Rookie Review – Round 10

Written by Huttabito on May 30 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd10AvgBE
NewmanSyd$416.0k (+$43.1k)7290.480
OttenAdel$372.2k (+$18.3k)12182.926
McGrath (MID)Ess$369.7k (+$5.3k)10177.257
McInnes* (FWD)WCE$155.1k-66.5-42
WilliamsonCarl$252.1k (-$3.8k)4058.144
Vickers-WillisNM$257.5k (+$31.8k)505826
StewartGeel$274.4k (+$16.8k)9157.618
MelicanSyd$209.1k (+$1.8k)5552.528
Berry (MID)Bris$269.5k (+$21.5k)4848.935

Newman forgot I labelled him a Super Premo but now has a week off to compose himself. Coming back down to earth as rookies do, he still had a very respectable 72 from 18 disposals (13 kicks). Generally quite accurate, he only went at 67% DE to go with 3 clangers which held back his score but he did have 4 marks, 2 rebound 50s, 4 tackles, 3 1%ers, 4 inside 50s and a goal assist. Going up over $40k his BE has now jumped up to 80 which means his epic cash gains ($292k in only 5 rises!!), have pretty much come to a halt and will now hold his price through the byes until you find someone you can trade him to (unless you see him as a D6/7 option). Here’s hoping Horse doesn’t drop him being his whipping boy although I’m sure he’ll find a way to drop Titch after his last half performance…

Otten, two things, a) Josh Jenkins was in the side, and b) what the hell was that? Who would have thought in torrential downpour and Jenkins in a the team, Otten would have the capability of scoring 121 points? Not me. I imagine there are quite a fair few coaches that bench him to bank Stewarts score, which was the right thing to do but there you go. He managed to kick 4 goals to accompany 17 disposals (11 kicks), 8 marks, 4 tackles and with that, has made back all the cash he lost over the last 2 weeks and has sent his BE down to 26 which sees his price projected to top out at $412k for those faithful owners who held him over the last month. This top out price will also coincide with his bye and I award Otten the top bloke award of the round.

McGrath, had his coaches cursing at half time with him on 15 points and the main break. Well, guess that’s exactly what he needed as he came out firing and before he knew it, he had 26 disposals (12 kicks) at 81% DE, 4 marks (2 contested), 2 tackles, 4 1%ers and a SuperCoach score of 101! The second back rookie of the week to register his best game for the season which will see his price top out on the byes. Another top bloke award needs to be awarded I think.

Scharenberg made his long awaited AFL return against the Lions after a solid month dominating in the VFL as the club was making sure he was good to go. While it wasn’t an outstanding return (compared to his last VFL game), he worked into game nicely and was active throughout to collect 16 disposals (10 kicks) at 88% DE with 7 marks to finish on a solid 65 points (16, 10, 22 and 17 each quarter). Given the amount of effort the club has put into him shows they highly rate him and you pay a little more than standard rookie for his JS however it would be an extreme risk to go early on this one given his injury history. Can be done, but you are forewarned.

Williamson was unable to meet his BE for the second week running falling nearly $4k in the process. With his bye this weekend, it is a good time to say goodbye unless you are desperate for bodies and want another look at other downgrade options. He should hold his price for a few weeks upon his return but with a 5 round average of 52, you can’t expect much.

Vickers-Willis had a low BE so despite his 50 points, he was able to rise nearly $40k. He only managed 8 disposals (4 kicks) at 88% DE to go with 2 marks and 5 tackles which kept his score low. His BE this coming week is 26 so has one more half decent price rise before he starts to plateau, which, coincidentally is right in line with his bye.

Stewart, Stewart, Stewart… what an untimely round to beat your season best by 21 points to score 91 points. Having his season defining round he was able to collect 19 disposals (11 kicks) at a team high 90% DE to go with 4 marks, 4 tackles and a 1%er. With this now in his cycle, he will be ripe to sell after the byes have finished and should max out around $320k.

Melican just reached his BE in last parts of the game to keep his price going in the right direction.  He had 13 disposals (7 kicks) at 69% DE to go with 2 marks, 3 rebound/inside 5os and a behind. His BE has now dropped courtesy of a 31 going out of his cycle and another half decent will see it go down again when his 40 from Rd8 drops out. If he continues to play throughout the byes, he could be semi-handy providing a warm body on field whilst also making cash as he still has about $25k to make before maxing out.

Mohr played his first AFL game in 2017 after undergoing a couple of knee reconstructions over the many years he’s been at this level. Given he’s a key defender, scoring is not great so looks like he’s not going to be relevant. Wait a week.

Berry took on the duties from opening bounce to tag Treloar and well, lets put it this way, did a fantastic job of letting him have his “career best” game according to AFL ratings and a fantastic SuperCoach score rewarding those who held onto him. This meant of course he didn’t get a lot of the ball only getting 6 disposals (3 kicks) at 80% DE meaning half of his scores came from his 5 tackles and +1 free kick for differential. He now heads into Rd11 on the bye and will return with a BE 35 but given Rockliff is also due back, his time in the middle will certainly be reduced as the dynamic trio (Rockliff, Beams and Zorko) will all be back in the engine room so his cash days are numbered.

You shouldn’t pay the Perryman until he gets you to the other side (sorry, I just had to go there) and by the looks of it, he’s not going to. Backing up 47 with 32, he offers very little to SuperCoachers and is one to be forgotten about, for now.

Goodbye for now: Williamson and Perryman


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd10AvgBE
Petrevski-SetonCarl$347.7k (-$37k)2667.9120
Powell-PepperPort$312.6k (+$0.7k)5566.359
BarrettBris$297.8k (+$29k)7764.711
MyersESS$199.5k (+$27.7k)4552.312
LloydGWS$155.2k (+$37.9k)5351.3-9
FisherCarl$200.0k (+$11.7k)3549.520
ScheerGCS$138.3k (+$21k)4438.710

If you held onto Petrevski-Seton then you held onto him for one week too long! Just getting the 26 points this week and with a BE of 109, sent his price down a massive $37k. As a result, his BE is now 120 and is a must trade.

Barrett was the third highest Lions scorer but given the nature of the game, this only amounted to 77 points. He had 18 disposals at 72% DE but was very handball happy (12) which limited his scoring however laying 7 tackles, kicking a goal and having a score assist him to what he had. Still rewarding those who held onto him through Fagans shenanigans, his BE after the bye will be 11 but like Berry, will get pushed out of the midfield more often upon Rockliff’s return.

Cousins has been carving up the VFL of recent weeks and was rewarded with a debut against Sydney. Taking this opportunity by the hands, he looked very composed on his way to 67 from 14 disposals (7 kicks) at 79% DE. Laying 6 tackles and kicking a goal, he unfortunately popped up at the wrong time as he is on track to burst his bubble right before Hawks Rd13 bye. One to watch to see if he can back up his performance.

Powell-Pepper should have been refreshed from his little holiday abroad although looked to have a bit of the good ol’ jet lag. Finishing with a tidy 15 disposals (9 kicks), he was hindered by 73% DE but greatly hurt by the 6 clangers he collected as only he knows how to get. Only just beating his BE his new one is 59 so it looks like he will hover around this price until the end of the byes.

If you are banking on Myers to field 18 this week turn away now, he is probably due for a spell in the VFL. Very underwhelming in the defeat to the Tigers, he had 15 disposals (7 kicks) at 73% DE, 1 mark and 4 tackles but it his SuperCoach score of 45 which really reflects how he played. 5 AFL games now for an average of 52.3 is far from expectations based on previous scoring history. With a BE of 11, he his projected to make another $30k before his bye IF, he gets the game time. No promises.

Fisher now sits right on $200k after his equal lowest game of 35 points from 9 disposals (4 kicks) and 4 tackles. Let’s be honest on this one, despite a BE of 20 he really isn’t going to make a hell of a lot more money, especially with the match up against GWS straight after. Then, his BE will jump up to about 40 which is just under his average. For those willing to hold, the week after is against Gold Coast which is who he debuted against for 74 points. Going to say goodbye for now on this one until he can prove to be a fruitful cash cow, might just be the kick he needs.

Lloyd popped his bubble and scored just over his average with 53 points which came from 12 disposals (9 kicks) at 67% DE. Taking 4 marks, laying 2 tackles, having 5 inside 50s, 2 goal assists and kicking a goal all helped push him over 50. Appears to be lacking a tank with the lowest TOG of all 44 players spending only 63% on field which is certainly holding his average back at 51. Given the injuries, he should get games throughout the byes. If he’s going to score, it’s going to be in the next three weeks with GWS’s fixture opening up to Essendon, Carlton and Brisbane.

Scheer popped his bubble this week too and only 112 people (out of 200,000 coaches) trading him in! Scoring just 44 from 10 disposals (4 kicks), he doesn’t look to be a great scorer or cash generator so think we’ll say goodbye to this one.

Brodie was electric in the pre-season competition and just about had begged enough to earn a Rd1 debut but Rocket said he wasn’t ready. His time finally game after the GC bye but he only managed 9 disposals (3 kicks) at 56% DE and 3 clangers which held his score right back to 32 points. Given his price tag, worth waiting to see if he can improve before any price movements but doesn’t look good.

Willsmore made his debut for Hawthorn and was pretty unimpactful just getting the 26 points from his 9 disposals. Keep an eye on his next game put not one to be pulling the pin on early.

Goodbye for now: Scheer, Petrevski-Seton and Fisher


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd10AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k -75.57

English made his debut for the Bulldogs this week with just under 3,000 people trading him in to most likely avoid a Sandilands donut given 237 individuals made that exact trade. Collecting just the 7 disposals, he did go at 100% DE but was very handball and uncontested possession heavy with all but 1 of each being the more point heavy option and 3 hitouts/tackles pushed him to 37 points.

Watch this space, Preuss a sneaky call up chance this week to give Goldy a two week rest –  and if so, you heard it here first. If not, you will completely forgot you ever read this. 


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd10AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$117.3k7288-107
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-26
Taranto (MID)GWS$355.7k (+$15.6K)7268.356
Turner NM$345.8k (+$21.6k)8065.836
ButlerRich$275.7k -64.469
J.StewartEss$210.9k (+$41.4k)506423
HardwickHaw$260.7k (-$0.7k)6561.633
McCarthy Frem$326.8k (-$13.3k)436188
Gallucci (MID)Adel$148.8k-57-
Bolton* (MID)Rich$117.3k4355-41
Bowes (MID)GC$249.4k -51.940
HaywardSyd$224.2k (-$1.1k)2849.640
Cunico (FWD)Geel$102.4k4949-
ParsonsGeel$182.5k (+$12k)4245.718

Greenwood was the most popular trade in for Rd9 with 38,000 coaches trading him in. I don’t know much about records but that is probably the most traded in rookie that has only played one game. After 104 in his debut game, he was told he would get more midfield minutes which was just too hard to ignore for all those coaches. Not going to say anything else but if you don’t have him, get him in regardless your bye structure, there is every chance he can make $140k in the next two weeks, which will even put Nic Newman to shame!

Taranto has just about made the magical cash number of $150k after his last 5 weeks which has bought consistent scores of 66-86 with 72 on the weekend in GWS’s historic win over the Eagles, which in case you missed it now every team in the competition has now lost to at least one of the expansion (GWS/GC) clubs. He had 18 disposals (6 kicks) at 67% with 2 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal and a goal assist but it was a low contested possession count (5) which stopped him from going large. Looks like a hold throughout the byes to extract the last $20k he has to offer.

Bolton played his second game on the weekend and got off to a good start being on 36 at half time. Then, he went missing as the rookies this year like to do to finish on 43. Still played a very SuperCoach friendly game (high contested possession ratio), he doesn’t need to find a lot of it to score well only getting the 8 disposals (4 kicks) at 50% but it was the 5 tackles, 2 behinds and a goal assist which helped him get over half his points. His JS is certainly not the best with Richmond having a plethora of similar players (Butler, Castagna, Lennon, Rioli and Lloyd) to choose from but he does only need to play Rd11&13 to be a worthwhile rookie to cover the byes. Very flashy player, Dimma may just want to get game time into him to help his development.

I’ll keep this short and sweet to spare a few coaches, but Turner pumped out his 3rd score in 4 weeks in the 80s. Up against Richmond this week, he scored 97 against them in 2015 so has the potential to keep his score going North (ha, get it? – sorry, it’s very late on a Monday night) for many weeks to come.

J.Stewart popped his bubble with only 5,000 people bringing him, after 16,000 bought him in after his first game (that type of year right?). Collecting 14 disposals (9 kicks), it was his DE of 43% which really hurt his score this week with a solidarity goal helping him get to 50. Now his debut 91 points is out of his cycle, his BE is 23 and looks set for a grand total of $25k case increase before Essendon have their bye if he throws up another pair of 50s like his last fortnight.

Hardwick scored just under his BE to lose a few hundred bucks but he was able to collect 15 disposals (10 kicks) at 100% DE to go with 8 marks. His score of 65 was held back due to all but 2 possessions being contested. His 32 against Brisbane has now rolled out of his price cycle which has reduced his BE to 33. It should stay around this for the next fortnight before he has his bye to get a nice couple of price gains before cashing him out.

McCarthy’s dropped $13k this week after a pour game in the wet (43) to continue the trend of his downward score to push his BE up to 88. If you want him throughout the byes, he is projected to lose $20k however it’s time to say goodbye.

Hayward wasn’t able to make his BE of 30 this week and has falled back in price. With his bye this weekend and BE up to 40, time to say goodbye if you still have him.

Cunico debuted at the opportune time with the ability to play 2 games before his bye before and will present himself on the bubble in Rd13 after they have their bye. Only posting the 49 points from 12 disposals (8 kicks), and 3 marks he may not be the highest of scoring rookies going around but could be a very handy downgrade option in Rd13 if named given his bargain basement price. One to watch.

Parsons back peddled from last week with a score of 42 even after kicking a goal. Looked disinterred at times and I’m going to take the same approach with him, come back when you wanna be useful!

Hannan returns with another shoutout going full junktime in the final quarter, he increased his score from 33 at 3Qtr time to end up on 88. He has also dropped his BE to -27 and looks set to be a pretty decent cash cow over the byes with another potential $50k to make with 2 price rises.

Goodbye for now: Parsons, Hayward and McCarthy

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10 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 10”

    1. Looked very good. Shame about the bye, think it would be wise to invest some games into the kid given the injuries and the fact they’ve made him work his arse off in the VFL for a spot.


  1. Really need the incoming rookies to hold their place for the rest of the year now that trades are getting tight. Care to expand next week with a JS rating? 🙂


    1. I’ll see what I can do. Given there’s 6 teams on the bye I should be able to squeeze something in this week. Don’t think you’re going to enjoy the numbers though 😛


  2. Thanks Huttabito. I note that Ainsworth did not play in the NEAFL last weekend, which makes me sad. It would be really nice to have some Power and Suns rookies to look at this week!
    Hopefully Will Brodie gets a good run at senior footy now. Only 63% TOG last weekend, obviously Rocket doesn’t have full faith in him yet.


    1. I think it’s to late for Ainsworth, unless you have him still of course. He’s way to expensive for my liking at the pointy end when I’m finishing my team. Same goes for Brodie and Shaz, if I can avoid them, I will.


  3. Great as always mate!:-)

    JS, ack, not a good year for that. Cousins looks like he will be ready one round to soon for me. Sigh. Beats no downgrade options


    1. Cheers!

      L.Ryan comes in this week for Freo IMO. Pick him up off their bye as final upgrade plans. Still, doesn’t help playing players for Rd13 though… it looks disgusting for my team anyway 🙁


  4. Great Write up as always Hutta!

    I am thinking of breaking the Golden Rule of SC and , bringing in Scharenberg after just 1 game for Hampton.
    I just need the extra player on the field in the backs to get 6 Backmen playing.
    It all just depends whether the likes of Sandi , Stewart , Bolton and , blah Parsons do something get named.



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