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Written by Motts on February 22 2010

Here at Casa Del SCT we’ve been receiving requests over the last few weeks to rate punters’ teams. We’ve held off until now on assessing teams but now that we’ve had a look at most of the boys that will be going around in 2010 via the first round of the NAB Cup we think the time is right to offer judgement. We’ll rate out of 100 the first 4 teams added to the Comments section of this article.

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12 thoughts on “Rate My Team”

  1. This is my first posting to this site, which I have found to be a wealth of information.
    Let me know what you think of my team so far:

    G Urquhart – Kangaroos
    T Kennelly – Sydney
    A Rance – Richmond
    J Hunt – Geelong
    B Shephard – West Coast
    M Maguire – Brisbane
    L Henderson – Carlton
    L Hodge – Hawthorn
    L Greenwood – Nth Melb

    G Ablett – Geelong
    S Mitchell – Hawthorn
    A Swallow – Kangaroos
    A Cooney – Bulldogs
    L Ball – Collingwood
    T Scully – Melbourne
    J Trengove – Melbourne
    D Martin – Richmond

    D Cox – West Coast
    D Jolly – Collingwood
    N Naitanui – West Coast
    R Warnock – Carlton

    N Riewoldt – St Kilda
    A Buchanan – Brisbane
    P Medhurst – Collingwood
    M Williams – Essendon
    C Mayne – Fremantle
    R Tarrant – Kangaroos
    T Dennis-Lane – Sydney
    P Dangerfield – Adelaide
    J Ziebell – Kangaroos

    By my calculation it comes to $9,998,300

    1. You need to have new players that are cheap in you Def/Mid & For, that’s how you will make money and can then trade up. You have too many mid range players.

  2. Heres my squad, love to hear your comments
    Backs – Godddard, Hodge, Kennelly, Maceski, J Hunt, Ladson, Maguire
    Bench – P Davis & J Dare
    Mids – Ablett, Hayes, Cooney, Rich, Morton, Palmer
    Bench – Martin & Bastinac
    Ruck – Tippett, Naitanui
    Bench – Skipper & Cordy
    Forwards – Chapman, O’Keefe, Franklin, Hurley, Murphy, Dangerfield, Ziebell
    Bench – Hitchcock & Podsiadly

  3. Hi everyone,

    Heres my team, please be as critical and judgmental as you want, plenty of time for changes :)

    B. Goddard
    S. Goodwin
    L. Hodge
    N. Krakouer
    C. Hooker
    J. Hunt
    B. Sheppard

    M. Maguire (emg)
    P. Davis (emg)

    L. Montagna
    D. Swan
    S. Mitchell
    S. Burgoyne
    T. Scully
    A. Morabito

    L. Jetta (emg)
    L. Shuey (emg)

    D. Jolly
    K. Tippett

    R. Warnock (emg)
    W. Skipper (emg)

    A. Goodes
    A. Didak
    L. Franklin
    B. Hall
    P. Medhurst
    B. Burton
    A. Wonaeamirri

    T. Rockliff (emg)
    J. Podsiadly (emg)

  4. My Squad work in progress

    backs – Goodwin, Hodge, Bower, Kennelly, Greenwood, Schoemakers, T.Hunt
    bench – Silvagni, Thompson
    Mids -Swan, J Selwood, Vince, Cooney,Anthony, Martin
    bench – L.Jetta, Cunnington
    Rucks Sandilands, Kreuzer
    Bench – Warnock, trengove
    Forwards – Riewoldt, Pavlich, Petrie,Franklin, Tippett, Yarran, Rohan’
    Bench – Dennis-Lane, Posiadlly

  5. Alrighty i’ve done quite alot of changing of my side around, with no great talents (well scores) for rookies in the forward or backline it looks like a tough year! anyway heres my team:
    Backline: Goddard, Hargrave, Hodge, MacDonald, Kenally, Hunt, Ladson.
    Em: P. Davis, J Trengrove (or Silvagni)
    Midfield: J Selwood, O’Keefe, Harvey, Cooney, McVeigh, Martin
    Em: Bastinac, Banner (or Barlow)
    Ruck: Kreuzer, Hille
    Em: Warnock, Lobbe
    Forward: Riewoldt, Pavlich, Franklin, Tippett, Ziebell, M Williams, Ballantyne
    Em: Gumbleton, Dennis-Lane
    $13’500 change

  6. I’d appreciate it if you rated my team mate, thanks

    J Selwood,Cooney,Vince,Masten,M Mcveigh,Martin, Trengove,Barlow
    N Riewoldt,Higgins,Giansiracusa,J Kennedy,Ziebell,Dangerfield, M Williams, Podsiadly, Dennis Lane.

  7. rate this bad boy:
    Defenders: Goddard, Hodge, Gilbee, Macdonald, Kenelly, Hunt, Ladson
    Em: Waters, Davis
    Midfield: J Selwood, Mitchell, Harvey, Cooney, McVeigh, Martin
    Em: Banner, Shuey
    Ruck: kreuzer, Hille
    Em: Warnock, Lobbe
    Forward: Riewoltd, Pavlich, Franklin, Tippett, Ziebell, WIlliams, Ballantyne
    Em: Rockcliff, Gumbleton (or dennis-lane)
    $2’300 in the bank

    1. Yeah sorry I haven’t done your first one yet, tap. Have been busy this week with the horse sales in Melbourne. I should be able to get around to it either this weekend or next week.

  8. Can someone pick the holes in my team?

    B: Goddard, Deledio, Gilbee, Grimes, Otten, Heppell, Hooper
    Emg B Jacobs, Howard, Duigan

    M: Swan, Hodge, Chapman, Gibbs, Foley, Gaff
    Emg, Swallow, Harris, Atley

    F: Riewoldt, Pavlich, Goodes, Higgins, Tippett, Krakouer, Mzungu
    Emg Matera, Richardson, Callinan

    R Cox, Jolly
    Emg Petrie, Smith


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