grundy,Yeo,Lynch, Newman
    1 trade at this stage Newman to Hurley.Depending on Dangers predicament might be brave and bite the bullet.
    Want Kruez as the my whole ruck division is stinking it up.



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