Motts Movers R21 – The Backs

Written by Motts on August 16 2011


Nathan Bock ($464,200, 130, 93.78, 78) – I’ve been pushing this bloke for weeks – isn’t it time you locked in The Bock?

Bryce Gibbs ($509,600, 123, 104.65, 127) – Must be feeling a little left out with all this talk of Judd, Murphy and Chas.

Brett Deledio ($463,400, 127, 106.21, 80) – Could be a permanent fixture here for the rest of the year given Richmond’s run through the SCT Finals: Melbourne, Adelaide, and North.


Stefan Martin

Jacob Surjan

Daniel Menzel


Alex Rance ($388,800, 132, 87.50, 42) – For the first time this year, Alex backed up a really good week (97) with an even better one (132). As my D7 he won me all of my close games so for that I say thank-you. Great effort to keep an in-form Adam Goodes to under 100 for the first time in 2 months.

Michael Hurley ($376,200, 103, 82.25, 78) – Anyone tempted to whack him into their first cut next year?

Jason Gram ($366,300, 91, 77.06, 77) – Last 5 weeks: 88, 91, 100, 87, 91. Putting his hand up for that sideways trade from Heppell in R24.

Special mentions: Mark Nicoski, Brett Thornton, Paul Puopolo, Graham Johncock, Michael Doughty, Alex Silvagni, Brendan Whitecross, Colin Garland, Ben Reid, James Frawley, Josh Hunt, Dennis Armfield, Ben Jacobs, Daniel Talia, Rhyce Shaw, Tom Lonergan and Dustin Fletcher.


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28 thoughts on “Motts Movers R21 – The Backs”

  1. My current backline:

    Looking to upgrade Puopolo to a premium (412k budget).

    Thumbs Up: Suckling
    Thumbs Down: Birchall

    Or any other suggestions?


  2. This is where I need to upgrade this week after Lower absolutely burnt me last week!

    Drilled it down to a few choices:
    Bock – On current form and not likely to be rested
    Murhpy – main opponents have him and it would be a safe bet to cancel him our in case he pulls out a suprise big score
    Birchall – Hawks on fire!!!

    Whats everybodys thoughts?


  3. I’m thinking to trade in Bock for Lower this week rather than Heppell as I’m tipping that he will be given a rest……….for the remainder of the season!


  4. Anyone else have trouble with the site last night? My posts ended up in the wrong spot (though it could have been the beers) and then I couldn’t get on for hours.


  5. Think I know the answer I’ll get, but it’s an elimination week for me and I’m stressing. Who would you put on the field

    Adcock v Collingwood (thumbs up)
    Puopolo v Carlton (thumbs down)



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