16 thoughts on “R13 Progress Scores”

  1. 199/2/Gaj/Pendles
    Murphy ,suckling 🙂

    Can I ask community to help:
    TU: Watson to Rockliff and cotchin to Hanley (through Luke McDonald)
    TD: Watson sideway to Steve j or Ward and Luke Mcdonld to Hanley
    Fwd full premium. Back is weak. Thinking Cotchin may leak more money.


  2. 201 / 2 GAJ VC / Pendles as C?

    Reasonable start from Murphy & Burgoyne.

    1st trade of Higgins to S.Martin i’m happy with as temp F6 (+200K for kitty)
    2nd trade of Dom Tyson is harder to finalise in my head. Was looking at Hanley (temp M8 & moved to F6 next week & get in Stevie J or other next week). Stevie J also an option this week, however the more i look at him the more i like Rory Sloan as final Mid prem

    Thumbs UP: Get Sloan as quality POD to get back in top 20 o/all
    Thumbs DOWN: Get Stevie J as no taggers in for Saints & he is 40K cheaper

    Comment on Hanley or other. Mids now GAJ, Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Murphy, Goddard, Cotchin, D.Tyson with Shendon & Hallahan on pine.


  3. 1503 / 15 / Pendles

    Pretty smooth sailing at the moment. Just the one score below 80 (Jaensch – 70) and big tons from Buddy (146), Hanley (133) and Jacobs (126).

    Lewis Taylor’s 101 as EMG will probably be loopholed onto the field. Top effort by the young lad.


  4. 1553 / 15 Pendles

    Some nice scores (including Buddy as a POD) & so far avoided any major shockers. Very happy with debutants Sloan and S.Martin (for Tyson & Higgins). Fingers crossed Sunday goes well with Selwood playing & playing well + Pendles coming in well as C. Would love a belter score this week & next to get back in top 30.

    Was helping someone move house so missed what sounded like some great games. Did McGovern look the part today? I’m down on trades, so will have to let him go sailing by, but sure many will jump on with good reason.


  5. 1304 / 14 / Pendles

    Only two players under 80 (Jaensch and Parker) but no one really going large. Can loophole Stefan Martin on with his 102 but that means Minson is on the pine. Should’ve loopholed in the forward line but I thought Sandi may be rested. Big shout out to Callan Ward, lot of man love for his SC scoring ability. Has tonned up in each game since I brought him in five weeks ago, absolute machine! Hoping for a big day out for the Magpie midfield……..


  6. 1368/ 14 / Pendles (VC Gaj)

    This weeks Trades
    Cox -> S Martin
    Watson -> Stevie J

    ***Next week
    Shenton -> Fyfe
    Taylor/Landon -> TBA


  7. 1498/15/Pendles (Gaz VC)

    Very happy with Hurn and Nicnat (on debut) but not a lot of other huge scores, couple of tons and a lot of 80’s and 90’s. Only let down so far was Parkers 60, but I’ve had him from the start so I’ll let him off the hook.
    Hoping for big games today from Pendles, Swan, Beams, Langdon, Selwood (if he plays) Bob Murphy and Shenton (who is on for the Fas, who looks like turning into Mcgovern this week.)



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