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Written by Schwarzwalder on February 22 2016

Do you want to fill up your Supercoach Leagues sooner rather than later?  Are you keen to take on the ‘Creme de la Creme’ of the Supercoach Talk Community?  Here’s your chance!  Simply copy & paste the following into the comments section with your League details………….


League Code #: (MOST IMPORTANT!)

League Name:

Spots Available:

Level of SC-expertise: (beginner? expert? top 3k ranking last year? Open to all?)

Sales Pitch to your fellow Supercoaches: (Why join your League?)


The highest-ranked League on the site last year (Top 25) was gathered in a similar Thread.  Who knows how far you all might go this year?  Get cracking!!



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37 thoughts on “Join My League 2”

  1. Hi Community,

    The Official SCT Draft League as finally been set up. If you are interested in joining please drop a comment below and Mottsy (or one of his crew) will send you the league code. We already have 6 members who have confirmed their interest.
    Please note that all league settings, including draft start time will be chosen via the democratic system once the league is full, so we should be able to find a start time that suits all coaches.

    Details as below;
    League Code #: Will be emailed to VIP coaches!

    League Name: Draft League @SCT

    Spots Available: Max 18

    Level of SC-expertise: We need those who are committed to playing out the whole year and will sit through a live draft!

    Sales Pitch to your fellow Supercoaches: It’s the only SCT draft league going around!


  2. League code #667604

    League name -Rackemup

    Level – 1 to 3,000 from last year would be good

    Reason to join – well we have 10 leagues that we can join so get nuts 🙂


  3. code: 314318

    League name – SCT Random League

    Level – Not really fussed – join for an additional league to have a go at

    Reason – another chance at finals against a well-informed group of teams


  4. Cash league. It’s not mine, but I seem to help people fill or find one every year.

    Structure: $50 entry, $300 = 1st – Grand Final, $250 = 2nd – Runners Up
    $100ea = 3rd + 4th (Prelimary Finalists),Top points $150 = Overall top points
    6 spots left.
    Level: It’s the first year of this one, just bring your A game.

    Contact me on poguemahone 1 1 2 8 @ (Remove the spaces) and we will fix you up.


  5. Hi All,

    Join below 🙂

    League Code #: 115886

    League Name: Shiva Bowl

    Spots Available: 15

    Level of SC-expertise: All quality players, we finished in the top 1500 league last year, would be great to break into the top 1000 this year.

    Sales Pitch to your fellow Supercoaches: as per above, very competitive league.


  6. League Code: 930076
    League Name: Is Dons Is Good
    Spots: 12
    Level of expertise: Just for fun
    Sales Pitch: Because you still have your Bombers membership…and you haven’t followed any footy news for the past four years.


  7. League Code: 986523
    Name: The Fantasy Fiends
    Spots: 9
    Expertise: You need to be pretty darn good
    Why: This league finished 100-200 last year. The 9 dropouts either found the going too tough or more likely changed email addresses. It was so tough I couldn’t even make finals in my own league (unheard of right).


  8. I have had to create another league as I neglected to ensure that my son was already in the league called the Fantasy Fiends. He reckons I have deprived him of a certain victory.
    Therefore I have created a 10 team league so should I lose the first time I get a chance at revenge later.
    Code: 908983
    Name The Looney Mooneys
    Spots 8
    Standard: not that fussed really just as long as you are fair dinkem and play to the end
    Why: I have never played in a 10 team league. Why not join as a pair knowing that if you lose first time round you will get a second (and maybe third & fourth) crack at your nemesis



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