Motts Movers R10 – The Backs

Written by Motts on May 30 2011


Grant Birchall ($427,900, 128, 93.67, 15) – I scoffed when we saw that one of the blokes in my primary league had included Birchall in his R1 team. Bert’s the one laughing now though because Birch has averaged 93 while not missing a game and over the last 3 has taken it up a gear averaging a casual 121.

Heath Scotland ($481,700, 109, 108.56, 76) – Rumour is that Scotto took a significant pay cut in his last contract. Despite this, he continues to give his heart and soul to the Blues banging out another ton for them last Friday night. His next 6 games are rippers too: Port (AS), Brisbane (ES), Sydney (ES), WC (ES), Richmond, (MCG) and Dogs (ES).

Scott Thompson ($400,000, 121, 86.44, 32) – Started the year off a little roughly but since R6 has scored 99, 89, 80, 117 and 121. Even kicked 2 goals against The Swannies on the weekend! I wouldn’t pick him and I doubt you would either but with an average over the last 3 of 106 The Movers couldn’t ignore him.

Honourable mentions: Brent Guerra, Heath Grundy, Sam Fisher, Heater Shaw, Andrew Carrazzo, Matt Suckling, Chris Newman, and Lids.


Lindsay Gilbee ($390,100, 37, 78.71, 173) – Even though the 153 he scored against Richmond 2 weeks was still factoring into his price calculations, Gilbs dropped another $15k this week on the back of his two performances since then: 53 and 37. Can’t see much changing for him this week either with a trip down the road to the Cattery on the cards.

Brian Lake ($387,700, 54, 61.25, 163) – Convinced Rocket he was ready to come back into the team and then went about proving himself a liar. If you’ve got him, get rid of him now while he’s still worth something. His value this week is going to plummet again with that BE.

Lewis Roberts-Thompson ($316,600, 40, 44.33, 130) – We don’t expect much out of a $350k player. The 75 he averaged in 14 games last year would be a start though. LRT dropped close to $50k this week on the back of 3 40 point performances. Nasty.

Special note to Joel MacDonald – I put it on you last week by naming you in the Chillers section after only 2 games. Happy to admit I was wrong in going off the long run-up a little early with you. Your 107 against the Blues was very good.


Pearce Hanley ($394,000, 121, 88.56, 37) – Got a special mention in the Drillers area last week but after a 121 against Adelaide his price went up $30k! His last 3 rounds have now yielded 3 centuries – 100, 108, and 121 – and his breakeven is a measly 37. He only played 9 games for the Lions last year (his 3rd season) and averaged 61. Since the beginning of 2011, he’s gone up $100k. His next 4 games: Sydney (G), Carlton (ES), Richmond (G), and Freo (Subi).

Paul Duffield ($392,700, 133, 87.78, 4) – How many 100’s would Duff have to score before you considered him to be legitimately back to his form of 2009 when he averaged 97? This was his 3rd for the year and 2nd in a row and saw his price go up $26k. He’s still $49k cheaper than he was at the beginning of the year so if what he’s done to date is enough for you, then get on now!

Shannon Hurn ($358,500, 97, 79.78, 36) – Exactly the same question could be asked of Hurn who averaged 93 in 2009. His last 2 scores have been 109 and 97. The best thing about Hurn is that when he kicks the ball, it stays kicked and with SC awarding more points to a kick that travels over 40m, it plays right into his hands (or feet as the case may be). Hurny’s dropped $53k for the year.

Special mentions: Ben Jacobs, Luke Delaney, Paul Puopolo, Simon Buckley, Jimmy Gwilt, Stefan Martin and Matthew Broadbent


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26 thoughts on “Motts Movers R10 – The Backs”

  1. Have decided to cut gilbee as he will lose a huge amount this week with a high b/e of 180 odd.

    Looking at either Hurn or Chaplin.

    Can I get a thumbs up for Hurn and thumbs down for Chaplin


  2. Brian Lake, biggest drop in SC history?

    Can’t really blame him though, coming back from a full body surgery.


  3. I hear you on Duffield Motts. He’ll end up being the POD premium I thought about getting every week but just didn’t do it.


  4. RE Thompson – “I wouldn’t pick him” … On your track record this season we should jump on board the Scotty Thompson train!!


  5. Motts,
    i loved the way u pumped up the blues next 6 games 😉
    hopefully a fair few wins ahead 😀


  6. I have an issue that you guys might be able to help me out with:

    I smith and Mzungu on the bubble this week, i have neither of them at this point in time.

    My team right now is as follows:

    Deledio, Fisher, Goddard, Gibbs, Enright, Lower, Heppel
    (guthrie, thompson, puoppolo)

    Judd, Swan, Watson, Selwood, Montagna, Goodes
    (jacobs, Hibbered, Harris)

    Sandi cox
    (smith and Derrickx)

    N Roo, Buddy, Pav, Stevie J, O’keefe, Darling, Lynch (GC)
    (Matera, Mckernan, Richardson.

    Now, i have 108,600 in the kitty, 15 trades left.

    I want to get in someone to strenthen my defence, upgrade either thompson or lower…. Possibly Birchall would be nice with Gillham going down. But my issue is if i do this i cant get both mzungu and smith in the same week. Im planning of moving goodes to my forward line with an MPP and bring in either Hodge or S Thompson into my midfield.

    What would you guys do first?

    Matera –> Smith & Harris —> Mzungu


    Harris to Mzungu and then thompson to birchall?

    If you have any other defenders please let me hear it, its a shocking backline and is dragging me down



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