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Written by Motts on February 10 2011

I’ll be front and centre on Saturday night at the Carlton/Richmond/Collingwood nab Cup fixture.

What does everybody think of this year’s 3 team format? Do you think it gives the team with the second game off an advantage because they get a rest?


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27 thoughts on “nab Cup Format”

  1. Don’t know where to put this and it’s been touched on a little – but so it’s easier to read for everyone, I’ve compiled this list.

    For those who are just playing for league wins (meaning we can ignore rounds 4-6, 16 and 19) this is when each team will be free from all it’s byes:

    (ordered earliest to latest)
    Brisbane – Immediately
    Fremantle – Immediately
    Melbourne – Immediately
    Sydney – Immediately
    Adelaide – Round 3
    Gold Coast – Round 10
    Richmond – Round 12
    Collingwood – Round 14
    St Kilda – Round 15
    West Coast – Round 16
    Hawthorn – Round 18
    Port Adelaide – Round 19
    Western Bulldogs – Round 21
    North Melbourne – Round 22
    Geelong – Round 23
    Carlton – Round 24
    Essendon – Season

    But on the flip side, the following list will show how early on each team is first disrupted by a bye (again SC bye rounds aside):

    Gold Coast – Round 1
    Adelaide – Round 2
    North Melbourne – Round 3
    Collingwood – Round 7
    Carlton – Round 8
    Essendon – Round 10
    Richmond – Round 11
    Port Adelaide – Round 12
    St Kilda – Round 14
    West Coast – Round 15
    Hawthorn – Round 17
    Western Bulldogs – Round 20
    Geelong – Round 22
    Sydney – Clear
    Melbourne – Clear
    Fremantle – Clear
    Brisbane – Clear

    (hope that helps out with some strategies.)


  2. If anything I think that the side that gets the bye in the middle game is disadvantaged, because they have to rest for an hour, then hit it again…

    Provided the players take into consideration the fact that they have two games to play, if they don’t have the middle bye they are effectively playing a full game of football anyway.

    I’d rather play first up than have the bye… In fact I think provided you can hit the ground running, you might even get a distinct advantage by seeing the two teams play each other first, then hit a half worn out side in the second game, and finish off the rested side in game 3.

    It will be interesting to see which of the 3 teams wins each section – but of course we also need to take into account skill, and desire to win (as opposed to treating it like a fun hit out).


  3. I note that Sydney is grouped with GWS and GC. The Swans coaching staff is currently in a crisis meeting figuring out how they can avoid winning a pre-season match and continue their traditional ‘hide from everyone else’ pre-season campaign.


  4. I used to hate coming out after half-time – stiff, sore and with the least amount of motivation. These days (as opposed to the Dark Ages when I played), they make sure the players remain warm and loose but I still wouldn’t fancy going through 2 separate warm-ups.

    I bet the exercise bikes get a workout. In fact, the AFL should provide 20-odd exercise bikes and hook them up to a generator to power the Diamond Club fridges – always thinking of you, Motts!


  5. Anyone know much about Majak Daw? It seems that he maybe playing Ruck so he may not score well but I know he’s pretty solid but is he mobile. Havent seen anyone comment on him. Will be watching him in the Nab cup.



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