R16 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on July 7 2017

How’s Round 16 treated you thus far? Is your SuperCoach side kicking goals, or struggling to make up the numbers?

Let everyone know how you’re doing.

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14 thoughts on “R16 Progress Scores”

  1. 1,723/17 Danger
    Danger, Selwood, Parsons and Witherden covering Kennedy did well last night but Saturday afternoon was terrible. Martin on debut, crap. Only have 3 tons.
    Neale, Fyfe, Docherty, Hibberd and Ryder to come so would like 2,200. Average of 93 from these 5 not too much to ask for, surely!!


  2. 1740/18/Danger

    Still have hibberd, yeo, fyfe and doch to play. Parsons 98 is making happy I trusted my gut feeling and didnt make any trades this week and withderan was handy cover for Kennedys late out.


  3. 1830/17 Dangerfield

    Ablett, JPK and Greenwood missing with Witherden, Shaw and Parsons replacing them.

    2 120+’s (Danger, Selwood), 7 100+ (S Burgoyne, L Franklin, J Witts, J Macrae, R Laird) and only 3 below 80 (Witherden, Dahlhaus and Steele).

    N Fyfe, K Simpson, M Priddis, T Goldstein and S Docherty to come and hoping for consecutive 2300’s.


  4. 1735 / 16 / Danger
    Once again i am stuck with only 21 as Greene is still out and i think i made the wrong call on holding JJK as 2-3 weeks is now something like 7

    Also made the call on trading Beams even though he was named as i couldnt trust him coming back so quickly and if he got injured i wouldnt have a good option as a replacement

    5 players to come in Doc, Yeo, Hibberd, Neale and Goldy
    I will take any score over 2200 with 21 players



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