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Written by Motts on April 11 2012

This is the first one of these I’m doing for the year so I’m not sure what everyone wants to know. These are just the leagues I have access to (administered by either myself or Richo). Duck and BS will need to provide the stats for SCT2-5.

LoEC1 – League Average: 2,107, League Rank: 451, Highest Average: 2,187.50 (Don Cottagers – Alasdair)

LoEC2 – League Average: 2,114, League Rank: 299, Highest Average: 2,210.50 (Supernaturals – Allie)

SCT1 – League Average: 2,116, League Rank: 258, Highest Average: 2,185.50 (DamenS – Damen)

SCT2 – League Average: 2,068, League Rank: 1893, Highest Average: 2199.00 (The Buttslappers – Wayne)

SCT3 – League Average: 2100, League Rank: 621, Highest Average: 2234.50 (Goways – Patricia)

SCT4 – League Average: 2104, League Rank: 515, Highest Average: 2265.50 (Weet-Bix Kid – Michael)

SCT5 – League Average: 2124, League Rank: 163, Highest Average: 2224.50 (K. – Jacob)

SCT6 – League Average: 2,083, League Rank: 1,177, Highest Average: 2,214.00 (Leatherpoisoning – Darren)

SCT7 – League Average: 2,100, League Rank: 614, Highest Average: 2,227.00 (2 Hotties Terrors – Scott)

 SC Site (a league which includes representatives of all major SC sites including Big Sexy, Walesy, Impromptu, Kristian, Molly, and myself) – League Average: 2,133, League Rank: 93, Highest Average: 2,261.50 (That Kick Had Eyes – Tristan)

SCT Girls 1 – League Average: 2,097, League Rank: 676, Highest Average: 2,240.50 (sackbackncrack – Keira)

SCT Girls 2 – League Average: 2,037, League Rank: 4,168, Highest Average: 2,215.00 (winnersrgrinners – Linda)

SCT Girls 3 – League Average: 2,068, League Rank: 1,895, Highest Average: 2,185.50 (Fangle Dangles VJK – Jennifer)

So 3 of the top 4 averages in the SCT leagues above are owned by chicks! Well done ladies!! A special gold star goes to Keira who has the outstanding average of 2,240.50.

For those that are interested, your friendly site editors’ stats are:

Motts – 2,171.50, overall ranking: 17,521

Duck – 2,158.50, overall ranking: 22,853

Big Sexy – 2,111.00, overall ranking: 48,933

How are you travelling so far?


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17 thoughts on “Leagues Update”

    Avg: 2163.5
    Highest: 2205
    Overall: 20750
    No trades as yet but with cox set to be rested I’m likely to swap him for Kreuzer and also bring Bugg in for Bouman.

    On a side note I’d like to thank everyone at SCT for helping me push my team to a new level this year. I was a bit skeptical of the GnRs strategy but so far so good.


  2. hey guys, i’ve started the year ok, should do better in the next few weeks.

    Average: 2,124.50 (Scores of 2099 and 2150)
    Overall ranking: 40,803

    this is my first year of supercoach, my aim is to get hopefully around 20,000-30,000 overall, is this is a good realistic goal for a first time supercoacher? each year hopefully i improve by maybe 5,000 or so, and eventually win 😉 haha


  3. Just like to throw it out there that “I Love SC” league made up of SCTers is currently sitting in 55th overall with an average 2141 with Courtesans on top with an ave of 2248.


  4. Team Davo 2012 LoEC2

    Averaging 2105 with a Doughnut in each of the first 2 rounds, my mission this week is to net get another Doughnut and that’s it!!



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