Motts Movers R9 – The Backs

Written by Motts on May 23 2011


Heath Scotland ($476,600, 140, 108.50, 88) – Has the second highest average of all Defenders behind only Jed Adcock yet is not mentioned in the same breath as Deledio (yes, he’s a D/M DPP too) because of his Finals bye. It’s a crying shame because 95% of Coaches are missing out on scores like his 140 against the Cats on the weekend.

Jed Adcock ($457,600, 122, 108.88, 94) – Loved the banner at the footy on Saturday night which read “For A Good Time Just Adcock”. Jed continues to get it done, week in, week out making all of us pay who doubted his body’s ability to stand up to the rigours of footy. He started the year at $333,000. Kicking myself.

Brett Deledio ($485,800, 113, 108.22, 115) – 6 triple figure scores in a row. If you don’t know about him or haven’t already got him, you’ve been living under a rock.

Honourable mentions: Heppell (this year’s must have rookie), Newman (not Sam), and Malceski (welcome back to the league, Esky, nice 96).


Harry O’Brien ($288,600, 63, 67.88, 82) – Hasn’t cracked 70 for the last 5 weeks.

Joel Macdonald ($385,500, 64, 65.5, 130) – Has only played 2 games but the signs aren’t good.

Josh Hunt ($301,700, 56, 66.29, 88) – His average has dropped every year since 2006 and this year is no exception. Had a ton against Port at the Cattery but the rest is pretty shabby.


Nick Lower ($310,000, 143, 85.71, 26) He’s played in every Fremantle game bar one so far this year, scored 3 tons, 2 80’s and had 2 sub-50 scores.  He’s still good value at $310k.

Alex Rance ($348,300, 125, 86.83, 51) – Anyone read about this kid in The Tackle today? Here’s what Robbo said about him: “His courage is now complemented by enthusiasm, a wiser footy brain and commitment for the contest as good as any tall in the game”. I asked the question 2 weeks ago “is Rance about to break out?” With a 125 on the weekend, the signs are good.

Stefan Martin ($329,600, 105, 86.00, -7) – Second ton in a row for young Stefan who struggled to get games last year but is now rolling along beautifully with an 86 average. His next 5 games are all at the G but both his 2 centuries were scored at the Docklands.

Special mentions: Nick Duigan, Bryce Gibbs (96 avg for $400k), Pearce Hanley (2 tons in a row), and Brady Rawlings (2 tons in 3 weeks).


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  1. It,s a shame scotland has the bye in round 23 , he would,ve been in nearly every sc team . I picked gibbs over scotland at the start of the year , big mistake.



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